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The 5 Must-Have Doll Accessories

image shows a girl with blonde hair kissing her baby doll

No matter what they play with, a child’s imagination is a fascinating thing. Your child can create a whole new world, whether you have the most luxurious toys or something simple like a cardboard box. At Play Like Mum, we want your child to expand their creativity with the best dolls pram accessories from Play […]

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How to Make a Dolls Pram Quilt

image shows a patchwork quilt

Whether you want a doll’s blanket to match a bed, dollhouse, pram, or any other colour scheme, being able to make one yourself gives you the freedom to make it exactly how you like. This guide takes you through everything you need to make a doll’s pram quilt, and the simple step-by-step guide will help […]

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