The 5 Must-Have Doll Accessories

image shows a girl with blonde hair kissing her baby doll

No matter what they play with, a child’s imagination is a fascinating thing. Your child can create a whole new world, whether you have the most luxurious toys or something simple like a cardboard box.

At Play Like Mum, we want your child to expand their creativity with the best dolls pram accessories from Play Like Mum. This guide will show you some of the must-have baby doll accessories to enhance your child’s play.

1 – Daisy Chain Zipp Dolls Pushchair Accessory Pack

Our first accessories come in this Daisy Chain Zipp Accessory Pack, which includes a rain cover, a bag and a cosytoe.

Compatible with the, Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair and the Daisy Chain Zipp Max Dolls Pushchair, the rain cover helps keep your pushchair dry and protected from potential water damage.

The bag has a shoulder strap and is spacious to keep all your belongings together. A cosytoe refers to the padded papoose inside the pushchair and stroller. It is used to keep the baby warm and provide some comfort.

2 – Daisy Chain Luxury Tote Bag

These luxury baby doll changing bags add some glamour and practicality to their doll’s pram or pushchair. With a bag size of 35cm (Width) x 30cm (Height), these large bags use quilted and padded fabric to match the pushchair so that they can stroll around with their baby doll in style.

Children learn social skills best through imitation and realistic play. They can enjoy a sense of responsibility as the luxury tote bag can carry baby bottles, diapers, toys, clothes and other accessories.

3 – Susie Interactive Doll

No baby doll roleplay is complete without your very own interactive doll.

Susie is a doll your child can interact with. If you shake her hand, she’s likely to giggle. If you stroke her back, you’ll send her to sleep. But beware that Susie can throw a tantrum if you don’t give her enough attention!

Your child can pretend play as a parent, as Susie will ask to go for walks and cry when she wants to be put into her pram. The Daisy Chain Connect 5-in-1 Dolls Pram or Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram include sensors that will trigger Susie once she’s close to the pram, which adds to the interactivity and immersion.

The Susie Doll also comes with a baby bottle for feeding. Susie will tell you when she is hungry, allowing your child to tend to her needs.

From crying to laughing to snoring, your child can improve their nurturing skills and imitate real life with this interactive baby doll.

4 – Daisy Chain Unity 4-in-1 High Chair/Car Seat

This versatile 4-in-1 Daisy Chain High Chair is a must-have doll accessory, perfect for performing multiple functions.

The high chair can convert into a car seat simply by removing the frame, so your little one can safely carry their baby doll around in your car. By removing the feeding tray and canopy from the high chair, it can be made more compact and can fit at the dinner table.

The Connect 5-in-1 Pram cot, Destiny Pram cot and Pinnacle Pram cot are also compatible with the high chair frame.

5 – Daisy Chain Dolls Pram Accessory Pack

Like the Daisy Chain Zipp, the Daisy Chain Dolls Pram Accessory Pack offers several key doll accessories that can help enhance your child’s imaginative play.

The pack includes a rain cover, a shoulder bag, a parasol and a little mattress which can be used to line the pram or for laying down their baby doll. The Daisy Chain Dolls Pram Accessory pack is directly compatible with the Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram and the Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram

Both the parasol and raincover can be fixed and clamped onto their dolls pram, so you don’t need to carry an umbrella or worry about the dolly getting wet if you’re out walking in a drizzle!


What ages are baby dolls pram accessories for?

Doll’s pram accessories are age appropriate and span a wide range of ages.

Can I buy a complete doll’s pram set, including accessories?

Yes, you can buy a complete doll’s pram set! All of our doll’s pram sets come with matching accessories to ensure your child has everything they need for hours of playtime. Gift your children with the best doll accessories to enhance their imaginative play.

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