Introducing the Daisy Chain Chill Chair Adult Pram

Introducing the Daisy Chain Chill Chair Adult Pram

Ever get envious of the kids taking a nap in the pram while you’re out and about? We hear you. With years of experience developing dolls prams to help your kids play like you, we’ve flipped the script and now you can play just like them!

Introducing the new adult pram, from Play Like Mum!

If you’ve dreamed of kicking back in a stroller with a bottle of wine and the latest Netflix original, this is the pram for you. This pram comes complete with a memory foam cushion to help you stay comfortable and its frame is built from reinforced steel to make sure it can support up to 110kg.

It’s perfect for a day out shopping, with a bag hook and expansive under-seat storage. With built-in hands-free sat nav, you’ll never have to worry about getting lost between stops either!

The real icing on the cake is the pram’s phone holder and charger so you can watch your favourite shows on the move and not worry about losing any juice. Talking of juice, we know how taxing day-to-day life can be, so we’ve made sure there’s a drinks holder in easy reach too, and it’s the perfect size for a bottle of wine… or a tipple of gin.

We’ve thought of everything you could possibly need to really play just like your kids! Keep your eyes peeled for more details on how you can get your hands on our adult pram, and in the meantime grab a dolls pram so your kids can Play Like Mum.

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