Top-Rated First Dolls Prams For Every Budget

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Buying your child’s first dolls pram is an exciting investment. This blog will run through top-rated first dolls prams for every budget!  

For most families, measuring the budget around gifts or toys for children can be tasking. We all just want the best for our children.  

Well, it’s a good thing we’ve got you covered!  

Keep reading and you will find the perfect pram for your little one… that doesn’t break the bank!  


How Much Are Dolls Prams?

If you have already had a look on our website or generally online at doll prams, you will have noticed quite a range of prices in dolls prams.  

The prices of dolls prams can average between £20 to £200… So, we suppose that answer is about as helpful as the length of a piece of string!  

With the vast price range, you will see a true variance in quality and amenities. Some dolls prams will come with built-in accessories and for others, they are sold separately! While it is true that the price reflects quality, that is not to say there aren’t some incredible deals on the market!  

Now, the truth is, it doesn’t matter if the top of your budget for a doll’s pram doesn’t cover the more expensive options on the market. Your child will undoubtedly make countless memories playing with their doll’s pram, regardless of the price. Plus, the less you spend on the pram itself, the more you can spend on accessories! 

Image of girl pushing pram for blog Top-Rated First Dolls Prams For Every Budget.


How Does Quality Increase The Cost Of Dolls Prams?

You might be wondering what we mean by ‘quality’ in dolls prams. When we refer to quality impacting the price of dolls prams, there are a number of features we could be talking about. 

Top-budget dolls prams are likely to: 

  • Be made from superior materials
  • Be more aesthetically pleasing
  • Be manufactured more sustainably
  • Be less easy to damage or break 

As with most things, you can be assured that dolls prams on the more expensive side will be built to last. None of that hassle, replacing your child’s favourite toy before they notice it is broken. 

As we know, our little ones may not always be the most delicate beings… That’s why quality dolls prams are built to withstand rough play. While lower-cost dolls prams may offer the same satisfaction, we cannot guarantee they will have as long of a lifespan.  


Where Can I Find First Dolls Prams For Every Budget?

You have come to the right place! 

At Play Like Mum, we offer a wide range of first dolls prams for every budget. Not only does our range cover a varied scope of budgets but also for different requirements and age ranges.  

Our prams are designed for children aged 18 months to 13 years old. Our selection is specifically tailored to the needs of children at specific ages, in terms of height, weight and amenities. No matter what, our pram’s realistic quality and design perfectly assist imaginative play, which we know is key for child development. 

Don’t worry if you are feeling overwhelmed by choice, we don’t blame you. To make life easier, we will break down some choices from our range of top-rated dolls prams for every budget! 


Examples Of Top-Rated Dolls Prams For Every Budget  


Top-Rated Pushchairs For Toddlers

The  is the perfect first pram for your little one’s favourite doll! It is available in a range of colours, meaning it can be customised to your child’s preference! The pushchair comes with an extendable hood, two easy-to-grip handles, and can fold down flat- perfect for travel! With all that, this pram is £29.99.  

Image of daisy chain dolls pram for blog Top-Rated First Dolls Prams For Every Budget

Top-Rated Dolls Prams For 4 – 8 Years Old

This doll’s pram is more than meets the eye… The Daisy Chain Connect 5 In 1 Dolls Pram is a pram, a pushchair and a carry cot all in one! The handlebar can be adjusted in size, perfect for your growing child. The handlebar can also be flipped, so the pushchair is rear or forward-facing. All these amenities contribute to elevated imaginative play and come to an astoundingly reasonable price of £69.99. 


Top Rated Dolls Prams For 9 Year Olds

Why should your child have to choose between their favourite dolls? The Daisy Chain Zipp Twin Max Dolls Pushchair means there’ll be no upset or left-out dollies! We know you’re probably nervous about assembling a double-seated doll’s pram, but don’t fret. This, along with many other prams in our range, the pram quickly opens out and locks into place! Double the price does not double the budget. You can get this pushchair for a total of £69.99.  


Top-Rated Dolls Prams For 9 – 13 Year Olds

We also stock prams for taller children! The Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair is adjustable up to 95cm and is built to last for your child over many years of growing and playing! And by built to last, we mean there is an installed bumper bar, for those accidental crashes… The swivel means your child can take their doll’s pram on all sorts of adventures! This pram is designed to be more durable and still comes at the flattering price of £119.99. 


Top-Rated First Dolls Prams For Every Budget From PLM

We hope this blog goes to show that no matter your budget, there is something here for everyone at Play Like Mum. 

We advise always keeping an eye on the sales section of our website for even greater deals! We also offer payments with Klarna, meaning you can pay in instalments, making it easier to budget for your child’s first dolls pram. 

If you have any questions regarding our products, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing or calling us at 01772 395207.