5 Best Dolls Prams For Your Susie Interactive Doll

Imaginative play opens so many possibilities for children to develop their creativity, language, social skills, and self-regulation. It’s an invaluable developmental phase in childhood that parents can encourage with toys that inspire opportunities to practice critical thinking. 

While parents can’t always play alongside their child, toys like the Susie interactive doll entice incidental learning without your little one even noticing they’re doing anything but having fun! 

Combining toys like baby dolls and prams adds even more realism to a child’s play, letting them work out problems with the same tools as their parents. 

Our guide at Play Like Mum looks into some of the best dolls prams for your interactive doll from the Daisy Chain range. Give the gift of imagination and watch your child grow!

Why choose the Susie interactive doll?

Our Susie interactive doll is a fantastic gift for any child and teaches them how to care for babies and other people around them. Susie is totally exclusive to Play Like Mum and gives your children a chance to do things that they see their parents, grandparents and heroes doing. She is incredibly clever and will talk, giggle, and cry, letting your little one know what she needs. 

There are lots to do with Susie, including:

  • Lie her down and listen to her snore until she drifts off to sleep 
  • Shake her hands or tickle her tummy, and she’ll start giggling in delight 
  • When she’s crying, stroke her back to soothe her 
  • Bring her near the Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram or Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram and it will magically unlock her unique and special features and she’ll ask to go for a walk
  • Susie lets your child know when she’s hungry and when she’s had enough 

Nurturing an interactive doll helps children build their capacity for empathy. Children love pretending to be grown-ups and enjoy mimicking what their parents and caregivers do. 

By caring for and loving little Susie, your little one is learning how to attune themselves to the needs of others. In playing with their dolls and dolls pram, they can pretend to be just like you and learn valuable skills in caring! 

1 – Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram

This dolls pram is everything your little one needs to care for Susie in one place! The Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram transforms into a comprehensive, on-the-go care station that holds everything a caregiver and their baby might require for a day out.

Your child’s imagination blossoms as they play with the Susie interactive baby doll and pram. The Connect 5 in 1 is compatible with Susie and special features are unlocked when you use them together. Simply bring Susie near – she’ll recognise her own pram and sweetly let your children know it’s time to go for a walk. 

  • A pram carry cot for every journey Easily transition from nap time to a stroll around town by popping the front or rear-facing carrycot into your Daisy Chain pram. 
  • Convertible reclining pushchair Switch the pram easily from rear-facing reclining or to a forward-facing pushchair.
  • Keep shopping and accessories at hand Tuck away any shopping or accessories into the large, built-in basket or pair with a luxury tote bag.

The Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram is best suited for little ones from 4-8 years old. The pram also grows with your child, thanks to the soft-grip handles that are adjustable between 46-85cm.

2 – Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram 

Children learn so much about themselves and the wider world when they engage in pretend play. Kindle their creativity and open up even more possibilities for them to “practice” real-world skills with realistic baby dolls and prams, like the Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System

This doll’s pram is highly detailed, right down to the silver or red trim details and quilted fabric. There’s even a removable shopping tray, so your little one can take all of Susie’s necessities on the go or help bring home the groceries. 

  • Ready for play There’s no assembly required, so your little one can start playing immediately. 
  • Multiple functions for versatile play Children can convert from pram to pushchair to carrycot as the mood suits them. 
  • A sturdy frame designed to last The Destiny Travel System’s strong frame and sprung chassis are designed to last. 

The Destiny Travel System is best for growing children aged 5 to 9. The handle is adjustable from 54-87cm. 

3 – Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram

Ignite a child’s problem-solving skills by tasking them to take care of two interactive dolls at once! Your little one will love mixing and matching the pushchair seat and convertible carrycot. For exciting, hands-on problem solving, challenge them to find the more than 15 combinations they can make!

Our Susie interactive doll unlocks special features with the Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram, meaning your child can get the most out of their playtime. She’ll let you know when it’s time to go for a walk and cry if she wants to be put back into her pram.  

