Does Pushing A Dolls Pram Help Toddlers Walk?

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We hear all the time, ‘Does pushing a dolls pram help toddlers walk?’… So, we thought we should probably write a blog to address it!  

The short answer is yes, it does help! But it doesn’t just work alone, of course, walking takes a village. In this blog, we will cover why walking is so important as well as expert opinions. Read on to find out more… 

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How Does Walking Improve Toddler’s Development?

Watching your child take their first steps is one of the most exciting moments for parents in those early stages. It is that milestone everyone looks forward to and savour forever. Don’t just take our word for it, there are almost 100 million ‘first steps’ videos posted on TikTok. 

But what comes after those first steps? What does walking mean for your toddler’s development?  

This we already know, but there are a whole host of health benefits to walking. However, as technology advances, we all seem to remain seated and inactive a lot more than before. This even comes to affect our little ones!  

Encouraging our toddlers to walk is now more important than ever. Here are some benefits to consider: 

Boosted Stimulation

Even if your little one is still struggling with putting one foot in front of the other, walking can still be beneficial. Heading outside into new environments provides toddlers with the opportunity to explore the world. 

Learning Opportunities

By walking or going for walks, toddlers can experience new sights, smells, sounds and textures. All this subliminally enhances their understanding of how the world works. It encourages interaction beyond the bounds of their home.  

Improved Sleeping Patterns

By burning off energy with walking, toddlers tend to find it easier to go down at night/nap time. Any form of regular physical exercise can improve sleep cycles as well as the quality of children’s sleep.  

Strengthening The Body

Walking helps to develop strong bones, muscles, heart and lungs. Did you know walking for as little as 3 minutes can boost your toddler’s metabolism and improve their health? 

Develops Motor Skills

While walking becomes second nature to adults, it’s a conscious effort and skill in progress for toddlers. A shocking study reported that 30% of preschool children are not ready to start primary school, as they lack essential motor skills, like the ability to hold a pencil up straight. This is due to a lack of physical activity in their formative years.  

Reduces Risk Of Disease

Walking or any form of physical activity can reduce the risk of young people developing serious illnesses later in life, like heart disease and type-2 diabetes. Keeping children active and moving promotes healthy bodies.  


How Does Pushing A Dolls Pram Help Toddlers Walk?

A dolls pram is considered in the category of ‘push and pull toys’, for obvious reasons.  

At a toddler’s age, they get a lot of joy from emulating what they see grown-ups doing. This is because they can apply their own understanding of how things work and what is happening around them. So, using a dolls pram to encourage walking is ideal, as it’s very likely your toddler will engage with the toy. 

Some parents think that push-and-pull toys might disrupt their child’s walking development, but this simply is noImage of daisy chain pram for blog Does Pushing A Dolls Pram Help Toddlers Walk?t true! 

A dolls pram not only encourages your toddler to walk but can help with building muscle, coordination and balancing skills.  

If anything, integrating a dolls pram into walking practice improves the development process. There is more to think about when walking with a big object in front of you than there is just walking alone.  

By navigating a dolls pram around a space, your toddler will also improve their spatial awareness. You could even assist this by introducing directional words such as left, right, under, and around. They understand how to avoid obstacles, how far they should or shouldn’t go, and what turns they should take to reach a desired destination. 


Expert Opinions On Whether Pushing A Dolls Pram Help Toddlers Walk

A physical therapist who specialises in paediatrics recognises that pushing a dolls pram helps toddlers to walk. In fact, they recommend this over baby walkers!  

The NHS website also says that push and pull toys are a fun way of improving balance and coordination in young toddlers, as well as helping build their understanding of spatial awareness. It is important to note, that while dolls prams can help this developmental stage, they are still toys! (Much like how rubber rings are not ‘life-saving’ devices).  

Healthline also recommends pushing dolls prams to support toddlers’ walking ability. They say that prams allow your child to gain some independence while walking but still receive some dynamic support- and we’d have to agree!  


Choosing The Best Dolls Pram To Help Your Toddler Walk

We hope this blog has answered your question, ‘Does a dolls pram help toddlers to walk?’. There is no doubt, dolls pram are a great way of assisting your little one’s journey to becoming a fully-fledged walker! 

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