Dolls Pram Or Pushchair? What’s The Difference?

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Dolls pram? Pushchair? Buggy? Stroller? Why are there so many different words to describe similar or the same things – a vehicle to transport babies around? Or in Play Like Mums case, your child’s favourite dolls.

Keep reading to find out the difference and what options we recommend as a gift for your child!

Our Dolls Prams & Pushchairs

Firstly, although we are talking about dolls prams or pushchairs in this article, we would just like to mention that our explanations are the same for ‘real’ prams and pushchairs – although our products are toys, they are designed to closely resemble and operate in the same way a pushchair or a pram for a human baby would!

Our prams and pushchairs for kids give the exact same experience as a real model would, just in miniature size so your little one can push them around!

Our models closely follow the popular designs and trends of real-world prams and pushchairs, including travel systems, to give your child a real-life experience – just like Mum…hence our name, Play Like Mum.

What Is A Dolls Pram?

In the real world, prams are designed for newborns and very young babies – usually up to about six months of age.

At this age, a baby will still be laid flat so a pram will have a bassinet or carrycot in which the baby can lie down. The carrycot will be detachable for easy transportation and will usually face Mum.

Doll prams and real-world prams tend to be quite substantial and strong but are still suitable for travel as the carrycot will detach from the frame. They will also have features like swivel wheels, adjustable handles, and a hood that can be adjusted to suit babies’ needs and the weather.

You can buy prams that convert to a pushchair to use once a baby is older, these multi-use prams are designed to provide value and to eliminate the need to buy another pram once a child is older. Our Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 dolls pram was designed to resemble this type of real-world pram – it doubles up as a pram and pushchair all on the same frame. This provides your child with a versatile play option and the chance to use their imagination endlessly.

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What Is A Dolls Pushchair?

A pushchair is sometimes called a stroller, but either way, pushchairs are designed for babies older than six months, or babies that can support their head. With most pushchairs, a baby or dolly can still have the option to lay flat, but they are generally used in the upright position.

Pushchairs are generally lighter than prams and are suitable for travel, days out, trips etc. A pushchair will often have features like an adjustable hood, shopping basket, and ergonomically shaped handles for comfort when pushing.

Some people use the word pushchair and stroller for different sorts of pushchairs, although they are both technically the same. ‘Strollers’ can sometimes be cheaper, very lightweight pushchairs that aren’t designed to be as long-lasting as a quality pushchair.

Pushchairs will often be ‘world facing’ so baby (or dolly!) can be in an upright position and see what is happening around them.

We sell a dolls pushchair that is ideal for a child wanting a more lightweight option.

What Is A Dolls Travel Systems?

Believe it or not, you can buy dolls travel system prams – just like ones for real babies! A travel system pram can be used from birth and is ideal for all early stages of a baby’s life. A travel system will have a frame that can support either a carrycot, car seat or pushchair. These systems are bigger than a simple pushchair would be, but they have more flexibility and can be used for longer than a simple pram.

Our luxurious Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System can be used as a pram or pushchair, or the carrycot can be played with separately to provide a child with hours of fun.

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Where Do Buggies Fit In? Why Are There So Many Words To Describe Prams?

According to Baby Centre, buggies are similar to strollers, being more lightweight than a pushchair and a better option for travel.

All of this may have got you wondering why there are so many words for what are quite similar products. The world of prams and pushchairs can be quite confusing! The topic becomes even more confusing between different countries – for example, what we call a pram in the UK, many North Americans would call a stroller. Pram, short for ‘perambulator’ is a British word.

Some people also use all the words above interchangeably, even when there are differences between the products. For example, a person may simply refer to ANY type of baby vehicle as a pram. Confusing, eh?

Dolls Pram Or Pushchair – Which Option Is Best For My Child?

Now, with all the explanations out of the way, you may be wondering if a dolls pram or dolls pushchair Is more suitable for your child.

We recommend shopping for dolls prams and pushchairs based on your child’s age.

The reason is that pushchairs are usually more suitable for younger children as they are more lightweight, whereas a bigger travel system will be too heavy for a toddler, and they wouldn’t yet have the ability to configure the pram.

Our dolls pushchairs have a fixed handle height and are simple to operate for kids aged 1 to 3 years old.
For older children, we have travel systems, twin strollers, and our 5 in 1 pram. Our dolls pram and pushchair buyers guide may also help you decide.

Play Like Mum

Play Like Mum sells a range of high-quality prams and pushchairs, designed to be just like real-world ones and spark your child’s imagination.

In addition to prams and pushchairs, we also sell a range of accessories for dolls, including luxury tote changing bags and dolls high chairs.

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