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Daisy Chain 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat

Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Bumblebee

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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Classic Pink

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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Daisy Dot

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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Limited Edition Twilight

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With the exclusive collection of Daisy Chain 4-in-1 doll high chairs, make-believe is made real!

As a parent, relative or carer of young children, you want to provide them with every possible opportunity to learn, develop and play. Meal times are no different, but bringing dolls or toys to the dining table along with them can be tricky. The Daisy Chain 4-in-1 dolls high chair makes it easy for you and your children to turn every breakfast, lunch and dinner into a chance for fun and learning! 

Your little ones can invite their favourite toys or dollies to join them at the kitchen table with a special seat reserved just for them. Our flexible, multifunctional doll high chairs come complete with a removable feeding tray and canopy, just like that of your child’s, making it easier than ever for them to learn table manners and healthy eating habits through teaching.

All of our doll and toy high chairs are ergonomically designed with children in mind, featuring soft-grip handles and basket attachments for ultimate comfort and safety. What’s more, they all convert into doll car seats, so children can take their interactive dolls with them wherever you go.

Explore our full range of dolls prams, dolls pushchairs and dolls pram accessories!

Fun, flexible play with our high chairs for dolls 

With the Daisy Chain doll high chair, your little ones can enjoy playing with their dolls in new and exciting ways! This multifunctional doll chair is an ultra-realistic version of the real thing, letting children use their full imaginations to make playtime more rewarding than ever.

The Daisy Chain dolls high chair is a whole range of amazing toys in one. Its seat is designed to be fully compatible with our Daisy Chain Connect 5-in-1 Dolls Pram, Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram and Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram, so there’ll be no need to think about taking lots of separate high chairs, car seats and prams with you when you’re out and about! Your child can simply transform their Daisy Chain dolls high chair into a whole new world of fun… whenever and wherever they want. 

And, with a fantastic selection of accessories to choose from, playing with dolls has never felt more real. Play Like Mum’s range of life-like dolls prams and dolls changing bags means there is limitless fun to be had

So, whether children want to use their mum, grandma or aunt as a role model when learning through fun, flexible play, the Daisy Chain 4-in-1 high chair has everything they’ll need.

What age is a doll high chair suitable for?

Daisy Chain doll high chairs are suitable for children aged 3 and over. If you are using our baby doll high chair seats in one of its other compatible frames, or purchasing dolls pram accessories, the suitability may change. 

To learn more about prams that are designed for children at particular developmental stages, visit our helpful product guide on the best dolls pram for your child’s age.

If you’re in any doubt about whether one of our products is appropriate for your child, please contact us for advice.

Are other dolls pram accessories available?

Yes, other dolls pram accessories are available to enhance and enrich your child’s playtime even further. These fabulous accessories are the perfect pairing for a baby doll’s high chair, pram or pushchair. 

Our dolls pram accessory packs include everything your children will need, including matching rain covers, cosytoes and parasols, as well as luxury tote bags to hold all your child’s pram accessories and other dolls or toys.

Discover the Daisy Chain 4-in-1 Toy High Chair 

The Daisy Chain 4-in-1 High Chair and Car Seat is two incredible toys in one – a high chair for use in the home and a car seat for when you’re out and about. 

This product and all of its compatible accessories are exclusive to Play Like Mum, and have been developed by our child’s play experts especially for you. 

Give your little ones the headstart they need with our range of doll high chairs, dolls pushchairs, dolls pram sets and dolls car seats, and make playtime the most important part of their day!