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Bring Your Reborn Baby Dolls to Life with The Range of Daisy Chain Premium Dolls Prams & Accessories

image of a reborn baby doll in white blanket

Does your daughter or son love their reborn baby doll’s realistic features? If the answer is yes, they need a realistic reborn baby pram to go with it! The Daisy Chain Collection of prams for reborn dolls by Play Like Mum includes a perfect selection of dolls prams for your child’s playtime.

If your child has a reborn doll, they are used to a realistic experience. The Daisy collection of dolls prams will bring your child’s reborn baby doll to life wherever they go! This encourages not only creative playtime but imitation as well. Imitating the adults in their life has been shown to link to a child’s good development and high self-esteem.

Daisy Chain’s exclusive collection of dolls prams and pushchairs come in a classic pink and a classic blue check colourway. However, either colourway is suitable for both boys and girls. The prams and accessories are great for children up to 13 years old.

Realistic Doll Prams that are Ideal for Reborn Baby Dolls

Daisy Chain Dolls Prams are a wonderful choice for reborn baby dolls such as the Susie interactive doll.

  • They look like real prams but are the proper size for your child
  • These prams are robust, durable, and strong, just like their mum’s prams
  • They function like a real pram, which brings a realistic touch befitting their doll
  • Daisy Chain prams come with a range of accessories, which we will discuss in further detail below
  • Daisy Chain includes many options to choose from, such as baby reborn car seats, reborn baby doll car seats, reborn baby dolls prams, and a reborn baby high chair

Whatever your child’s age, the Daisy Chain collection of prams has a product to fit. Your child will love travelling and coddling their Baby Born in a life-like style!

High Chair and Car Seat for Reborn Baby Dolls

Since reborn dolls can be very expensive due to their high quality, you should invest in pieces that will extend the life and playtime of your child’s doll.

Ideal for aged three and over, the Daisy Chain doll high chair is perfect for your child to bring their doll to the dinner table! You can share a meal with your child’s doll and bring the joy of their playtime to include your whole family. If they have brothers or sisters, your child’s siblings can also enjoy the doll at the dinner table. 

The Daisy Chain high chair doubles as a car seat, securing your child’s reborn baby doll for any journey length. Additionally, this chair can be attached to the Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram or Connect 5 in 1 dolls prams for maximum versatility. The high chair accommodates dolls up to 46 cm tall.

Pushchairs for Reborn Baby Dolls

A doll will always stay little, but your child will grow. Luckily, the Zipp Max pushchair from the Daisy Chain collection grows with your child.

The reborn baby prams have an adjustable height of up to 82 cm. These pushchairs accommodate dolls up to 50 cm tall and fold easily away for storage. Also, there is no assembly required! Just unfold and play straight from the box: a task your child can do her or himself, bringing yet another realistic quality to the experience.

Dolls Prams for Reborn Baby Dolls

The Destiny Travel System and Connect 5-in-1 prams are perfect for older children. They can hold slightly larger reborn baby dolls up to 55 cm tall. Both of these prams have a strong structure that will grow with your child and are fully adjustable in height.

The Connect 5-in-1 pram is suitable for children four to nine years of age. The Destiny Travel System is suitable for children aged five to nine years old. These prams have a maximum handle height of 87 cm, perfect for older and taller children.

Twin Prams for Reborn Baby Dolls

Does your child have multiple baby dolls? Maybe they only have one but are hoping to add to their collection? Or perhaps your child likes to pair theirs with another brand of baby doll or stuffed animal? Daisy Chain has got you covered! The Zipp Max pram is available in a twin size, and there is also the luxurious Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram option.

As the biggest pram in the Daisy Chain range, the Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram boasts a multi-combination feature. With at least nine ways to use this pram, your child’s creativity will be boundless. This dolls pram is suitable for children up to 13 years old and houses a bottom basket for storing extra items.

Combinations for the Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram

  • Pushchair only, front-facing or rear-facing
  • Carrycot only, used without the frame
  • Carrycot on frame, front-facing or rear-facing, without the pushchair
  • Pushchair and carrycot, both front-facing or both rear-facing
  • Pushchair and carrycot interior-facing is an adorable combination that allows your child’s doll to look at each other!
  • Pushchair and carrycot facing away from each other are good for situations when your child’s reborn baby dolls are keeping each other awake during nap time and need to be separated.
  • The pushchair can be angled up and down for maximum versatility.

Range of Accessories for the Daisy Chain Collection of Dolls Prams

Daisy Chain dolls prams are excellent for your child’s reborn baby because the collection also includes the matching dolls pram accessories their mum would use! The line includes tote bags, rain covers, mattresses, and more. Your child can fill their dolls changing bag with extra diapers, baby wipes, and bottles to be prepared for any situation with their special baby dolls.

Whether your child is a seasoned “parent” or new to reborn baby dolls, the Daisy Chain collection of prams and accessories by Play Like Mum is sure to suit your child’s playtime needs. They can learn how to care for a baby doll and make sure their favourite toy is looked after at all times. If you need help choosing your child’s first dolls pushchair or pram, get in contact with our team.

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