Daisy Chain Dolls Prams & Pushchairs by Play Like Mum

Play Like Mum design, manufacture and sell the best dolls prams you will ever buy.

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Which Dolls Pram Is Right For You?

Get it right the first time! Buy the perfect dolls pram for your little one and make their day with the help of the Play Like Mum Buying Guide.
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Who is Play Like Mum? The team at Play Like Mum has been working in the dolls pram industry for 30+ years. Find out more about what makes Play Like Mum special here.
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Daisy Chain Dolls Prams and Pushchairs

Our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls pram and pushchair collection, are quite simply, the best dolls prams you will ever buy.

You don’t have to settle for “disposable” dolls prams. Our Daisy Chain dolls prams & pushchairs have been carefully crafted using only the sturdiest and most luxurious materials to ensure your little ones can enjoy their quality dolls prams for many years to come.

With over 30 years of experience in the dolls pram industry and truly excellent customer service, Play Like Mum are proud to be the dolls pram experts. Our varied collection was specifically designed for children from 18 months old through to the tallest Dolls Pram in the world suitable for up to 13 years old.

We have four main pushchair and pram collections available; the Daisy Chain Zipp dolls’ pushchair, the Connect 5 in 1 dolls’ pram, the Destiny travel system dolls’ pram and the Pinnacle double dolls’ pram. Each is available in 2 beautiful colours.

We even have matching dolls pram accessories and interactive dolls which are perfect for little ones who are always on the go. Don’t just take our word for it though, take a look through our collections and see why nearly 4,000 happy customers rate us so highly on customer service and quality.


Dolls Prams

Our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls’ pram & pushchair collection is for every young child who wants to be like mum and dad. These toy prams & pushchairs look just like the real thing.
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To partner our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls’ pram & pushchair collection, we’ve created the perfect accessories to go with every. Each accessory pack comes with the essentials.
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A Kids Doll Pram Suitable For All

It doesn’t matter how old your child is, whether they’re a toddler or a little older, we’ve got a toy buggy they’ll love. Our Daisy Chain kids toy prams are designed to inspire your children in all kinds of wonderful ways.

There are dolls prams for girls and boys alike, perfect for all ages, including toddler dolls prams, dolls prams for 4 to 8 year olds, and dolls prams for 9 to 13 year olds and above.

We also have a wide range of colours available, including pink dolls prams, blue dolls prams, purple dolls prams, red dolls prams and yellow dolls prams.


Giving the gift of imagination

For any child to love a toy, it needs to be well built to withstand the wear and tear of continuous play!

If a toy doesn’t do what it is supposed to do, it will frustrate your child and they won’t play with it. From double dolls prams and twin doll strollers to versatile dolls high chairs and dolls car seats, there’s something for every little one.

At Play Like Mum, we know how important play is to the development of your child. Your child’s mind is bursting with imagination; from initiating play with themselves to involving other people in their playtime, it’s constantly creating new worlds and stories.

With a dolls pram from Play Like Mum, children can imitate the adults they love the most – including mum, dad and grandparents! They will also develop incredible skills and qualities including fine and gross motor skills, communication skills and empathy.