A Quick Guide To Getting Your Child Ready For Their First Day Of Primary School

The time for starting primary school is fast approaching and it can bring about a mixed bag of emotions for parents.

Whilst parents may feel excited that their child is starting a new adventure, it can also be tough to see their little ones growing up.

No matter how emotional it is for parents to see their child starting school, the child should be the number one priority and plenty of preparation should be put in place.

If you’re not sure about how to get your child ready for their first day of primary school, our quick guide should be able to help you out.

Get them excited

Children react differently to the prospect of going to school; some may be really zealous at the thought of their new adventure, while others may be distressed that they have to leave their parents for the day.

An effective way of getting your child to be enthusiastic about going to school is to talk about it animatedly as early as possible. If you can, visit the school, meet the teachers and pupils, and even admire some of the work on the display boards so that your child is aware of the kind of things they will be doing at their new school.

If you can get your child to look forward to starting school, you’ve already completed half the battle of preparing them.

Ensure that they can recognise their name

Children develop at different rates so, by the time they get to school, some of their classmates will be already able to read and write and others will not. However, if your child can’t yet recognise their name, it’s time to start helping them along to make things run smoothly at school.

It will be endlessly beneficial for your child to be able to recognise their name when they start school because it’s highly likely that they will have to do things like pick up clothes which have their names sewn into them and be able to select their name badge on their first day.

If your child is about to start school and can’t yet recognise their name, try exploring the look of the letters which make up their name with them and even encourage them to write their name themselves.

If your child is struggling to recognise their name, try using some of the techniques that this post suggests.

Teach them about making friends

Having friends can make going to school a lot more enjoyable for children, so encouraging them to make friends with their peers is a wise choice.

If you notice that your child shows signs of being shy or nervous around other children, invite children to your home for playdates and encourage your child to speak to their classmates during play sessions.

For some pointers on encouraging your child to make friends in the way which is best for their comfort levels, check out this article.

Encourage them to be independent

When children start school they’re expected to know the basic parts of looking after themselves. By the time the get to primary school, your child should be able to dress themselves and use a toilet by themselves, along with being able to use a knife, fork, and spoon independently.

Encouraging your child to engage in and become comfortable with these basic tasks before they start school will be helpful for both them and their teachers so, if they’re not quite there, now is the time to start teaching them.


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