Play Like Mum Christmas 2023 Gift Guide For 8 – 12 Year Olds

Image of a girl aged 8-12 opening a christmas gift and smiling

It’s that time of year again when parents and grandparents search for the best toys for Christmas 2023 for their little ones. It’s not an easy job when there is so much to choose from these days and a wide selection of toys available for kids with all sorts of tastes.

If you’re looking for Christmas gifts for children that are starting to get a little older, in the 8-12 year-old range it can become more difficult too. Your child is growing up and in most cases, they still want toys but perhaps something a little more sophisticated or ‘grown up’ to suit their changing needs and interests.

At Play Like Mum, we stock a range of dolls prams and pushchairs that are ideal for little ones aged between 8-12. Dolls prams that are packed with features and look just like the real thing! Read on for our best picks for children aged over 8 and over this Christmas.

Daisy Chain Pinnacle Dolls Pram

We will start our gift guide with our most deluxe dolls pram, the Daisy Chain Pinnacle. Our biggest and best dolls pram is ideal for children over 8 and all the way up to 12 years old. Thanks to its adjustable handle height which goes all the way up to 95cm, the Pinnacle is ideal even for taller children and possibly even 13-year-olds.

Image of the Pinnacle dolls pram

If you’re looking for the best Christmas present for your older child, the Pinnacle is absolutely guaranteed to delight any child who opens it on Christmas morning. Featuring two cots so your child can push around two of their favourite dolls or teddies, the Pinnacle can be played with in multiple combinations by adapting the cots to forward or rear facing or transforming one of them into a pushchair style carrier.

Providing hours of imaginative play, the Pinnacle is available to buy in four stylish colourways, including our newest addition ‘Bumblebee’.

View The Daisy Chain Pinnacle Dolls Pram

Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair

If your child would prefer a dolls pushchair to a pram (you can read the difference here), the Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith is the largest pushchair from our popular Zipp range. The Zenith is a simple stroller style pushchair for older children but still comes with plenty of features to keep your child entertained. The Zipp Zenith is also ideal for taller children as the handlebar height is adjustable up to 95cm.

With comfortable soft grip handles, high-quality swivel wheels, and sumptuous fabric, the Zipp Zenith has everything needed to make it look and feel like a real-life baby pushchair. The extendable hood and integrated shopping basket give your child the opportunity for imaginative play, and you’ll be pleased with how quickly the pushchair folds down flat for storage or travel.

Available in four colourways, the Zipp Zenith in Classic Pink is our favourite and is sure to be a hit at Christmas with your child too.

View The Daisy Chain Zipp Zenith Dolls Pushchair

Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram

Another of our very sophisticated and life-like dolls prams for older children is the Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram.

The Destiny offers endless hours of fun thanks to the multiple ways it can be configured and played with, whether at home, travelling, or out and about.

Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Pram in Daisy Dot fabric shown side on with handle on the left. Hood is up and is mainly navy blue with accents of daisy's and white polka dots Silver metal with a white and yellow flower rosette and an with an embroidered Daisy Chain logo in white. Wheels are black with a shopping basket at bottom of pushchair which is Silver, like the frame. The frame of the pushchair is silver.

The Destiny carrycot can be transformed into a stroller with just a few clicks and the cot is also fully removable for travel or play at home. We also sell a brilliant accessory pack for the Destiny, featuring an extra mattress, parasol, rain cover, and changing bag.

The Destiny Dolls Pram is also compatible with our Unity 4 in 1 highchair and car seat. When purchased with the Destiny, this add on extends play even further as the car seat can be used on the Destiny frame, providing your child with a travel-friendly dolls pram. When you’re travelling, the car seat can be put in the back of the car with your child so they can ‘keep an eye’ on the dolly, whilst the frame folds flat and can be stored in the boot of your car.

View The Daisy Chain Destiny Dolls Pram Travel System

Susie Interactive Doll

If you’re looking for the ideal dolly to go with your little ones’ new Play Like Mum dolls pram, look no further than our Susie Interactive Doll. Ideal for kids of all ages, Susie is an innovative doll that can cry when she’s hungry or tired and responds to being tickled! With her very own special bottle, Susie can be fed and will let your child know when she’s had enough!

image of girl with Susie doll

Susie can also interact with our Pinnacle dolls pram when the special sensor she comes with is placed int eh pram pocket. This enables Susie to recognise her own pram, and she may cry to go back in her pram, or come out! One of the most innovative interactive dolls on the market, Susie is ideal for children ages 5 years and older. Because of her features, she’s even ideal for older children who will enjoy trying to work out what Susie wants.

View Susie Interactive Doll

Choose Play Like Mum This Christmas

We hope our little gift guide helped showcase our best products for children aged between 8 and 12. If you have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

We know choosing Christmas gifts for children can be difficult, especially when your child is getting older but we hope our gift guide has given you some inspiration!

Don’t forget, our Black Friday sale is now on too if you want to get your Christmas gifts bought in plenty of time and at a special price! You can shop the sale here.