Why Buy A Double Dolls Pram?

image of a double doll pram

If you’re looking for a special gift for your child or to upgrade their existing dolls pram, have you considered a double dolls pram?

A double dolls pram, or twin dolls pram, is ideal for extending a child’s play and their imagination. Keep reading for the double and twin dolls prams we retail at Play like Mum.

Why Would A Child Need A Double Dolls Pram?

The most obvious answer to this question, is…well why not? Children enjoy prams of all types from travel systems to simple single pushchair-style prams. A double dolls pram is just another type of dolls pram that can help extend the amount of time a child spends playing with a particular toy.

In recent times, toys have become more and more realistic too – mimicking the everyday items children see Mum or Dad using in the real world. The dolls pram industry has followed this trend and started to produce life-like dolls prams for children wanting these realistic items.

At Play Like Mum, when we were creating our Daisy Chain collections, we wanted to bring as much realism to the products as possible, replicating different styles of prams Mum or Dad may use. That’s how we ended up producing several double and twin prams.

Our Double & Twin Dolls Prams

At Play Like Mum, we produce two double dolls prams. One is a traditional pram style, and the other is a buggy-type pushchair.

Daisy Chain Zipp Twin Max Double Dolls Pushchair

Our first twin pushchair is the Zipp twin pushchair. This is ideal as an introduction to a double pram for your child as it is suitable for kids aged between 4 and 9 years of age. The twin pushchair is easy enough to operate for youngsters but still has a high-quality realistic feel to it. With soft grip handles and two handy shopping baskets, the Zipp twin max will provide hours of playtime. Each side of the pram has an individual hood which can be positioned up or down – the hoods also feature handy viewing panels so your child can keep an eye on their twins!

Daisy Chain Twin Zipp Dolls Pushchair Daisy Dot For 4-9 Years (4)

The Zipp twin max is ideal to take anywhere too – even on car journeys as it folds completely flat and can be quickly unfolded for play on the go.

Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram

Next up, we have our most sophisticated double dolls pram – the Pinnacle. Suitable for kids between the ages of 7 and 13 years of age, the Pinnacle is the better choice for an older child and will grow with your child thanks to the extendable handlebars. Featuring two carrycots, the Pinnacle can be configured in multiple ways to hold two dolls, or teddies and provides hours of fun. The carrycots on the Pinnacle can be configured to be facing both outwards and inwards, and folded to make one into a pushchair style carrier.

Image of the Pinnacle dolls pram

The Pinnacle has plenty of high-quality details such as soft grip handles, swivel front wheels for easy handling, a large shopping basket, and beautiful fabrics in a range of colourways.

Playing With A Double Dolls Pram

What type of play can a child engage in with a double or twin dolls pram? For kids, sometimes more is better – anything to fuel the imagination! And a double dolls pram does just that – a child can play with two dolls (or teddies) instead of one, taking both of their little friends with them wherever they go.

A double dolls pram simply offers more opportunity to play imaginatively – a child may imagine they have double the responsibility and make up new scenarios and games when they have a double dolls pram.

Double dolls prams are also ideal for learning to share with siblings or friends. Two children can play with a twin pushchair, learning to share or split the ‘responsibility’ for each of the two dollies or teddies in their care!

Twin Pushchairs For Siblings

One creative use for a double dolls pram or twin pushchair is to purchase one for the sibling of twins. We’ve seen plenty of parents do this either in preparation for twins being born or to celebrate their birth.

If you have a young child, they may be apprehensive, nervous, excited, or all three, at the prospect of a new sibling – this is doubled if you happen to be carrying twins!

To help prepare for the arrival of twins, you could buy your child a twin dolls pushchair to get them used to the sight of double prams. It could even be a really cute idea to break the happy news of twins to your kids with the gift of a double dolls pushchair. 

As mentioned, kids often want to copy parents too so if you already have a set of twins, one of your other children may enjoy playing with a double dolls pram.

You could even…wait for it, buy a double dolls pram for each of your twins. Or maybe one to share!

Play Like Mum

In short, the answer to ‘Why buy a double dolls pram?’ comes down to personal preference, budget, and what your child would enjoy playing with.

If a double dolls pram isn’t the right choice for your child, please feel free to browse all our other dolls prams here.