How to Choose the First Dolls Pushchair For Your Child

image shows a young girl with her twighlight dolls pushchair

Children greatly benefit from interactive play which mirrors the responsibilities of a parent. This kind of play allows your child to explore their imagination, experiment with responsibility concepts and take care of others. One way you can help enhance this is to give your child a dolls pushchair.

A dolls pushchair provides your child with an active form of playing with a doll that engages their entire body. Using a pushchair or pram is a regular activity for parents, and your little one will love having the chance to engage in pretend play like taking their baby doll to the shop or park. It can help with tactile and motor skills and can be a fantastic element to add to the landscape of their imagination. 

A pushchair is a wonderful toy to have, but it can be tricky to figure out which type of pushchair will work best for your child. Read on for our complete guide on how to choose your child’s first dolls pushchair.

What to consider when buying your first dolls pushchair

There are several things to consider when buying your child their very first dolls pushchair. Not every dolls pushchair is the same, and no child is the same in how they move or play. 

Think about the doll your child will likely place in the pushchair and the specific needs your child has in their play environment. A simple way to narrow down which pushchair will work best is to reflect on your child’s age and developmental needs and compare that with the various features of different models of doll’s pushchairs. 

Age of your child

Generally speaking, a doll’s pushchair is a great toy for children who are 18 months or older. By this age, children are more interested in complex imaginative play and eager to recreate the activities of their parents and caregivers.

If your child is younger, make sure you choose a pushchair that matches their height and one that is lightweight enough for them to manoeuvre easily. Our Daisy Chain Little Zipp Pushchairs are ideal for toddlers and come in pink and limited edition twilight fabric. These dolls pushchairs feature soft-grip handles and are suitable for children aged 18 months to 3 years. 

Consider interactive and engaging elements that might enhance their learning and fine motor skills for slightly older children. The unique Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair is the only real pushchair designed for older children. It’s easy to adjust handles that will grow with your child and vary in height from 89cm to 95cm. 

Regardless of your child’s age, they’ll want a pushchair that makes them feel just like mum. Ideally, this means getting a fully functional pushchair they can use just as any parent would. Take a look at our toddler dolls prams (ages 1, 2 and 3), dolls prams for 4 to 7-year-olds, and dolls prams for 8 to 12-year-olds for more guidance. 

Pushchair features

Different types of doll’s pushchairs can have some unique features that help you decide which is best for your child. 

For instance, it’s helpful to look at how easy it is to assemble the pushchair and whether it is collapsable. If a doll’s pushchair is easily foldable and unfoldable, it’ll save space and promote your child’s independence because they can do it all on their own.

There are also plenty of cute details on the pushchair design that add to your child’s play experience. For example, our Daisy Chain Zipp range of pushchairs features a mesh window in the hood of the chair which allows your child to check in on how their doll is doing, much like how a caregiver will check on how they are doing. Other fun possible features include swivel wheels, a reclining seat, and adjustable handles. 

Overall budget

The overall budget is another essential factor to keep in mind while shopping for your first doll’s pushchair. There can be quite a broad range of prices for this type of toy, so it’s helpful to know what price point will work best for you.

A way to approach setting your budget is to find a balance between long-term investment and allowing for how quickly your child grows. Your little one may enjoy playing with a doll’s pushchair for many years, and getting a high-quality toy that lasts is a good idea. 

However, as children grow quickly, they may want a different type of doll’s pushchair as they get older. One helpful solution is to get a doll’s pushchair with adjustable handles that can keep up with your child as they get taller. We offer some of the best dolls prams for taller children which include adjustable handles, perfect for a growing child.

Doll sizes

It’s a good idea to choose a doll’s pushchair that fits the dolls that your children play with. Check the doll’s measurements and compare them to the dimensions of the doll’s pushchair, considering whether or not the doll’s legs are bendable and if the doll will be fully seated. The description of the doll’s pushchair should also include a guideline of which size interactive doll fits best with the product. 

