Brand New Range Of
Silver Cross Dolls Prams

Launching August 2017

August 2017 will see the launch of Play Like Mum's brand new and exclusive range of contemporary Silver Cross dolls prams.

After months and months of planning we're working hard to finalise production and get the prams ready to allow your little one to play just like mum.

Each one of our new dolls prams looks just like its full-size Silver Cross grown-up counterpart and will make a perfect birthday or Christmas present. We're using our 30 years' experience of producing toys to create great memories that will last.

Our aim is to help children "play like mum" and we believe that real life play offers huge benefits to little ones - our dolls prams do just that.

Since William Wilson wheeled out the first coach-built model in 1877 from his Yorkshire workshop at Silver Cross Street, generations of children have seen the world from prams bearing its name.

Today, that name still stands for all the principles William would have held dear. Uncompromising quality. Painstaking craftmsanship. Practical design.

So, we're delighted to have this exclusive relationship and to create this completely new collection of dolls prams that bear the Silver Cross name.

While we're busy putting the finishing touches to our lovely new Silver Cross dolls prams, we're already doing our bit to help encourage imaginative play. Read our new Play Like Mum blog where we'll keep you updated on how we're getting on and keep you entertained with all things play related over the coming months.

Visit us again as we bring you all the latest news on when our first dolls pram is ready for delivery.