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Play Like Mum Christmas 2023 Gift Guide For 8 – 12 Year Olds

Image of a girl aged 8-12 opening a christmas gift and smiling

It’s that time of year again when parents and grandparents search for the best toys for Christmas 2023 for their little ones. It’s not an easy job when there is so much to choose from these days and a wide selection of toys available for kids with all sorts of tastes. […]

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Can You Buy Travel System Doll Prams?

travel system dolls pram

If you’re looking for a travel system for your child’s doll or aren’t even aware that such a product exists, read on for more information, buying advice, and a look at some of our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls pram travel systems. […]

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Dolls Pram Accessories

play like mum header image for a post about dolls pram accessories

Play Like Mum provides premium quality dolls prams for children all over the UK, and as part of that offering, we also stock beautifully made dolls prams accessories. Dolls pram accessories are a great way to extend your child’s play and expand their imagination. Read on for our dolls pram accessories shopping guide and why […]

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The Perfect Dolls Pram For Children Over 10

image of a smiling girl to illustrate a blog post about dolls prams for childrn eolder than 10

Choosing an age-appropriate dolls pram for your child is important – so they get maximum enjoyment out of their new toy, it fits their needs and will keep them entertained for a few years. In this post, we look at how to choose the right dolls pram and why shopping by age range is a […]

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How Much Do Dolls Prams Cost?

a blog header image for a post about dolls pram costs

If you’re looking to buy a dolls pram for your child, one of the first things you are going to ask yourself is ‘how much do dolls prams cost?’, alongside other questions about which dolls pram is the most suitable for your child. Budget is an important factor when it comes to buying a dolls […]

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Dolls Pram Or Pushchair? What’s The Difference?

image of a girl smiling for a blog header images about dolls prams or pushchairs

Dolls pram? Pushchair? Buggy? Stroller? Why are there so many different words to describe similar or the same things – a vehicle to transport babies around? Or in Play Like Mums case, your child’s favourite dolls. Keep reading to find out the difference and what options we recommend as a gift for your child! Our […]

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A Complete Guide to Play Development Stages in Children

image shows two young girls laughing with music instruments

Watching children play is one of the most intriguing things about being a parent. But did you know there are certain types of play that can help encourage a child’s development?  The developmental stages of play in children allow you to better understand the types of play your child should be involved in at various […]

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What Skills Do Children Develop Through Playing With Dolls?

image shows two children sat at a table the younger girl is looking at her dolls high chair that has a baby doll in it

From fostering a sense of caring to being more independent and empathetic, we all want our children to flourish and be the best they can be. Not only towards their peers and us, but to themselves as well.  The best way to do this is to prepare them for life in numerous ways. One way […]

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Best Activities to Encourage Speech and Language Development

child learning to read with mother

Speech and language development is essential to your child’s early life. But knowing how to help your baby develop their language skills can be a little tricky. This guide will show you why developing speech is so important and how you can encourage and support it. We’ll also give you our top ten activities to […]

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