5 Great Ways To Celebrate The Birth Of A New Baby

The birth of a new baby is a momentous occasion and one that definitely deserves a celebration.

However, many people struggle with finding the perfect way to celebrate the new arrival, whether that’s a gift, a memento or an event. As a result, most people usually go for a bit of a shindig, hosting an ‘arrival shower’ to celebrate the new baby.

Whilst this is a great way to celebrate, we think you can go one better for the next new arrival in your life. So, we’ve put together a list of 5 ways you can celebrate the birth of a new baby in a more unique way.

Donate to charity

Donating to a chosen charity in lieu of a traditional gift is becoming much more commonplace nowadays, with many newlyweds opting for a donation instead of favours or wedding gifts. However, this is still a fairly new idea when it comes to celebrating new births.

Donating to a children’s charity can be a great way to celebrate the special occasion as many of the family and friends, as well as the new parents, will be appreciating the beauty of new life and how lucky they are to be blessed with a new child. Donating to a charity that helps those less fortunate can be a beautiful way to spread that joy to others.

Sunnybrook in the US offer this sort of scheme, but this page gives you a list of UK based children’s charities.

Plant a tree

Many celebrations are fleeting, with parties coming to an end and new baby clothes eventually being grown out of. For a more permanent celebration of the new arrival, consider planting or dedicating a tree in their name.

This way, the baby can grow up alongside this memento of their birth and pay a visit to the tree when they’re older, which will last a lifetime. You could even consider installing a plaque with their name and date of birth nearby.

You can dedicate a tree with the Woodland Trust here.

Get creative

Most people celebrate a baby by buying off the rack gifts. However, getting creative and creating your own distinctive memento to celebrate the new arrival is a much more unique way to show your love.

Consider making a decorative framed poster signed by family and friends with messages and blessings for the new baby which can be kept for many years to come. Another idea is to create a parenting scrapbook: you can get family and friends to provide their best parenting tips on each page, accompanied by a message for the baby.

This post has lots of other ideas for creating crafty and handmade mementos for the newborn or alternatively check this one out by She Knows.

Make a hamper

The weeks (and months!) following the arrival of a little one can be extremely hectic and, at times, a little overwhelming for any parents. So, one of the best ways to celebrate a new arrival is to provide a helping hand to the parents; they’ll appreciate it a lot more than another babygrow!

Making a parenting hamper is just one way to do this. Pack a hamper full of small, everyday items like nappies and tissues, as well as some more luxurious items like wine and chocolate, alongside some handmade keepsakes for the newborn. This way, you’ll be helping them out when they inevitably run out of the essentials because they’ve not had time to go shopping, as well as treating the baby and the parents.

This may not seem like much of a celebration to some as many people like to focus on the rosy side of having a baby. However, this is a fun way to show that celebrating the arrival of a new baby means celebrating all that comes with it, dirty nappies and all!

This post by Disney Baby can give you more tips.

Send a flowercard

Sending greetings cards is a traditional way of celebrating a new baby, allowing you to write your personal messages to the doting parents and give blessings.

A new baby flowercard is a more unique take on this, giving you the chance to send a beautiful handcrafted card filled with a miniature bouquet of flowers. The cards come in an array of themes and can be personalised with your own messages to celebrate the new bundle of joy.

They can also be purchased alongside a personalised chocolate tin to give the new arrivals a sweet treat.