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Dolls Pram Safety Tips

dolls pram safety tips title graphic

As a parent, your child’s safety is paramount, and you want to know that the toys you provide for them are safe too. Here are our dolls pram safety tips to help you choose a dolls pram that will give your child hours and hours of safe, fun play. […]

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Budget-Friendly Dolls Pushchairs

budget-friendly dolls pushchairs blog image

There’s no denying that budget can be an important factor for many families when deciding which dolls pram to buy for their child, but fortunately, there are still some fantastic options for dolls pushchairs, even if you’re on a limited budget. Read on to find out how much you can expect to pay for a […]

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Can You Buy Car Seats For Dolls?

Car seats are important for keeping baby safe during car travel and are one of the first things new parents will buy. At Play Like Mum, we’re all about realism with our dolls prams and pushchairs so we wanted to take that idea and create a replica toy for children to use for their baby […]

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International Day of Education – The Role Of Dolls Prams

image of a globe and book to represent international day of education

This International Day Of Education, we’re going to take a look at the campaign for education worldwide and also explore how dolls prams can play a role in early development. As a retailer of children’s toys and a toy that we see bring many educational benefits for young children, we take a keen interest in […]

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How To Maintain Your Child’s Doll Pram

How To Maintain Your Child’s Doll Pram

At Play Like Mum, we don’t settle for “disposable” doll prams. Instead, our Daisy Chain collection of doll prams & pushchairs are carefully crafted using the sturdiest and high quality materials to ensure little ones can enjoy their doll prams for many years to come. This blog aims to offer some of our top tips […]

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Why Buy A Double Dolls Pram?

image of a double doll pram

If you’re looking for a special gift for your child or to upgrade their existing dolls pram, have you considered a double dolls pram? A double dolls pram, or twin dolls pram, is ideal for extending a child’s play and their imagination. Keep reading for the double and twin dolls prams we retail at Play […]

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Why A Dolls Pram Makes The Ideal Christmas Gift

dolls pram christmas gift

If you are a parent or grandparent looking for the perfect gift for a child this this year, have you considered a dolls pram? Ideal for kids of all ages, a dolls pram helps fuel the imagination and can provide hours of entertainment over the Christmas period and beyond. At Play Like Mum, we create […]

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Play Like Mum Christmas 2023 Gift Guide For 8 – 12 Year Olds

Image of a girl aged 8-12 opening a christmas gift and smiling

It’s that time of year again when parents and grandparents search for the best toys for Christmas 2023 for their little ones. It’s not an easy job when there is so much to choose from these days and a wide selection of toys available for kids with all sorts of tastes. […]

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Can You Buy Travel System Doll Prams?

travel system dolls pram

If you’re looking for a travel system for your child’s doll or aren’t even aware that such a product exists, read on for more information, buying advice, and a look at some of our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls pram travel systems. […]

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Dolls Pram Accessories

play like mum header image for a post about dolls pram accessories

Play Like Mum provides premium quality dolls prams for children all over the UK, and as part of that offering, we also stock beautifully made dolls prams accessories. Dolls pram accessories are a great way to extend your child’s play and expand their imagination. Read on for our dolls pram accessories shopping guide and why […]

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