What You Can Do With the Susie Interactive Doll

image of a susie interactive doll

Finding a doll that keeps your child happy and entertained can be a huge challenge. With so many options out there, it isn’t always easy to find the right choice for your child’s needs. 

If you want to keep your child interested, Play Like Mum’s unique Susie interactive doll is the best choice for you. With numerous features designed to interact with children throughout playtime, Susie keeps children engaged while helping them to learn and grow. 

There are so many things your little one can do with Susie, from going for a walk to having a tea party. Read on to find out what makes Susie so unique and magical. 

Why are interactive baby dolls a great toy for children?

As your child grows, you may notice them trying to act just like you. They often mirror your actions, especially when learning how to play with baby dolls or other toys. Interactive dolls, dolls prams and accessories such as dolls high chairs are built with this idea in mind. These toys nurture the bond between kids and their parents or caregivers through role-playing and develop children’s imagination.

The Susie interactive doll is no different and children have plenty of ways to play with her. Susie comes with a vast range of unique features and can giggle, cry and talk to communicate with your child. She will boost your child’s imagination, show them how to care for people, and develop skills such as problem-solving. 

What does the Susie interactive doll do?

With everything that Susie can do, you can be confident that your kid will be happy and engaged with their new toy. Here’s your guide to everything this versatile and exciting doll can do:

Interacts with your little one

Kids will love all the fun and realistic ways they can interact with the Susie Interactive Doll. Susie giggles when you shake her hand or tickle her and laugh while your little one interacts with her. She can even talk, including asking for more food and telling you when she’s had enough to eat! 

Along with giggling and talking, the Susie Interactive Doll can cry if she isn’t soothed enough, gets a tummy ache, or wants to be put back in her pram. These behaviours provide your child with the opportunity to mimic their parent’s nurturing actions while interacting with Susie. 

Unique unlockable features

While the Susie interactive doll already comes with so many unique features on its own, there are more exclusive features to unlock with some of our dolls prams. Bring Susie close to our Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Prams or Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Prams and she will recognise her pram and tell you that she wants to go for a walk. 

It’s easy to unlock these features. All you have to do is place the sensor in the pocket of the toy to pair Susie.

Teaches children valuable life skills

Kids love to mimic their parents while they play. With Susie, they can copy your actions while learning valuable skills. Interactive play experiences create even more opportunities to build interpersonal skills and allow your child’s imagination to flourish.

The Susie Interactive Doll expresses different needs and wants. Through play, your child will quickly learn how to take care of and soothe her when she’s hurt, upset, or tired. These interactions are critical in teaching kids how to take on new responsibilities and provide support to others.

Not only does caring for an interactive baby doll promote responsibility, but it also encourages plenty of other essential qualities. Calming Susie and providing comfort teaches compassion and empathy while helping children to gain valuable social skills.

Read our guide on what skills do children develop through playing with dolls?

Activities to do with the Susie interactive doll

From dressing their doll and hosting a tea party to getting her ready for bed and putting her to sleep, your child will never get bored of all the activities they can enjoy with Susie.

Dress your baby doll

Kids can let their imagination take over when they dress their baby doll. Not only does dressing a baby doll help build fine motor skills, but it also allows children to gain a sense of creativity and responsibility.

Take care of them

The Susie Interactive Doll will keep your child engaged and entertained with all of her interactive features and phrases. Susie offers a unique interactive experience with realistic everyday needs. 

The doll comes with a bottle for feeding, and she can tell you when she’s hungry or full. Along with feeding their doll, children will learn to calm her down and get her ready for bed when she says she’s tired.

Go for a walk

It’s easy to take your Susie interactive doll for a walk with our extensive range of dolls prams and pushchairs. Each collection is designed specifically for children of all ages, allowing them to take walks with their dolls. You could take Susie to the park or even for a stroll around your garden!

We have a variety of dolls prams to choose from, including toddler dolls prams, dolls prams for 4 to 7-year-olds, and dolls prams for 8 to 12-year-olds.

Have a tea party

Holding a tea party is another great way for your child to use their imagination while playing. With just a tablecloth, teacups, and any other doll accessories, you can set up an exciting tea party for your child and their Susie Interactive Doll.

Gathering your child’s dolls, toys, and stuffed animals for an indoor tea party is a quick and easy way to allow them to build social and interpersonal skills. With Susie’s interactive phrases and behaviour, you can create a fun and memorable tea party that any kid will love.

Get them ready for bed

Learning how to get Susie ready for bed helps to teach children compassion and responsibility during play, all while they mirror their parents’ actions and nurturing behaviours.

When Susie lies down after being sat up, she’ll tell you if she’s getting tired. By patting her back, you can soothe her before bed and help get her ready to sleep. She’ll even snore while she’s being put to bed! 

Doing this allows children to learn critical life skills, including how to provide comfort and support to others. 

Extend playtime with a dolls pram and accessories

While there are so many activities to do with the Susie Interactive Doll on its own, you can make your child’s play even more memorable by adding one of Play Like Mum’s unique doll prams, pushchairs, or accessories.

Compatible dolls prams

The Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram, built for ages 7 to 13, can be paired with Susie for even more versatility during playtime. This adjustable pram is perfect for older kids and is a robust and long-lasting pram that’s essential for a realistic play experience.

Younger kids will love the Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 doll pram. This pram is designed for kids ages 4 to 8 and can be used as a pram, pushchair, and carrycot. It’s easy to keep up with any growing child as they can adjust the height of the handlebars.

We also have several other dolls prams and pushchairs available which are perfect for walking Susie. For example, our brand new Daisy Chain Zipp Zennith Dolls Pushchair range is ideal for children ages 6 to 13. Its extendable hood will keep Susie warm and dry and it folds flat for easy transportation. 

Doll car seats and high chairs

If your little one loves to take Susie everywhere with them, a dolls car seat might be a good idea! Your child can safely put Susie into the car and keep her safe while on journeys. Our dolls high chairs make feeding easy and give your child the chance to bring Susie to the dinner table when they eat!

Other dolls pram accessories 

There are plenty of other dolls pram accessories you can buy to keep Susie as comfortable as possible! Our accessory packs are perfect for taking Susie out and include an umbrella, mattress, rain cover and bag. 

We also have luxury tote bags and dolls changing bags for your little ones to store anything extra they’d like to bring on their trip out. 

Find your child’s favourite new toy

From developing creativity to building a sense of responsibility, the Susie interactive doll offers many benefits to growing children. With numerous unique ways to interact with her, it’s guaranteed to quickly become your child’s favourite go-to toy.

If you’d like to find out more about Susie or any of the dolls prams we have available, take a look at our dolls pram sets. You can also read our guide on the best dolls prams for the Susie interactive doll to make your decision even easier.