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Dolls Pram Accessories

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Play Like Mum provides premium quality dolls prams for children all over the UK, and as part of that offering, we also stock beautifully made dolls prams accessories. Dolls pram accessories are a great way to extend your child’s play and expand their imagination. Read on for our dolls pram accessories shopping guide and why we think your children will love our products.

The Appeal Of Dolls Prams Accessories

Dolls prams accessories are a great way to enhance play experiences, ensuring your child doesn’t get bored with their dolls or pram and can share the experience with other children.

Doll accessories can help further expand your child’s imagination as they can use accessories to pretend real-life scenarios. For example…’oh no it’s raining, best put the rain cover on the pram!’. Or, with accessories such as changing bags and mats, children can extend their imaginative play, pretending their doll is a real baby – packing their changing bag up for a day out with all the essential items dolly may need!

Accessories for your dolls pram enable a child to personalise their pram configuration, get creative, and really enjoy the experience!

Dolls Pram Accessories Shopping Guide

The types of doll pram accessories you can buy will depend on who you are buying from. Here at play like Mum, we focus on coordinating accessories that match our dolls pram collections and are compatible with several types of prams we offer.

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Dolls pram sets – these are our coordinating accessory packs that match each of our styles of pram. These sets ensure your child has everything they need to play with a complete travel system, including a rain cover, cosy toes, and a changing bag.

Dolls changing bags – every child wants to be just like Mum or Dad, and our changing bags provide plenty of opportunity for imaginary play, plus provide plenty of room for your child to pack up all their essentials for a day out.

Highchair/Car Seats – to further extend time playing with their dolly, one of our favourite accessories is our 4-in-1 dolls car seat/highchair.

Your child and their doll need to be prepared for all types of weather so our accessory packs come with items for rain and shine – dolls pram parasols for summer, cosy toes for winter, rain covers for spring showers, and even an extra mattress for them to make their doll comfortable on bumpy rides!

Benefits of Dolls Pram Accessories

Let’s jump in to some further benefits of dolls prams accessories and why you may want to buy some key accessories for your child.

Our accessories such as changing bags, cosy toes, and rain covers, encourage nurturing skills in your child – inspiring them to pretend play and take care of their doll or teddy. This is a key part of children’s play and helps them develop empathy and compassion for others.

Accessories for their pram can also help with the development of fine motor skills – as your child learns how to add a cosy toes to their pram, add a parasol on sunny days, or clip a rain cover on, their motor skills and hand-eye coordination further develop.

Playing with dolls prams and accessories with friends or siblings also helps with emotional and social development. Helping your child learn about teamwork, for example, or shared responsibilities.

Top Picks: Must-Have Dolls Pram Accessories

It’s hard to pick our favourite dolls prams accessories from our own collection but we are fond of our luxury tote bag. This gorgeous quilted changing bag is available to match four of our collections – classic pink, twilight, daisy dot, and the new bumblebee collection. This ensures the bag matches your child’s doll pram.

Daisy Chain Luxury Tote Bag in Bumblebee fabric . Bag has carry handles and shoulder strap is on ground in front of bag. Bag is in bumblebee fabric with a black leatherette band around the bottom of the bag.

Our dolls pram accessory set in twighlight is a favourite with customers too and we’re sure it will be a hit with your little one. Featuring a mattress, parasol, changing bag, and rain cover, this set contains everything your child needs for hours of fun.

Safety & Quality Considerations

So that your children can make the most of their dolls pram accessories, always buy from reputable, quality retailers.

Make age-appropriate choices to ensure play is safe – our accessories are suitable for children aged 4-13.

We also focus on quality across our dolls prams and dolls pram accessories to ensure your child’s toys don’t just last a few years but can be used across generations.

Trends in Dolls Pram Accessories

image of a young girl holding a doll that has a pink and purple outfit on

Trends come and go in children’s toys and Play Like Mum keep up with what children want, creating desirable collections that are meet current trends.

Our latest Bumblebee collection features a cute buzzy bee pattern, designed to appeal to children of all ages.

We also have our Susie interactive doll that keeps on top of the trend for engaging toys. You can check out Susie here.

Play Like Mum

We hope our post on dolls pram accessories has given you a few shopping inspiration ideas! If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us.