Why Daisy Chain Dolls Prams are a great toy to take on holiday

When you’re putting together your checklist for what to take on holiday, your kids’ toys will probably be pretty high up on the list. Keeping your little ones happy so they can have the fun while you kick back and relax is the key to holiday success. Many young children, and even a few older ones, will have their favourite soft toy or doll high on their list.

What better way for your kids to entertain themselves than pushing their interactive doll or Peppa Pig plush around in the very own doll’s pram? You can sit back with a few card games or lounge by the pool while they potter around, or they can take their dolls out and about when you’re exploring the town.

Here’s why we think a doll’s pram is one of the best toys to take on holiday, whether you’re going long haul or on a staycation.

1. Our range of Daisy Chain dolls prams are fully retractable making them easy to pack

Every single doll’s pram or pushchair in the Daisy Chain collection is designed for travel. Each one will fold up or collapse down to easy store in a boot or roof box. Our travel systems even double up as doll car seats, so your younger children can have their dolls in the car with them, they’re excellent travel toys for toddlers.

2. Dolls prams help keep your children active while on holidays

It’s well known that toys like doll’s prams improve your children’s fine motor skills. When you’re on holiday, even if you’re going to put your feet up, it’s a great opportunity to keep your children active. Pushing around a pushchair or doll’s pram not only keeps your kids occupied, but it’s an excellent form of exercise.

Pushing a doll’s pushchair around a new place will help them improve their coordination and stamina and, importantly, help them keep active and wear themselves out for some important downtime.

3. All children can enjoy playing with dolls prams

Children of all ages love playing with dolls, figurines and stuffed animals, and that makes doll’s prams an excellent toy for absolutely anyone. Giving your toddlers and children a fun way to carry their favourite toys around with them is ideal, and they’re an amazingly sociable toy too. They’re a great way to encourage your kids to interact with other children and make new friends.

4. Daisy Chain dolls prams are made of super-strong fabric and robust frames

Not only do our Daisy Chain doll’s prams fold up -, but they’re also amazingly robust!. We’ve created our doll’s prams and pushchairs to be hard-wearing and last a lifetime. You’ll not have to worry about them being broken en-route while and our super-strong fabric and reinforced frames mean you’ll not have to worry about your kids breaking them while they play.

5. Feel and look like real prams

Your kids will really stand out from the crowd on holiday! Our prams are super stylish and unlike many other toy prams they look just like the real thing. Your children will be proud to push them around and their realism makes them perfect for children of all ages.

Dolls prams ideal to take on holiday for children ages 1-3

If you’re looking for the perfect toy for toddlers to take on holiday then we’ve got you covered. We’d recommend our Little Zipp range of doll’s prams for toddlers. They have no assembly required and fold completely flat, making them perfect for a travel toy.

Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair in classic pink

Dolls prams ideal to take on holiday for children 4-7

For slightly older children, who want to take a few toys with them, we have a full range of doll’s prams and doll’s pushchairs. The Zipp Max can be folded down completely flat and is the ideal doll’s pushchair for anyong packing light. Our Destiny and Connect collections both fold flat and will slide easily into your cars. Both double up as car seats too, so your small children can have their dolls and toys with them securely in the car.

Discover our doll’s prams for 4-7 year olds, perfect for your family holiday.

Dolls prams ideal to take on holiday for children 8-12

For our older children, we offer our Pinnacle and Destiny ranges. These are designed to fold away easily and store in your car. Our doll’s travel system can also be used as a car seat and high chair, making it an excellent multifunctional item and one of the best toys to take on holiday. 

Shop doll’s prams for 8-12 year olds.