Why dolls prams are the best toys for 3 year olds

When your child turns 3 a whole new world of possibilities is opening up in front of them. Whether it’s new experiences they’re discovering, new words they’re speaking or simply new toys they’re ready to play with. It’s about now that they’re going to really start having strong opinions on the toys they want to play with too, so getting it right can be difficult.

We’re confident that a doll’s pram is the very best toy for a 3 year old and as dolls pram experts we’re going to run you through all the reasons why, from their longevity through to the joys of imaginary play.

1. A doll’s pram grows with your children

Buying a toy for a 3 year old is hard enough, especially knowing that they’re well into a growth spurt and could easily outgrow whatever it is you’ve bought them. At Play Like Mum we believe that your toys should grow with your child, and that’s why our Daisy Chain dolls prams are completely adjustable. The handles can extend to accommodate your little ones as they grow into not-so-little ones, making a dolls pram an ideal gift for their whole childhood.

2. Encourage imaginative play

The many benefits of imaginary play are well documented. It’s important for helping your kids develop their creative minds, and the right toys are key to this. A doll’s pram is the perfect choice for opening up a world of imagination. Whether it’s mimicking their parents while pushing around a doll or as part of a wider world of imagination they create, a dolls pram can be pivotal.

Help your little ones push the boundaries of their pretend play, develop social skills, understand the world around them and make their creativity flourish.

3. Not just for dolls, they’re perfect for every toy

A doll’s pram makes a perfect toy in their own right. Many a child is happy simply pushing around an empty pram while imitating a parent or concocting a story during a particularly imaginative play session. Whether you go for a dolls pushchair, one of our many dolls pram accessories or a larger dolls pram, our chairs and cots can fit much more than just a doll.

Even if your little one’s favourite toy is a teddy bear, a transformer action figure or a dinosaur, they’ll fit into one of our prams so your children can take them anywhere. Half the fun of play at this age is making everything fit together and letting your creativity run wild. Things don’t need to make sense and imaginary play with a mish-mash of toys lets children really enjoy themselves.

4. Keep your children active

3 year olds are nearing the end of the toddler years. Most have moved past the need for a support while they walk, and are eagerly using their new found walking skills to explore the world around them. A doll’s pram is a fun way to encourage kids to keep exploring and stay active while they play.

Active play is crucial to a child’s development, not just their fitness levels. With so many kids activities in the modern centering around screens it may seem like a challenge to keep your little ones active. Using a doll’s pram in conjunction with other toys can be a great way to encourage active play.

5. They can be enjoyed by all children

It may not be your first thought, but a doll’s pram has true universal appeal. 3 year olds aren’t picky when it comes to their play, they just want to play with something fun that lets them get creative.

We have seen firsthand how much fun boys have with playing with dolls prams and pushchairs during our own research. It really doesn’t matter where they’re from, what gender they are or even how old they are, they can enjoy playing with a doll’s pram. A pram is a central part of most young families and the chance to mimic their parents while out of the house is absolutely perfect for many kids. They just want to play like they’re doing the real thing!

As we’ve already mentioned, a doll’s pram isn’t just for interactive dolls. Many kids just want a way to play like their parents or to push their toys around with them. Plus, dolls are loved by kids and toddlers of all backgrounds and genders.

6. Durable and timeless toys

The Daisy Chain collection isn’t just designed to grow with your child, it’s designed to last. We’re proud of how hard wearing and durable our doll prams are. They’ve been engineered to take everything your kids can throw at them, so they can be bashed around and still be ready to play with the next time.

This makes a Daisy Chain doll’s pram a real investment, and getting a dolls pram for a 3 year old can give them a toy for years to come. The great thing about a dolls pram is that they are a truly timeless toy too, with every generation wanting to play just like their parents, making them the absolute best toy for 3 year olds.

Be sure to check out our range of toddler dolls prams, interactive dolls, and dolls pram accessories here at Play Like Mum – you just might find the perfect toys for encouraging your little one’s imagination.