Exploring Different Types Of Prams For Dolls

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Exploring Different Types Of Prams For Dolls

In this blog, we will be exploring different types of prams for dolls. Our range of prams is designed to suit different ages, functions and types of play. The perfect pram for your child will depend on their developmental stage and how they enjoy playtime. Keep reading to find out more about how we cater for every child with our products.  


Travel Prams

When it’s time to go away, whether on a staycation or a weekend at one of the family’s houses, one of the biggest debates you might have with your children is what toys they’re allowed to take.  

After some back and forth (and usually some tears), the answer is always whatever travels easily. If it can fold down and be flat packed or fits in a backpack, it can come.  

That’s why we stock dolls prams that are easy to travel with. Our lightweight prams for dolls can be easily folded down for easy storage. For example, the Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram is easily adjusted for travelling. It can also convert to a rearward-facing pushchair and be disassembled to become a carrycot.  

Toys with multiple functions are ideal for travel, as instead of packing numerous toys, you can just bring one! image of travel pram for blog Exploring Different Types Of Prams For Dolls

Twin Dolls Prams

Sometimes, one is just never enough! With a twin dolls prom, your little one doesn’t have to decide between their dolls for which one they take out and about.  

A twin dolls pram offers side-by-side seating for two dolls, making the imaginative play that much more enjoyable. When your child’s friend comes over with their doll, they can take them out together imitating what they have likely experienced at a young age.  

The Daisy Chain Zipp Twin Max Dolls Pushchair is a perfect example of a twin dolls pram of supreme quality and value. With independent retractable twin hoods, your little one can monitor how much sunlight their dolls receive and shopping baskets to store things when on the go.  


Double Prams For Dolls

A double dolls pram can be adjusted based on how your child chooses. When choosing from the different types of prams for dolls, the best investment is in prams that grow with your child.  

Did you know that by the age of 13, a child will likely have nearly 500 toys? You can agree with us that 500 seems quite excessive. That’s why our prams are built to last. Not only are they durable, but they can be adjusted in height to keep up with your child over the years. 

Another reason why we find ourselves buying and re-buying new toys repeatedly is because it’s rare to find toys that offer multiple functions. Unfortunately, our little ones can get bored of toys quickly when they don’t offer various functions.  

The Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram has over 15 combinations, from a single to double pram, to forward or rearward facing. The pram is designed for children between 7 to 13 years and our customers have said the pram has lasted for that duration.  



A question we hear all the time is ‘What is the difference between a pram and a pushchair?’. While they do have similarities, the biggest difference is that a pram is more orientated toward newborn babies. Meanwhile, a pushchair is more versatile and is usually forward-facing.  

So, if we think about dolls, choosing between a pram and a pushchair really depends on how your little one likes to play. Do they like to show their dolls places and host dinner parties with them, or do they nurse them like a newborn? 

The Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair is ideal for when your little one wants to show their dolls the world. It is even designed with a mesh hood so your child can see their dolls while pushing them around. With adjustable handle height, the pushchair is suitable for 6-7 years and up to 13 years. Image of a pushchair for blog Exploring Different Types Of Prams For Dolls


Different Types Of Age-Appropriate Prams For Dolls

We have mentioned throughout this blog that some different types of prams for dolls are aimed at specific age ranges. This is so that the pram’s height, weight, and design features are suitable for specific ages.  

At Play Like Mum, we offer a range of prams for dolls, aimed at ages 18 months to 13 years. Our dolls prams support physical, social, and cognitive development. You can read our blog on The Power Of Prams For Dolls In Early Development here.    


Accessories For Dolls Prams

While we have focused this blog on exploring different types of prams for dolls, there is also a wide range of accessories for dolls prams.  

Once you have found the ideal pram for your little one’s beloved dolls, you can continue to feed their imagination! From car seats to highchairs, changing bags and accessory packs, there are no limits to the enjoyment playtime can bring. 

In fact, with so many perfect options for your child out there, accessories for dolls prams deserve their own blog… Which we just so happen to have already posted! You can find The 5 Must-Have Dolls Accessories here.  


Exploring Different Types Of Prams For Dolls From Play Like Mum

After exploring different types of prams for dolls, we hope this blog has helped you find the perfect gift for your little one!  

At Play Like Mum, our mission is to deliver high quality for your child to enjoy for many years. We have over 30 years of experience creating quality, unique and inclusive prams for dolls. If you would like to know more about us and our prestigious brand, you can find out more information here. 

You can shop our full range of dolls prams and accessories here. Alternatively, if you have any questions about our products or different types of prams for dolls, you can contact us by calling 01772 395207 or emailing us at info@playlikemum.com.