Bring your baby Born to life with the range of Daisy Chain deluxe dolls prams & accessories

image of a baby doll wearing a white dress

Baby Born is one of the UK’s favourite nurturing doll brands, offering an amazing variety of dolls for children of any age. Not only do they offer dolls for babies, all the way up through childhood, but they’ve created numerous different worlds. There’s a Baby Born for every type of play imaginable, and accessories to match. Whether you want the latest fashion accessories or the perfect holiday gear, you’ll want a pram to match, and that’s where we can help.

Here at Play Like Mum we specialise in doll’s prams and pushchairs for every type of doll. Our Daisy Chain doll pram collection are perfect accessories for any Baby Born Doll. Now your Baby Born can travel in style, whichever age group you’re buying for.

Find the best doll pram or pushchair for your Baby Born Doll from Play Like Mum. Our prams are:

  • Designed to look like the real deal
  • Built with the strongest frames and the most durable fabric
  • Suitable for children aged 18 months all the way up to 13 years
  • Complete with their own range of matching accessories perfect for your Baby Born doll.

High chair & Car Seat for baby born dolls

Bring your Baby Born doll to the dinner table or on an adventure in the car! We don’t just offer pushchairs. Grab one of our dolls’ high chairs and unlock another level of versatility. A Daisy Chain high chair can double up as a car seat or slot directly into one of our Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Prams. They’re suitable for children aged 3 and over, and are perfect for dolls up to 46cm.

A Daisy Chain high chair and car seat can:

  1. Let your little ones bring their dolls to the table, or out on a longer adventure
  2. Clip into our 5 in 1 dolls travel system
  3. Support a doll up to 46cm tall

Pushchairs for baby born dolls

doll’s pushchair is perfect for children from 18 months to 9 years. They’re lightweight and compact, making them easy to transport while remaining hard wearing. Our Zipp Max has an adjustable handle height of up to 82cm, so they can grow with your child and the pushchair itself is perfect for baby born dolls. Our pushchairs will fit a doll from 46-50cm.

A Zipp Max pushchair can:

  1. Be played with straight from the box, there’s no assembly required
  2. Fit a Baby Born doll that’s 46-50cm tall
  3. Fold-completely flat for easy storage
  4. Come in two different colourways
  5. Be adjusted to grow with your child

Dolls prams for baby born dolls

Let your Baby Born travel in real luxury. Our Daisy Chain dolls pram is perfect for your Baby Born doll. We have two different dolls prams, the Connect 5 in 1 and the Destiny Travel System. Each is available in our iconic pink or classic check.

The Connect 5 in 1 pram is for children aged 4 to 8 years. There are adjustable handlebars designed to adapt to your child’s height as they grow. The basket will fit a Baby Born doll of up to 52cm.

The Destiny Travel System is suitable for children ages 5-9 years and has an adjustable hand height between 54 and 87 cm. Ideal for even the largest Baby Born dolls. It’s a great option for slightly older children.

Our dolls prams offer:

  1. A fully dynamic play experience, with versatile baskets that change between pushchair, pram, high chair and more.
  2. A hard wearing frame that grows with your child
  3. A range or matching accessories
  4. A stylish accompaniment for your little one’s Baby Born doll

Twin prams for baby born dolls

When your little ones have twin dolls we’re here to help too. At Play Like Mum we offer two types of pushchairs and prams designed to let your kids push around two dolls at once. We offer the Zipp Max Twin pushchair and the Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram.

The Zipp Max Twin requires no assembly at all, it simply opens and locks into position. The twin pushchair is suitable for children aged 4-9 years old, and is fully adjustable. The handle can be raised or lowered as needed between heights of 76 – 82 cm, and the chair is ideal for all BabyBorn dolls .

Our luxury Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram has over 15 combinations of double pram and pushchair. Our collection of double dolls prams is suitable for children aged 7 – 13, with adjustable handle heights of 67 – 95 cm so that your pram grows with your child. It’s best for all baby born dolls 

Our double dolls prams and pushchairs are:

  1. Perfect for children with multiple dolls
  2. Built to last, with durable frames
  3. Great for Baby Born dolls of all sizes
  4. Available in two colourways
  5. Fully adjustable to grow with your child and last for years

Range of accessories for the Daisy Chain collection of dolls prams

All of our pushchairs and prams are ideal for Baby Born dolls and have a range of accessories designed to match! Our dolls pram accessories include parasols, mattresses, rain covers and cosytoes that are perfect for your Baby Born. There’s also our own interactive doll and an exclusive range of luxury tote bags that are perfect for carrying around all of your Baby Born’s accessories.

There are accessory packs available for all dolls prams and pushchairs ranging from parasols, mattresses, rain covers, bags, and cosytoes. Play Like Mum also have an exclusive set of Luxury Tote Bags to carry all of your other baby born accessories.