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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Bumblebee

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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Classic Pink

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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Limited Edition Twilight

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Daisy Chain Unity 4 in 1 High Chair/Car Seat in Daisy Dot

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Give your child the gift of play with our collection of Daisy Chain 4-in-1 doll car seats!

Playtime shouldn’t come to an end just because you’re leaving the house. And now, with the Daisy Chain 4-in-1 doll’s car seat and high chair, it doesn’t have to! Your little ones can bring their beloved toys or dollies along wherever you go, sitting safely alongside them in their very own car seat for dolls.

Gone are the days of long car journeys meaning the endless question, “are we nearly there yet?”. Now, every trip is a chance to learn and play, just like at home! With a flexible, multifunctional dolls car seat, your child can practice riding safely in the car by showing their favourite toy how it’s done.

All Play Like Mum’s doll and toy car seats are ergonomically designed with children in mind, featuring soft-grip handles that are perfect for little hands. Plus, all of our doll car seats convert into dolls high chairs, so children can keep on playing with their dolls even after they arrive home.

Explore our full range of dolls prams, dolls pushchairs and dolls pram accessories!

Make-believe made real with the Daisy Chain car seat for dolls

Daisy Chain doll car seats make it easier than ever for your child to learn through play. There’ll be no need to worry about packing up the entire toy box as all of our products are designed to work seamlessly with one another, transforming from a high chair into a car seat and then into a pram at a moment’s notice.

With the Daisy Chain dolls car seat, your child’s imagination is their only limit. Being compatible with our Daisy Chain Connect 5-in-1 Dolls Pram, Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram and Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram, the Unity 4-in-1 car seat unlocks a whole world of fun. Simply click together and start playing!

Whether your little one is mirroring their mum, grandma, aunt, sister, family friend or carer, they’ll have everything they need to learn through fun, flexible play with a Daisy Chain Unity 4-in-1 car seat.

Doll car seat colour options

Our entire collection of doll prams, car seats, high chairs and accessories comes in two colour variants; Classic Pink or Twilight.

Whether your child prefers the softer, more traditional hues of baby pink or is drawn towards a neutral palette of deep, midnight black, our range of life-like car seats for dolls has something for everyone. 

What ages are baby doll car seats suitable for?

Daisy Chain car seats for dolls are ideal for children aged 3 and over, but the suitability of all Play Like Mum products should be judged on a child-by-child basis by the parents or carers who know them best. Parental supervision of younger children is recommended at all times.

To learn more about dolls prams that are designed for children at particular developmental stages, please visit our helpful product guide on the best dolls prams for your child’s age.

And, if you’re in any doubt about the suitability of our products for your child, please contact us for advice.

Do our play car seats fit into real cars?

Yes, Play Like Mum’s range of car seats for dolls has been designed by experts in child play and development to ensure they fit safely and securely into real cars. And, just like the car seat you may have used when your child was a baby, the Daisy Chain Unity 4-in-1 car seat for a doll has a canopy to block the sun’s glare and can be collapsed down to allow for easy transportation or storage.

Can toy car seats be used as child car seats?

You’d be forgiven for getting the Daisy Chain Unity 4-in-1 doll car seat mixed up with the real thing given how life-like it looks! Unfortunately, though, our products are not suitable replacements for a genuine child’s car seat and should only be used with interactive dolls and toys for recreational and educational purposes.

Discover an exciting new world of play with the Daisy Chain 4-in-1 Car Seat

The Daisy Chain 4-in-1 Car Seat and High Chair is a range of fantastic toys in one – a car seat for when you’re on the move and a high chair for when you’re at the dining table. 

Use the seat as a carrycot, a car seat or a high chair, or connect it to the Daisy Chain Connect 5-in-1 pram so your child can take their favourite dolls on walks, too. Combine the car seat set with incredible accessories and enhancements to take your child’s play to the next level.