10 Reasons Why A Dolls Pram Makes The Perfect Gift

Image of three girls standing with a range of dolls prams from Play Like Mum

Buying gifts for children can be a troubling task; at a young age, sentimental gifts won’t be appreciated, but the majority of toys on the market can be easily broken and are likely to be set aside as soon as something better comes along. 

However, there are some surefire gifts out there which will brighten the lives of any child and one of them absolutely has to be a dolls pram. We think our dolls prams make the perfect gift for any little girl or boy and here are ten reasons why. 

They’re Durable

Children are notorious for breaking toys and being heavy handed but, because dolls prams are so durable, this should be less of a concern. Being able to withstand the wear and tear that inevitably comes along with being in the hands of children is just one of the perks of dolls prams and the child will likely get years of use out of theirs. 

They Heighten The Enjoyment Of Other Toys

The beauty of dolls prams is that, although they can easily be used and enjoyed on their own, their main purpose is to be played with alongside other toys which will only enhance the delight of the child. Whether it be dolls, teddy bears, or quite literally anything else, dolls prams fall hand in hand with other toys so that playtime can be enjoyed on another level. 

They Offer A Welcome Break From Technology

It has been said that the overuse of technology during play can be damaging for children, so encouraging the use of toys such as dolls and their prams may be a welcome break from the technology which is everywhere in the 21st century. 

They’re Beautiful

Ok, so this may be more a benefit for the parent than the child, but dolls prams are stunning and they make a beautiful addition to any child’s set of toys. Quaint and charming, dolls prams are so easy on the eye that they can add to the aesthetic of any playroom. 

They Encourage Imitation

Children are great at imitating and not only is it brilliant fun for them, it also helps them developmentally. Imitating the adults in their lives can help children to develop language, self-esteem, and key emotional skills, so it’s not just play that dolls prams aid, they’re also ideal toys for encouraging healthy development in children. 

They’re Timeless

It’s definitely a rarity when it comes to toys, but dolls prams have withstood the coming and going of fashions and trends and are still an absolute classic to this day. We’ve seen the rise and fall of Tamagotchis, Pogs, and, most recently, Fidget Spinners, but dolls prams are still going strong year after year.

They Inspire Imaginative Play

Pretend play is great for the minds of little ones and, especially during the earlier years, it’s one of the main ways in which they learn. Playing with dolls prams enhances children’s imaginations and takes their imaginative play up a notch, so learning through play is another wonderful benefit of the toy. 

They Encourage Physical Activity

A widespread concern amongst parents is that their children aren’t getting enough exercise, however dolls prams actually encourage physical activity rather than limit it. Pushing around a dolls pram will be endlessly fun for the child and will be sure to get their little legs moving in the process. 

They Can Be Enjoyed By Everyone

Regardless of class, race, or gender, dolls prams can be enjoyed by children from all walks of life, so there’s no reason to limit the children for whom you buy a dolls pram (and parents will certainly enjoy the peace and quiet of their children playing happily!). 

They’re Easy To Assemble

Perhaps one of the major concerns of buying toys is that they’re often complex to assemble. When you buy a toy as a gift, as well as wanting to please the child, you also don’t want to inconvenience the parent by giving them a real task when they’re putting it together!

Although dolls prams do have to be assembled, the instructions are easy to follow and don’t require a lot of effort or genius on the parent’s part which will no doubt be greatly appreciated.

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