Quality of the pushchair 

For a child to properly enjoy a dolls pushchair, it needs to be made to a high standard of quality. Make sure that the pushchair is sturdy and that the features – such as reclining seats and adjustable handles – will work every time. Features like these must be strong enough to withstand the natural abuse they will receive from the hands of a young uncoordinated child.

Make sure you choose a pushchair with wheels made from hard EVA rubber rather than plastic. It is only when a child can play with a toy in the way that it is designed to be played with that a child will keep going back and back to that toy. It becomes part of their life and the most valuable tool they have to build their imagination and intellect.

What’s the difference between a dolls pushchair and a dolls pram?

You may be trying to choose between a doll’s pushchair and a doll’s pram and are unsure of the differences between the two. A doll’s pram is designed to match the style of a real pram, with the baby doll laying flat facing the person pushing them. 

A doll’s pushchair is similar to a real pushchair, which is mainly for older babies and young children. The chair can be angled so the doll is sitting upright, and it is often designed so that the pushchair is world-facing, giving the child opportunity to interact with their environment. 

If you can’t decide between the two, it may be a good idea to find a model that can convert into a pushchair style so that your child has maximum versatility. The Daisy Chain Connect 5-in-1 Dolls Pram is an excellent option as it can convert from a dolls pram to a pushchair and carrycot.

When choosing between the two, think about what kind of play your child enjoys engaging in. Do they prefer playing with their interactive baby doll as if it’s a real baby, or do they like treating their dolls as slightly older children that they can interact with? 

What dolls pushchair accessories can I buy?

There are plenty of dolls pram accessories you can buy to further enhance your child’s imaginative play experience.

Pushchair accessories can be a fantastic way to personalise your child’s play materials, matching their interests and the specific way they like to play parent to their dolls. These accessories can also be a fantastic way to improve your child’s learning by giving them experience with fine motor skills and new types of tools that they normally don’t use. 

Rain covers

A rain cover is both a practical item and a fun interactive accessory. The rain cover keeps your doll’s pushchair dry if it’s left out in the rain, and it can be a nice way for your child to practice responsibility and care for their items.

Putting a rain cover over a pushchair is a task that will make your child feel like they’re taking on the same responsibilities as the adults in their life, which can have a hugely positive impact on their self-esteem and confidence. 

Our Daisy Chain Zipp Dolls Pushchair Accessory Packs come complete with a matching cosytoe, rain cover and bag for your little one’s pushchair.


Alongside the pushchair and accessories, getting a luxury tote bag to go with the pushchair can be a good storage item for all toys. Your child often sees you carrying around a bag full of items for them, and they will feel grown-up if they also have a unique bag for taking care of their doll.

A dolls changing bag encourages your child to take care of their items and clean their play environment, further enhancing their confidence and sense of personal responsibility when they have their very own device for keeping track of their things. 

Interactive dolls

If you want to give your child an interactive and enriching play experience, consider getting them an interactive doll that goes with the pushchair. Our truly unique Susie interactive doll can cry, laugh, talk and react to how your child treats them.

This can be a wonderful learning activity for toddlers and young children (ages three and over) as they figure out how to properly respond to and take care of the interactive doll. 

Are dolls pushchairs safe for children who are not quite walking yet?

A dolls pushchair is an ideal toy for children who are at least 18 months old. If your little one isn’t quite walking yet, they can still safely appreciate a doll’s pushchair, and it may even help encourage them to develop their walking skills. 

It’s important to get a pushchair that will match your child’s needs. You should always choose a pushchair that matches your child’s height and is well-balanced, as your little one may need to occasionally rely on the pushchair for balance as they stroll around. 

Discover the perfect first dolls pushchair for your little one

For a magical doll’s pushchair that will enhance your child’s physical and emotional development, browse our dolls pram sets to find the one that works best for your little one. If your little one has our Susie interactive doll, explore our guide to the 5 best dolls prams for the Susie interactive doll to choose the best one for your child. 

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