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  • Daisy-Chain-Connect-5-in-1-Dolls-Pram-in-Limited-Edition-Twilight. Black fabric with little daisies. White daisy rosette on the hood. The pram frame is black and has accents of rose gold.

    Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram in Limited Edition Twilight

  • a side view of the daisy chain little zipp dolls pushchair in lavender

    Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair in Lavender

  • Sale!

    Daisy Chain Zipp Twin Max Dolls Pushchair in Daisy Dot

  • Sale! Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram in Pink fabric for ages 6-13 years old. The pram has a silver frame with black accents. Cot has a black fabric body and pushchair seat has a black body. Both the cot and seat have hoods which are pink with a black and pink daisy that is removable. The cot has a pink apron.

    Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram in Classic Pink


Daisy Chain Dolls Prams & Pushchairs

Our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls pram and pushchair collection, are quite simply, the best dolls prams you will ever buy.

The dolls’ pram functions are so realistic with crafted mechanisms, the strength of the frames are like real prams, and the fabric is made of high quality materials. Don’t take our word for it, these are just some of the comments our customers have told us.

You don’t have to settle for “disposable” dolls prams, our Daisy Chain dolls prams & pushchairs have been carefully crafted using only the sturdiest and most luxurious materials to ensure your little ones can enjoy their quality dolls prams for many years to come.

Backed by over 30 years of experience in the dolls pram industry, and backed up by excellent customer service, this is why we are the dolls pram experts, and this is what we do and we are proud to present to you our collection specifically designed for any child from 18 months through to the tallest Dolls Pram in the world suitable for up to 13 years old.

We have four main pushchair and pram collections available; the Daisy Chain Zipp dolls’ pushchair, the Connect 5 in 1 dolls’ pram, the Destiny travel system dolls’ pram and the Pinnacle double dolls’ pram, with each available in 2 beautiful colours. We even have matching dolls pram accessories and interactive dolls which are perfect for little ones who are always on the go. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look through our collections and see why nearly 4,000 happy customers rate us so highly on customer service and quality.


It doesn’t matter how old your child is, whether they’re a baby, toddler or a little older, we’ve got a toy buggy they’ll love. Our Daisy Chain kids toy prams are designed to inspire your children in all kinds of wonderful ways. There are dolls prams for girls and boys alike perfect for all ages including toddler dolls prams, dolls prams for 4 to 7 year olds, and dolls prams for 8 to 12 year olds and above. We also have a wide range of colours available, including pink dolls prams, blue dolls prams, purple dolls prams, red dolls prams and yellow dolls prams.


For any child to love a toy, it needs to be well built to withstand the rigours of some heavy touches. If a toy doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, it will frustrate your child and they won’t play with it. From double dolls prams and twin doll strollers to versatile dolls high chairs and dolls car seats, there’s something for every little one.

At Play like mum, we know how important play is to the development of your child. Your child’s mind is bursting with imagination; from initiating play with themselves to involving other people in their playtime, it’s constantly creating new worlds and stories. They will develop creative scenes in their head when playing with our Dolls Prams, they will copy what they see their Mum and Dad doing, they will play games with their Grandparents and be developing incredible skills with both hand and eye coordination but also developing nurturing skills that will be their building blocks in their intelligence for years to come.