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Best Dolls Prams For Taller Children

A dolls pram allows children to feel immersed in the world around them in a manner that modern technology can’t always provide. A perfectly made pram or pushchair can look exactly like the real thing and make a child feel just like mum and dad. Dolls prams and pushchairs are for all ages regardless of age or height, so it’s essential to have accessible options for toddlers and teenagers.

It might not seem as easy to find a taller dolls pram, but there are some fantastic options to choose from. Without the right pram, your little boy or girl might not be as comfortable as they could be while playing with their dolls. Comfort and usability should be of the utmost importance when our children engage in such enriching activities. 

Read our guide below to discover which dolls prams are the best for taller children, ranging from eye-catching dolls carriages to adjustable pushchairs. 

What ages are dolls prams for?

Playing with dolls is a fun activity no matter your age, and we have dolls prams for a variety of age ranges. Our dolls prams and pushchairs are designed for a whole variety of different age groups, starting at 18 months old all the way to 13 years or older. 

We understand that some children grow faster than others, which is why it’s important to have a versatile pram that grows alongside them. Several of our Daisy Chain dolls pram ranges come with adjustable handlebars, meaning your little one can increase the height of their favourite toy as they get older.

Our dolls prams for 8 to 12-year-olds, in particular, are ideal for older and taller children. With these prams, they can always enjoy the wholesome fun that comes with this type of playtime no matter how old they are. We also have several other dolls prams for 1, 2 and 3-year-olds and dolls prams for 4 to 7-year-olds to consider. 

We have heard from so many customers that they see dolls prams advertised as suitable for children of 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12 years old, but when they get them home they are too small! This will never be the case with the Daisy Chain collection. All of our Dolls Prams have exact measurements and we only recommend the correct ages. There is no other manufacturer who makes dolls prams and pushchairs to the sizes that we do.

What makes a tall doll’s pram different?

One of the most significant benefits of opting for a taller dolls pram is that it’s much easier to use. It’s uncomfortable for anyone to bend to a certain height, and the discomfort of bending to push a pram can drain some of the fun from playing. Not only that, but it’s not healthy for a child’s spine and self-esteem if their posture is consistently compromised.

Choosing a dolls pram designed with taller children in mind accommodates their height, ensuring they can always have fun playing with their favourite toys and dolls. Adjustable and comfortable handlebars are a critical factor when it comes to choosing a dolls pram for taller girls or boys. The height of the bars is often the primary consideration in designs for older children. Taller children will require a higher bar height to be able to use the toy at ease. 

Additionally, adjustable handlebars are an excellent feature to consider for growing children who can never get enough of their pushchair. This allows the pram to grow as your child grows, meaning they can play with their favourite toy throughout their childhood.

Best dolls pushchair for taller children

Some children might find a dolls pushchair more intriguing than a pram. A pushchair can be folded up when not in use, making storage and transportation a lot easier. 

The brand new Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair is the only pushchair on the market designed specifically for taller children. It’s a fantastic option for taller little ones and comes with some truly amazing features. 

One of the best is that the handlebar height of the Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair is adjustable from 89 to 95 centimetres. This makes it the perfect choice for both older and taller children. The adjustability means your child could be pushing this product around from the age of 6 until they’re a teenager, making it a long-lasting investment. The maximum handlebar height makes this a well-suited pram for taller children to take their interactive baby doll for a stroll comfortably.

The pushchair comes with swivel wheels, an extendable hood, and a reclining seat – just like the real thing. There’s no assembly required and you can fold the product flat for easier storage, which is handy for both your child and yourself. 

Best twin dolls pram for taller children

A large twin dolls pram allows for double the enjoyment and is the ideal pram for little ones with more than one favourite toy. The best double pram for your taller child will, of course, be tall enough for their comfort while providing an exciting and versatile experience. 

The Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram is a fantastic choice of pram for a taller child. It’s not just a large twin dolls pram, it is one of the worlds tallest pushchairs, and so it is the largest available Daisy Chain dolls pram. Not only is it the perfect size for tall kids, but its versatility is sensational.

This pram’s handles are adjustable from 67 to 95 centimetres, which is an excellent range to ensure it fits your child’s needs. The double dolls pram comes with a cot that functions as a pushchair seat and an additional pushchair. Both seats can be detached and combined in 15 different ways, including orientations facing towards or away from the person pushing the pram.

When your child has finished playing with their double dolls pram for the day, you can neatly fold it down for easy storage. We also have several other twin doll strollers to choose from if you’re looking for something different.

Best dolls carriage pram for taller children

Your growing child deserves a luxurious carriage pram with exceptional functionality. The Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram is a luxury carriage pram with an adjustable handle height of 54 to 87 centimetres. This large baby doll pram has an excellent range for your growing child, and the ability to adjust to other heights is perfect for taller children looking for a lovely carriage experience.

The carriage can convert from a pram to a pushchair for a multifaceted experience. The toy also includes gorgeous quilting detail and a handy shopping basket below the pram for your child to keep items of their choice while strolling around with their doll.

Dolls pram accessories

The excitement doesn’t end at dolls prams as several beautiful accessories are available to choose from. You can complete your child’s playtime with a range of dolls pram accessories, including:

Dolls high chairs and car seats

The Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat is a car seat and high chair in one that allows your child to bring their sense of play with them wherever they go. It’s a fantastic accessory as it stands on its own, but it is also compatible with Daisy Chain’s Connect 5 in 1, Destiny, and Pinnacle dolls pram collections.

Children of any height over the age of 3 will love being able to have their doll with them on the go or at the dinner table for a fully immersive experience. The high chair is removable from the frame, allowing it to transform into a car seat for journeys to the park. The product also comes with a detachable feeding tray, canopy and is suitable for dolls that measure up to 46cm.

Interactive baby dolls

The Susie Interactive Doll is an incredible product for children aged 3 and older. Susie can cry, talk, and giggle with your child, expanding their communication skills and giving them endless fun. She is the perfect doll for older children who are ready to accept the responsibility of a more engaging experience with their toys.

When you place Susie down, she’ll tell you if she’s tired before snoring and falling asleep. Be sure to stroke Susie’s back to soothe her into sleep often, or else she might just throw a tantrum!

Susie is also compatible with our popular Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Pram or Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram. If you bring her close to these prams, you’ll unlock unique features to expand play even further. Some of the things she can do include telling you she wants to go for a walk.

Dolls changing bags

Our large Luxury Tote Bags are the epitome of function and fashion for your child. As kids get older, they begin to own more essential items to have on them at all times. In most cases, a growing doll collection will also result in more handy items!

Our luxury padded tote bags ensure your child can carry everything they need with them at all times while playing or simply taking a trip out of the house. They act as the perfect dolls changing bag and can fit almost everything in them. Not only that, but they’ll do it in style!

Discover our range of dolls prams and pushchairs

Explore our wide array of dolls prams and pushchairs by age or by pram type to find the perfect choice for your little one. With such a unique selection, there’s sure to be a pram that is right for your child, no matter their height.

Whether you need help choosing the first dolls pushchair for your child or want to discover the best dolls prams for interactive dolls, we’re always here to help. Discover more about our range of dolls prams or consider a dolls pram set for your little one for a complete look. 

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