The Pinnacle is our largest pram available, and boasts a few luxurious features to engage older children in active, imaginative play:

  • Double the space for double the fun – Our most versatile pram available comes with two separate seats, which can be world-facing, rear-facing, or one of each!
  • Easy steering to keep Susie and her friends comfortable Swivel wheels make the pram easy to steer, so there are no worries about bumping or jostling the babies.
  • Realistic features let your older child play just like mum The undercarriage shopping basket, adjustable bumper bar, and retractable hood are like those on a full-size pram.

The Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram works best for older children aged between 7 and 13. The soft-padded bumper bar has a minimum height of 67cm and a maximum height of 95cm. 

4 – Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair

Don’t let the big kids have all the fun! Our most portable pushchair available, the Little Zipp, is the best option for toddlers who require a smaller, lighter on-the-go option for taking care of Susie. 

It’s the perfect size for little hands to manoeuvre, whether on their way to a teddy bear picnic or out for a family walk in the park. 

The Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair includes characteristics that will spark your child’s imagination:

  • Keep an eye on Susie even on sunny days The retractable hood includes a mesh window, so children can keep a keen eye on the baby while still protecting her from the sun.
  • Charming handles are perfect for toddler-sized hands Non-adjustable, soft-padded handles sit at 61cm, ideal for toddlers who can upgrade to the next size pram once they’re a little older.
  • Folds flat and opens in a snap Tuck away the pushchair when not in use by folding it flat for easy storage. Then, when it’s time to play again, the Little Zipp opens quickly and locks into place. 

The Little Zipp is the right pick for learners aged between 18 months to 3 years of age. The handles are non-adjustable but are just the right size until it’s time to upgrade to a dolls pram for 4 to 7-year-olds.

5 – Daisy Chain Zipp Twin Max Dolls Pushchair

Congratulations, they’re twins! When your little one outgrows their Little Zipp, the Zipp Twin Max is ready for a whole new imagination and role-play adventure.

If your child insists that their Susie bring along a companion, this is the perfect first dolls pushchair for your child as it makes it easy to transport both of their beloved toys in one lightweight package. 

  • Give each baby doll what it needs Twin undercarriage shopping baskets welcomes your little one to pack separate nappy bags to meet each baby’s individual needs. Try chatting with your child about each doll’s favourite bottle, blanket, and toy to practice social talk. 
  • Independent, retractable hoods with mesh windows Like the Little Zipp, the Zip Twin Max includes mesh windows in each hood, which move independently of the other.  
  • The right size at the right time The handles adjust as your child grows taller, ensuring years of comfortable play. 

The Daisy Chain Zipp Twin Max Dolls Pushchair ranges between 76-82cm in height and is most appropriate for children aged 4-7. 

Accessories to match your dolls pram

Unlock more opportunities for play with our dolls pram accessories designed especially for the prams from the Daisy Chain collection. 

When it’s time for feeding, the Unity 4 in 1 High Chair & Car Seat is the perfect spot for Susie’s meal. The high chair is compatible with our Connect 5 in 1, Destiny, and Pinnacle Prams, so it can quickly be attached into the frame when it’s time to travel. The pram cots also fit into the Unity frame, so your children can mix and match for dynamic play.  

For even more fun, equip your little one’s pram with a rain cover, mattress, bag, and parasol for all-weather play. 

Encourage them to practice thoughtful packing and spatial reasoning by storing extra necessities for their baby in the dolls changing bags and bringing along the umbrella on days when rain is in the forecast. 

Daisy Chain pram and pushchair accessory packs are customised for their specs and available in Classic Pink and twilight. 

Discover the perfect pram for your interactive doll

Your child will adore playing just like mum with a Daisy Chain pram, especially when paired with an interactive doll that enhances their experience. You’ll watch in wonder as your child explores the world and cares for their Susie Interactive Doll the same way you have cared for them. 

Daisy Chain is dedicated to creating innovative, high-quality prams and pushchairs that last years. Explore our full range of dolls pram sets including prams, pushchairs, and accessories to find the perfect gift to stimulate your child’s imagination with toys that encourage them to play just like mum. If you want to know more, read our guides: