Why Doll Prams Make the Perfect Christmas Present for Three-Year-Olds

Image of three girls standing with a range of dolls prams from Play Like Mum

When it comes to buying holiday gifts for kids, the market is flooded with all kinds of items promising educational and entertainment value, durability, long life, and much more. With so many options – especially at Christmas time – how do you choose the perfect toy for your child?

Sometimes, the most classic or essential toys make the best presents. One of these items is dolls prams. Aside from the fact that kids love to pretend they’re the parents, doll prams make tremendous Christmas presents for 3-year-olds for other reasons. 

Doll prams can help your child’s brain and body to develop appropriately. They’re also versatile and promote physical activity. Let’s take a look at five of the top reasons why doll prams are the best gift out there for toddlers and preschoolers.

1 – They’re Perfect for Imaginative Play

Your child’s mind has a natural ability to create fantastic worlds and see incredible things, even in the most mundane situations. This skill isn’t just about the wonder of childhood either. It’s critically important for their brain development.

Imaginative play helps kids develop skills in:

  • Language
  • Socialisation
  • Emotional regulation 
  • Thinking 

While they play with doll prams and similar items, children talk to peers and their “baby,” solve problems and learn empathy for others. This effect is especially true when they pretend to care for a baby or an animal, as with doll prams.

Playing with a doll pram can help them first recognise that they can meet others’ needs and then rehearse the action of taking care of the needs of others. 

While it might just look like a sweet game on the outside, there’s a lot of important stuff going on inside their brilliant little minds. These are lessons that might stay with them for many years to come.

2 – They Help With Your Child’s Development

Imaginative play for three-year-olds is important, but it isn’t just their minds that need help developing correctly. Their bodies need a lot of attention, and doll prams are great for this.

Dolls prams help children develop gross motor skills. Gross motor skills incorporate the large muscle groups of the body, such as the leg muscles and torso, which they engage as they walk, push, and carry the pram.

It also helps with the development of their fine motor skills. Fine motor skills involve more intricate tasks, especially with their hands. 

Placing their Susie interactive doll or toy in the pram, buckling it in, tightening the buckle, unbuckling, and other similar tasks are great fine motor exercises. Fine and gross motor skill development are among the most critical development milestones for their age group.

3 – You Can Take Doll Prams Anywhere

Just like you folded up your 3-year-old’s stroller and brought it everywhere when they were babies, they can do the same with their doll pram. Many types of this fun and educational toy are incredibly lightweight and portable, making it an easy toy to tow for all kinds of outings. 

The Daisy Chain collection of doll prams are entirely retractable, making them perfect for taking on holiday. Our toddler doll’s prams for 1, 2 and 3-year-olds also weigh very little.

What’s more, having the pram with you can help keep your child calm and entertained. Join them in their make-believe world, where they’re responsible for taking care of the “baby.” 

As they soothe and occupy their pretend child, they will learn how to soothe and settle themselves in all sorts of social situations, including when you’re out to eat a restaurant or cafe, shopping, at the park, and even while travelling.

4 – Kids Can Use Doll Prams With Other Toys

Doll prams are not just for dolls, making them one of the best toys for 3-year-olds! This fact makes them a terrific gift for children of any gender, whatever their interests. The most obvious use for a doll pram (besides dolls) is for stuffed animals. It’s a great way to bring along a cherished comfort animal that helps keep it off the ground and clean.

Young children can use doll prams to transport any type of toy. It’s an excellent way to teach them to limit what they bring along with them on outings. Tell your child they can only bring what will fit in the pram, and they have to push it themselves. Doing so forces them to make difficult decisions, and it helps them learn spatial reasoning.

5 – They Encourage Your Kids to Get Active

A doll pram is an interactive and physical toy. If your child is playing with their pram, they’re on their feet walking around, whether indoors or outdoors. That’s a great way to help their tiny muscles develop and encourage them to work on their balance and spatial navigation skills.

In addition, you can use your child’s doll pram to teach them the importance of physical activity and fresh air. Have a conversation with them about why it’s essential to take their “baby” out for walks. Let them answer the question themselves and provide suggestions. 

Remember, by caring for another being – even an inanimate one – children can learn why caring for themselves is essential. They’ll grow to value their safety, physical well-being, emotional needs, and more.

Daisy Chain Doll Prams Make the Perfect Christmas Present for Three-Year-Olds

If you’re convinced that doll prams are the ideal Christmas presents for three-year-olds or any little preschooler on your shopping list this holiday season, then take a look at the Daisy Chain range of doll prams.

It’s a miniature version of a full-size pram, complete with a basket underneath the seat and sunshade. We sell matching dolls pram accessories (for an additional price), including a high chair, dolls changing bag, a rain cover, and much more. 

They’re also affordably priced under £30. Best of all, it folds completely flat and comes fully assembled, so your little one can start playing with it immediately.

Be sure to check out our range of toddler dolls prams, interactive dolls, and dolls pram accessories here at Play Like Mum – you just might find the perfect toys for encouraging your little one’s imagination.