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How to Extend Children’s Play to Keep Them Entertained for Longer

image of a toddler playign with coloured buildign blocks

Playing is not just a fun time for children; it’s how they learn about their environment, how to communicate with their peers and understand how things work. Through play, children learn problem-solving skills and develop their fine and gross motor skills. Making new, meaningful, and engaging play experiences requires thought, energy, time, and planning. Which […]

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What is the Role of Adults in Children’s Play?

image of a man playing with building blocks with his daughter

Children’s playtime is very important in their development, especially during early childhood. During play, children learn more about themselves and the world around them. Children will prefer different types of play in early childhood as they grow through different life stages, but adults still have a role to play through them all. They learn more […]

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Why is Children’s Play Important?

image of two young children surrounded by bright coloured building blocks

There’s no doubt that children love their playtime! From building blocks to doll prams, playing can be an important aspect of a child’s life.  Early childhood research shows that children can develop physically, think creatively and  gain social skills to help them navigate the world around them.  We explore what makes children’s play so important […]

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When Babies Start Playing With Toys: Everything You Need to Know

image of a baby playing with a brightly coloured toy

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenting. A world full of excitement but also a lot of stress. You’re bound to have many questions but don’t fret as you are not alone.  If you’re wondering when your infant will start wanting to play, you’ve come to the right place. Whether they start playing with a […]

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How Do Children’s Play Needs Change Throughout Childhood?

image of two children playign with a teddy bear

Children develop through play! Not only is it fun and natural, but children learn about themselves and the world around them when they engage in different kinds of play, from playing with dolls prams to exploring the outdoors. Children’s play preferences change as they grow up and interact with other children. But this is normal […]

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When Does Imaginative Play Start for Children?

image of a young boy weaing an airplane costume made from cardboard boxes

Play in early childhood is essential for a child’s development. Children learn about themselves and the world around them through play. This helps children develop and improve their social skills, fine and gross motor skills as well as cognitive abilities. You might be wondering what an appropriate age is to encourage imaginative or pretend play. […]

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How Role Play Helps Children’s Development: Everything You Need to Know!

image of two children playing with a toy stethoscope

Albert Einstein famously stated that imagination is far more important than knowledge. As a society, we know about the importance of using our creativity and imagination to experiment and solve problems. But how important is creativity, specifically in the form of role playing, for child development? Can pretending to be a certain character or in […]

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How Can Play Meet Children’s Individual Developmental Needs?

image of childrens learning flash cards

Play is often associated with the fun parts of life, but it’s also a wonderful way to meet a child’s cognitive, emotional, and physical needs. From playing with dolls prams to exploring the great outdoors, there’s lots of ways a child will expand their development. In this guide, we’re looking at all the parts that make […]

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Mythical Monikers

A lot of planning goes into having children, from choosing schools to factoring another person into your finances. Later down the line, you’ll need to find space for all their toys and belongings and figure out where you’re going to store the footballs, dress-up boxes and the doll’s pram!  However, when it comes to preparing […]

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