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The Best Daddy Bloggers To Follow in 2017

It’s not all about mums, you know?

Becoming a parent is one of the most life-changing events that can happen to a person; you’re suddenly in charge of (and completely responsible for) a tiny human who knows nothing about the world.

Because of this, as a parent, it can feel like you’re in a secret society with other parents, a group which adults without children could never understand.

The rise of parent bloggers holds testimony to this and provides us with a window into other people’s family lives, providing advice and support to readers all over the globe.

But it’s not just parents who can enjoy parent blogs, anyone can be entertained by these blogs and daddy bloggers are often the most refreshingly entertaining, offering an alternative viewpoint from the ever-popular mummy blogs.

Man Vs. Pink

Simon left his job as a TV producer to become a stay at home dad and aims to break the conventions of the ‘pinkification’ of little girls.

With strong views on gendered marketing and stereotypes, he documents how he strives to let his daughter take the lead when it comes to the toys she plays with and the clothes she wears.

Despite his blog having an uplifting tone, Simon also posts about some of the more controversial topics of parenthood, like lying to your children.

The DADventurer

The DADventurer is a truly entertaining read and covers everything from The Mystery of the Phantom Cry and 5 Things I Probably Shouldn’t Do as a Dad. Dave, who runs the blog, is father to Toddler L and he and his wife Hayley have another little one on the way.

He often dares to go where other bloggers may not, such as detailing what he does with his daughter’s ‘crap’ artwork and the adult-themed innuendos hiding in nursery rhymes. If you’re after honesty, along with a good laugh, The DADventurer is definitely one for you to follow this year.

Lookin for the Postman

Music producer, Grant Robson, is a father of four and, along with being completely obsessed with entering online competitions, he has a keen interest in health, food, and media in all of its forms.

Although a Daddy blog at its core, if you follow Looking for the Postman this year, you can expect to find all manner of posts on ‘dad recipes’, health, and even the bigger questions in life like whether or not you should let your children stay up late when they’re off school, to keep you on your toes.

Diary of the Dad

Award winning parent blogger, Tom Briggs, took his blog from a hobby to a full-time job and writes without pretense, even detailing his top 10 parenting fails.

Endlessly relatable, he shares his thoughts on things that most parents think about, like keeping your kids entertained during the summer holidays without going bankrupt, but, most importantly, he loves being a dad and his positive attitude shines through his blog.

The Unlikely Dad

32-year-old Tom is adoptive dad to his three year old son and his blog’s name originates from the fact that he’s married to another man, Daniel, and the pair decided that they wanted to become parents. Not only does Tom cover topics from soft play to potty training, he also covers the more serious topics like gay pride and adoption.

Danny UK

It’s incredible how Danny has been writing his blog since 2005 as he is father and stepfather to six children! This blog has a brilliant air of tongue in cheek and features plenty of hilarious tales from Danny’s family life.

Not only is Danny UK a wholly entertaining read, it’s also so easy to navigate so, whatever you’re looking for in the extensive list of blog post categories, you’ll be sure to find it in no time at all.

The Dad Blog UK

For thought provoking posts on parenting, equality, family finances, and a plethora of other topics, The Dad Blog UK is a great follow this year. John, who runs the blog, is the main carer for his children and runs the household while his wife is at work. He writes about very real topics, such as losing friends when you have children, and even dabbles in men’s style and photography.

Inside Martyn’s Thoughts

Martyn is a self-confessed geek and he homeschools his two boys. Although his blog has been going for years, he relaunched Inside Martyn’s Thoughts in 2004 and his Out of the Mouths of Babes section details some of the funny things his children have said – there really are some absolute gems!

You can also find posts on physical health, mental health, and children’s health on this blog, with Martyn even covering topics like his son’s stammer.

The Yorkshire Dad

Senior project manager, Karl, is a daddy blogger by night and tackles some of the biggest dad issues out there, like how to include your family in your man cave and how to save money on home renovations.

On the blog, you’ll also find honest product reviews and tales from adventures with the kids, so this Yorkshireman is a real all-rounder.

You the Daddy

This London-based daddy blogger gives you an honest (and really funny) father’s perspective on all things pregnancy, baby, and parenting. With posts like the gross side of pregnancy and the funniest dad jokes in the world, you’ll definitely be kept entertained if you follow You the Daddy this year.

Tales of Two Children

Living in London, David, who writes Tales of two Children, has a son and a daughter and writes a poignant blog detailing the events of their lives, along with his wife. His children (who go by the names of Fidget and Little Man on the blog) are real characters, so reading about their antics as a family is always a pleasure.