Why a Dolls Pram is the Best Gift For Grandchildren

As grandparents, it’s your job to spoil your grandkids for Christmas or their birthday, so why not treat them to the best gift you could buy, a dolls pram or pushchair!

We understand that it can be difficult to come up with gift ideas and buy presents for your loved ones, especially the family’s younger members. That’s why we have created beautiful dolls prams, pushchairs and accessories for you to surprise and delight this Christmas or birthday time. 

Kids love spending time creating their own stories and discovering the world around them, and as a grandparent, you can give them a keepsake that they can have fun with for many years to come. Discover our collections below to help you wow this birthday and Christmas time.

How to choose a present for your grandchildren

We get it. It can be challenging to know what to spend your money on when your grandchildren have everything they could ever ask for. Have no fear, though; there are several things we can do to help you decide what you, as a grandparent, should give to children.

  • Talk to their parents or caregiver first: It might seem like a relatively obvious suggestion; however, talking to the parents or caregiver of the child will let you find out about their current interests and hobbies, which will ensure you buy the best gifts. Speaking to the parents or caregiver first also signals that you want your gift purchase to support their parenting style and not disrupt the home.
  • Make sure the gift is age-appropriate: Depending on the age of the kids you’re buying for, not all toys may be suitable for them. The great thing about a dolls pram and pushchair is that they are a fantastic gift for kids of all ages, so no matter the age of your grandkids, this could be the perfect choice for you.
  • Consider gifts of experience: Children learn best through experiences, so choosing a gift that would allow you to spend time with your grandchildren, make memories and have fun will always go down a treat.

Why is a dolls pram the perfect present? 

There are many reasons why a dolls pram is the perfect present for your grandchildren, and below you will find six of the most important ones. From encouraging imaginative play to spending time outdoors, we’re sure you will see the benefits of buying a dolls pram or pushchair for your grandchildren.

1 – Ideal for younger and older children 

One of the main benefits of dolls prams and pushchairs is that toys are available for a wide age range, from 18 months to 13 years +. Whether you are buying for older kids or getting one of their first toys, you will find a variety of dolls prams for every age. Check out our exciting collections of dolls prams for 1 to 3 year olds, dolls prams for 4 to 7 year olds and dolls prams for 8 to 12 year olds today.

If you’re unsure about which dolls pram or pushchair is suitable for your grandchild, we have a dolls pram buying guide to help you decide.

2 – Encourage imaginative play

Your child’s mind is bursting with imagination, the keystone to intelligence, from initiating play with themselves to involving other people in their playtime with their favourite toy. Dolls prams and pushchairs are fantastic for encouraging imaginative play in your grandkids as they have a whole host of benefits, including creativity and developing social and communication skills.

Children love to copy grown-ups! A dolls pram allows a child to copy their mum, dad and grandparents as they look after a younger sibling. They can pretend to be their parent or caregiver and replicate the everyday activities that they see. Children love doing this and for parents and grandparents, it is a way that the child can show you how much they look up to you as their hero! 

3 – Help to develop learning

Playing with dolls and dolls prams develops learning techniques and teach children valuable skills such as empathy, organisation and care. Learning how to take care of their new toy will encourage your grandchildren to take responsibility for their things and their own learning techniques.

4 – Spend time outdoors 

Both you and your grandchild need to get some time outdoors in the fresh air. Spend time playing in the garden or taking your grandchildren for a walk with their new dolls pram, and pushchair.

5 – Develop fine motor skills 

Help to teach fine motor skills by using their new pushchair as they learn to balance and push their pram or pushchair around on a variety of surfaces.

6 – Build confidence 

Dolls prams can build confidence in a grandchild as they communicate with their doll and the world around them. Also, having a toy they feel comfortable playing with could lead them to improve their communication skills with friends as they learn to share and play with the toy together. 

What other gifts could I buy my grandchild?

There are several other gifts you could buy for your grandchild as a separate present or to go along with their new dolls pram or pushchair. Read on to discover more fun toys!

Interactive baby dolls

Baby dolls are a great additional present and work perfectly with dolls prams. Your grandchild will be able to make-up games and stories with their new friend, taking them on adventures when they are out and about with grandma and grandpa.

Interactive dolls bring even more fun to your grandchild’s playtime. With features including giggling, crying, the ability to fall asleep and have a tantrum, our Susie interactive doll provides a truly life-like playing experience.

Susie is also compatible with our Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 and Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram ranges, making playtime even more fun. When your little one brings Susie close to her pram, they’ll unlock a range of magical features including her letting you know when she wants to go for a walk.

Dolls pram accessories

Another option is to buy accessories to match the dolls prams – a great gift idea if your grandchild already has one. There is an extensive range of dolls pram accessories you can choose from, including dolls pram accessory packs and luxury tote bags.

All accessories come in a range of colours that match your grandkids dolls pram or pushchair, so it is possible to spoil them to a complete matching dolls pram set. Accessories such as these are also perfect for creating new types of playtimes, which will lead to memories kids will treasure for a lifetime.

Baby doll changing bags

Dolls changing bags are another essential accessory to buy your grandchild to match their dolls pram and doll. The Play Like Mum luxury tote bags are perfect for little ones who have lots to carry around and need that extra space for other toys.

Dolls high chairs and car seats

A dolls high chair or dolls car seat is a great addition to playtime, especially if your little one loves taking their baby doll wherever they go. With a car seat, they can safely strap their favourite doll or toy in and take them for a drive out with their grandparents to the park.

When it’s time to eat in the evening, they can set their high chair up beside them and their doll can stay with them while they enjoy tea with their family. 

Our Daisy Chain 4 in 1 Car Seat and High Chair is a fantastic gift and can be converted depending on what your child needs. It’s suitable for dolls up to 46cm and features a soft grip handle, perfect for carrying it around.

Discover a dream gift for your grandchild

Buying gifts for grandchildren shouldn’t cause you stress and worry. If you haven’t bought a dolls pram or pushchair before, start by reading our guide on how to choose the first dolls pushchair to give you a comprehensive idea about what you should be looking for.

Once you know what type of dolls pram or pushchair will be the right gift for your grandchild, check out our entire collection of exclusive Daisy Chain dolls prams and pushchairs. We also have a fantastic guide on the most popular dolls pram colours and patterns to help you choose a design.