5 Simple Kids Gluten Free Options You Need To Know About

The summer holidays are just about upon us, bringing with them seemingly endless days of finding ways of keeping little one’s mouths and minds entertained. It can be a real struggle for any parent, as they juggle work and home lives with the need to keep their children amused, so much so, that the 6 weeks can seem a daunting period.

As any parent or carer will know, feeding your children the right fuel is crucial, but we’ve all been caught out by those moments where the easiest thing to grab might not necessarily be the most nutritional option. For households following certain diets, this can be especially testing, and for children eating gluten-free, finding quick, convenient and tasty food, suitable for celiacs is a challenge. Fear not however, as we bring you our list of the best time savvy, gluten-free foodie saviours for little people.

  1. Freya’s Gluten Free World Subscription Box

The subscription box is currently transforming lives across the world, as monthly packages bring everything from underwear, to tea to recipients in need of a pick-me-up. A wonderful range of boxes is available, and gluten-free goodies are no different. We love the wonderful array of products in Freya’s fabulous subscription box. Containing at least 10 items, perfect for eating on the go, this wonderful subscription will leave you inspired for choice when it comes to gluten-free snacks. We particularly love the fact that they keep each box fresh and original, with changing products as well as some trusted favourites. Organise a monthly delivery for ultimate ease!

  1. Hello Fresh

We’ve all been there. Staring blankly into the fridge, wondering what edible concoction you can make with a bendy carrot, 2 eggs and last night’s left-overs. When the kids are at home, finding time to do a thorough weekly shop can be a challenge, and turning to take-outs and pizza may seem just too tempting. Hello Fresh can help! With their complete recipe boxes, rustling up a quick, yummy meal has never been easier. Best of all, you can now select “gluten-free” as a box option, meaning you can rest safe in the knowledge that your little one’s dietary requirements are being catered for.

  1. Nakd Boxes

Brought to you by Natural Balanced Foods, Nakd is a young, vibrant, British company bringing you the best of natural ingredients made into a range of super yummy snacks. Their assorted boxes include a whole range of goodies, with gluten-free options. Most of their snacking products contain at least 1 of your 5 a day, and their energetic, bright packaging wins around young fingers. Slowly, this brand is featuring more and more on supermarket shelves so make sure to look out for it!

  1. Ella’s Kitchen

For those with smaller children, finding appealing, nutritious gluten free foods can be a real challenge. When time is of the essence, finding picnic, or on-the-go food can be tricky. Ella’s Kitchen, however, is an ideal solution. With a range of gluten-free options, their aim is to appeal to all 5 of your loved one’s senses when it comes to food. From their aromatic and delicious smells, to bright appealing packaging, options include Chicken Casserole through to fruit smoothies. Suitable from 6 months plus, right up to older children, make sure you stock up on their range to help get you through the summer holidays

  1. Kirsty’s Minis

Set up by a mum from Lancashire, Kirsty’s is a gluten and dairy food ready meal service, and a product of investment from BBC’s Dragon’s Den. With an emphasis on good, quality foods that can be prepared in minutes, the tag line “Treat your body like someone you love” has never rung truer. The ranges come in both adults and kids styles and are equally healthy and perfect for the gluten free diet.

With our top 5 suggestions on how to cater quickly for children on a gluten-free diet, you’ll be one step close to seeing your summer holidays pass with a bang!