Is A Toddler Doll Pram Built To Last?

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Is A Toddler Doll Pram Built To Last?

When parents shop with us, they always want to know ‘Is a toddler doll pram built to last?’. It’s no secret that when it comes to the toddler stage, every day is different. It can be hard to find anything that lasts, whether that be food preferences, clothes, and especially toys.  

In this blog, we will look at what makes a lasting toy and how Play Like Mum toddler doll prams are built to last. 


Is A Toddler Doll Pram Built To Last: How To Tell

When looking for a toddler doll pram, it can be hard knowing where to start. With so many options of different prams and toys out there, we understand it can be overwhelming.  

You want your child to have the best and knowing that those toys are going to lead to hours of fun and play, it’s a worthwhile investment. But how to make sure you are getting value for money?  

A lasting toy will grow with your toddler. At such a young age, finding anything that will last can seem like a myth. Adjustable toys that can be extended or enlarged when your little one shoots up in height are an ideal solution.  

Toys that are versatile and can be used in imaginative, ever-changing play also tend to be more long-lasting. As your toddler develops, the type of games they want to play changes too. Evergreen toys tend to be those that can be used based on their imagination. The extent of a child’s imagination means they won’t tire easily.  

Toddlers will use toys to understand how the world works. Playtime is a key part of their development. Toys that emulate ‘real’ things, like a toddler doll pram, will likely keep them engaged. Your child is eager to be like you; toys that simulate grown-up activities are always going to serve well.  

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Is A Toddler Doll Pram Built To Last?: Key Features

1. High-Quality, Tear Resistant Fabric 

Accidents always happen, especially when it comes to toddlers and playtime. When contemplating ‘Is a toddler doll pram built to last?’, a good place to start is the fabric. However small, toddlers can still be mighty. Make sure the doll pram features high-quality, tear-resistant fabric.  

2. Sturdy Frame And Durable Wheels  

Structural integrity and high-quality materials will ultimately decide how long a toddler doll pram will last. For toddlers, they may still be developing their sense of direction and understanding of obstacles. Tumbles and crashes are inevitable. Robust frames and wear-resistant wheels are essential.  

3. Adjustable Handles  

Handles that are adjustable in height allow the doll pram to grow alongside your toddler. This means it will last for longer and can even be shared with friends or siblings.  

4. Easy To Transport  

Toys that can travel with you tend to be favoured by both toddlers and parents (understandably). A toddler doll pram that can fold down easily is an ideal solution for packing away tidily, for easy access, and for travel.  

5. Fitted With Accessories  

The endless fun that can be had in imaginative play will only be enhanced by a toddler doll pram that can be accessorised. By adding to the realness of their playtime, you encourage your toddler’s imagination and enhance their understanding of the world around them.  


Types Of Durable Toddler Doll Prams 


A pushchair, like the Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair, is a perfect first doll pram that is built to last. The forward-facing seat allows your toddler to show their doll the world! 

The quality of fabric is made to endure years of play and even comes in a range of colours and styles. With soft grip handles that reach up to 61cm, your toddler can work on their motor skills and help them walk.  

Despite being over a meter in height, the pushchair can be folded flat, so will not take up much space in your toy storage anywhere. Which will be ideal for all the additional dolls pram accessories that can be fitted with the pushchair! 

Dolls Pram  

For your attentive toddler, a doll’s pram like the Daisy Chain Pocket Dolls Pram means they can dote over their doll while taking them on adventures.  

Coming in a range of patterns, the quality of the fabric is second to none. This pram features a handy shopping basket, ideal for storage while on the go.  

Whether you’re headed to the park or doing circles in the garden, this pram is ready to accompany your toddler for years of imaginative play and can be easily folded down and stored away at the end of the day.  

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Toddler Doll Pram Built To Last From Play Like Mum 

At Play Like Mum, we pride ourselves on offering products that are not made to be thrown away. So, to answer the question your question, ‘Is a toddler doll pram built to last?’, in our case the answer is 100%! 

We remain committed to sustainability by only offering toddler doll prams that are long-lasting and reusable. Not only are lasting toys kinder to the environment, but they are also better value for money, which is a goal for our customers.  

You can shop our full range of toddler doll prams online, or for more information about how we ensure our prams are built to last, you can call us on 01772 395207 or email us at