5 of the Most Popular Dolls Pram Colours and Patterns

image of girl and boy playing outdoors with dolls prams from Play Like Mum

When you’re buying a dolls pram for your child, it can sometimes be difficult to know what colour or pattern to go for. Every child is different and they all have their own style and personality. 

Children want their doll prams to look realistic so that they can take after their parents and caregivers. However, they also want a doll pram that fits their idea of what looks good and stylish while out and about. 

If you’re unsure which dolls pram colour to choose, our guide will help you pick the right one for your little one and their personality. 

Pink and blue are often the most common colours for dolls prams. However, you can also find patterned prints, such as floral prints. Black is also a common choice, as it provides a neutral option amidst plenty of pinks and blues. 

Choosing the right colour for your child can give them a toy that makes them feel more grown-up, more stylish, and more like their parents or caregivers. 

1 – Pink dolls pushchair

For many young children, pink will be their favourite colour. The colour is often associated with calmness, kindness and nurturing, so it’s easy to see why it’s a popular choice. Your child might have a phase in which they demand everything to come in a shade of pink! 

Doll prams and pushchairs are no different and many children may prefer pink dolls prams over another colour. Pink is one of the most popular colours available to any child’s doll pram, so your little one might decide this is the only colour for their dolls pram. If their doll or toy is pink, they will likely want a pushchair that reflects their doll’s identity. 

Our range of pink dolls pushchairs and prams is extremely popular and perfect for all ages. Our Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair is ideal for those aged between 18 months to 3 years and is easy to assemble. The soft grip handles mean your little one can take their favourite interactive doll out for a walk in style. 

2 – Blue dolls prams

Your little one may become fixated on another colour, and most often, this colour is blue. This is another popular colour choice for dolls and dolls prams. As well as being a popular colour, some children may simply prefer blue dolls prams and accessories for dolls. After all, not every child will have a phase in which they love pink! 

As mentioned above, most children want doll prams to act like their parents or guardians. If they see you using a blue pram, they may want one of their own.

The colour blue can also pair well with children who are: 

  • Imaginative
  • Scientific
  • Artistic

We have several blue dolls pushchairs and prams to choose from, including our incredible Daisy Chain Destiny Travel Dolls Pram. The Destiny Travel System is ideal for those aged 5 to 9 years old and features an adjustable handle height, making it a fantastic choice for growing children. 

3 – Black dolls prams

Even though it might not be the first colour you think of, a black dolls pram provides simplicity to your child’s playtime. This neutral colour allows more freedom of creativity and is a blank canvas for them to decorate as they like. 

Black prams and pushchairs also provide the opportunity for a sleek, modern-looking toy. If your child wants a dolls pram that looks cool and trendy, they might choose a black one. Black is an excellent choice if you want a more sophisticated or elegant pushchair. 

Our Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram in Limited Edition Twilight is ideal for older children who are looking for a more sophisticated dolls pram. This extremely versatile pram features an adjustable handlebar height of 67-95cm and is designed for 7 to 13 years and over. 

4 – Floral print dolls prams

If you like the idea of print fabric, another option to consider is floral print dolls prams. Dolls pushchairs and prams that come in a floral print are often more exciting and fun-looking than prams that are one solid colour. Your child might choose a floral print for the pattern of pretty flowers or because they believe floral is more adult. 

If your child enjoys fashion, they might also select floral because they want to express their creativity and look more stylish. 

Our Limited Edition Twilight print is available for several of our popular dolls prams and dolls pushchairs. You can even buy matching dolls pram accessories in this print as well as classic pink to complete the look.

What else do I need to consider when buying a dolls pram?

Although the colour of your child’s dolls pram will significantly influence the choice you make, there are other considerations to think about as well. How old your child is will impact both the size and shape of the pram. Similarly, whether or not the pram has adjustable handlebars or is made from strong, quality materials will also affect your decision.  You could also consider our guide on how to make a Dolls Pram Quilt.

Your child’s age

Play Like Mum offers a range of prams for various age groups, including:

Within these age groups, there are prams and pushchairs available to fit the height of your child, with different versions of each pram range to accommodate your growing child. 

For instance, the Daisy Chain Zipp Max Dolls Pushchair is a larger version of the Little Zipp Pushchair. If your child loves their Little Zipp, the Zipp Max will be the perfect replacement as they grow older.

Your child’s age might also affect the kind of toys they wish to use with their dolls pram. A younger child might have more miniature dolls, meaning they won’t need as realistic or large a pram. An older child might have more lifelike dolls, meaning they will likely value a more realistic pushchair or pram. 

An older child might also prefer a pram that can double as a car seat or high chair, whereas a younger child may be content with a simpler model. 

Adjustable handlebars

A pram’s easily adjustable handlebars can save you money as your child grows. Instead of purchasing a new pram, you can raise the handlebars to the right height.

If your child is smaller than their peers, you can use adjustable handlebars to their advantage. Adjustable handlebars mean you can accommodate their new height without overextending the mechanism. You can then keep the same pram or pushchair for years without having to search for the next size up.

Once your child has fully outgrown their pram, you can transition to a model in the following age range. 

Sturdy and high quality

A sturdy dolls pram will last much longer than a flimsier model. Look for solidly-made prams with high-quality materials you can trust. Not only will better build quality keep your child’s doll safe and cosy, but they will also better withstand any mishaps or accidents that come with play. 

High-quality materials will be more durable, protecting accessories like blankets or cot mattresses. You should also look for handlebars that won’t warp or break. If they are too flimsy, they might collapse or bend when your child tries to push on them.

Good quality wheels are also something to look out for. A dolls pram will be useless to your child if it can’t get around indoors or outdoors. Look for large enough wheels to overcome small obstacles, such as twigs, and sturdy enough for any adventure. Smaller wheels with flimsier parts could snap off or refuse to roll, making your child’s doll pram immobile.

Buy a dolls pram to match your little one’s style

To find the perfect colour dolls pram for your little one, take a look at our available prams and pushchairs today! These range from single dolls prams to twin doll strollers for children with more than one favourite toy.

We also have a range of matching accessories, including dolls high chairs and doll car seats, for you to complete the look.