Everything You Need To Know About Interactive Baby Dolls

image shows a baby doll in a carry coy

Baby dolls have always been and continue to be great toys for children. They help young children to develop empathy and can aid in helping them to see themselves as a future parent. 

Interactive baby dolls offer more interaction than a traditional doll or toy, making a classic children’s toy an even greater delight. Your child can communicate with their doll and learn what it needs. 

In this guide, we’re taking a look at what you need to look for when choosing the perfect interactive doll. 

What are interactive baby dolls?

Interactive baby dolls have a variety of real-life baby functions and features and are more realistic than the classic baby doll. These features will differ depending on the doll, but interactive dolls generally make noises, look more human, and are more like the size of an actual infant.

Because these types of baby dolls can respond to children caring and playing for them, children often find them more engaging and interactive, as the name suggests. Realistic interactive baby dolls like the Susie interactive doll are an excellent choice for boys and girls and can help children develop caregiver skills and emotional intelligence.

How to choose the perfect doll for your child

You know your child better than anyone else. That being said, it can still be challenging to know which features to search for when selecting the perfect interactive doll. Here’s what you should look for when picking a doll they will love.

Overall quality

Look for dolls with a high rating for overall quality. Since a large part of the fun of an interactive doll is its ability to speak, giggle, and make other sounds, you want a doll that can hold up to some wear and tear while still maintaining its integrity. For example, the Susie interactive doll can giggle, cry and talk to your little one and will let them know when she’s ready for bed.

You may also want to check how the doll is powered. Consider whether it uses batteries and if the material feels durable. You may also want to select a baby doll that weighs more than a traditional doll or toy. Doing this will help the doll feel more like a real baby. 

Unique features

Next, you’ll want to consider the doll’s unique features. Individual features depend on the interactive doll, but all will be able to respond in some way. Other dolls may feature changing facial expressions, mimic natural breathing, or burp when your child pats their back.

You should also think about which features you don’t want. Some dolls, for example, can eat “food.” Feeding the doll may be something your child enjoys, or it may be a bit too advanced for your child’s age. 

Available accessories

You’ll also want to think about what sorts of additional products are available for accessorising the doll. One of the best accessories for a doll is a dolls pram or dolls pushchair. Dolls prams make it easy for children to take their doll out on trips, whether that’s for a walk in a local park or around the garden.

There’s also a variety of dolls pram accessories to consider, such as dolls pram rain covers, umbrellas, mattresses and bags. Your child will probably enjoy accessorising the doll and using a dolls changing bag, so it’s good to get an idea beforehand to make sure you have everything you’ll need.

Other compatible products

Many interactive baby dolls have doll prams and pushchairs that you can purchase along with your doll to unlock secret features. Take it from us – nothing is more adorable than watching your child push their baby doll along while you’re both out for a walk! 

You can unlock features for our exclusive Susie doll when you use her with one of our compatible Daisy Chain prams. All you need to do is bring Susie close to our Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram or Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram and she will let you know when she wants to go for a walk. These prams are available in several colours, including Classic Pink and Limited Edition Twilight, so you can personalise your little one’s pram to match their doll and style. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Lastly, you’ll want to ensure that the interactive baby doll you choose is easy to clean and maintain. Check to see what the doll is made from and what the company suggests to keep it clean. 

Usually, soft plastics are easy to clean. Children are children, and their toys will get dirty. You’ll also want to consider how easy it is to remove and wash the doll’s clothing.

How to clean an interactive doll

Most realistic interactive baby dolls can be cleaned with a damp cloth or wipe (a baby wipe is perfect). If you want, you can also use a small amount of mild soap, like hand soap or baby body wash. As long as it is a gentle type of soap, it should be fine. Avoid submerging the toy or using excess water to clean it to protect the electronics.

Most doll accessories, such as clothes or pram covers, can be put through the laundry machine on a gentle cycle. Avoid drying the accessories and air-dry instead. Before you clean any dolls clothing, read the washing instructions label provided. 

The above advice is a general guideline for caring for an interactive doll. You should always follow your doll’s user manual when it comes to caring and cleaning.

Choosing dolls prams and accessories

It’s essential to choose a doll that can be accessorised and dressed up. Not only will it enhance your child’s experience with their interactive doll, but dolls prams and accessories can also make great gifts for future occasions. 

Many interactive baby dolls already come with many accessories, but you may want to buy more. A dolls high chair is an excellent idea if your little one wants to eat with their doll. If your child loves to go out and about, then a dolls car seat for car journeys is a great accessory. They can safely put their baby doll into its seat and know it’ll be safe for the whole journey!

FAQs about interactive baby dolls

What is the most lifelike baby doll?

The most lifelike baby doll available to buy is a realistic interactive baby doll. While there are a lot of realistic-looking baby dolls, an interactive doll offers more interactive features. It’s these giggles and tantrums that provide the most lifelike experience for young children as they play with their favourite doll. 

Can dolls fit in newborn clothes?

Some clothing for newborn babies can fit a baby doll. However, it depends on the size of the particular doll. Generally, smaller newborn clothes (0-3 months) or premature sizes will fit 35cm or larger dolls.

Can interactive dolls be played with in the bath?

Most interactive dolls are battery-operated and so cannot be fully submerged in water. Doing this could damage the electrics or the doll. It’s safer to not play with a baby doll whilst in the bath. If the interactive doll needs cleaning for any reason, you can do this without submerging it in water. 

Choose the perfect doll for your child

Interactive dolls make a great gift for your child on any occasion! Not only will they enjoy the lifelike features and sounds of their very own interactive baby doll, but the dolls can also be dressed up, accessorised, and can even have fun add-ons such as dolls pushchairs and car seats.

If you’d like to find out more about the best dolls prams for the Susie interactive doll or how to care for a baby doll, get in contact with us. We have several exclusive dolls prams sets to choose from which are perfect for any interactive baby doll.

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