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6 Easter Crafts For Kids

An afternoon of arts and crafts with your children is wonderful at any time of year. But, around Easter time, making things together with an Easter theme can be a wonderful tradition to start together, and continue throughout their childhood.

We thought we’d do a little roundup of some of our favourite Easter craft ideas, which are a fun and inexpensive way to make some DIY decorations together, particularly if you are looking for some easy ways to keep your children entertained indoors.

Painted easter egg decorations

One super easy and fun craft idea is to paint eggs which can then be used as decorations in your home. The possibilities are as endless as your child’s imagination for this one, and whether you want to use coloured pencils, felt tip pens, or paint, your little ones can create a masterpiece on each egg.

All you need to do is blow out some eggs (you could use the egg whites and yolks to bake together later) and then get to work! 

Need some inspiration? We love this roundup of great ideas from Mummy’s Bundle, which features everything from tie-dye to science experiments (yes really!).

The finished eggs can then be tied up on strings and hung around your home – a nice tradition is to hang them from a decorative branch!

Felt Easter eggs

Another great way to make some egg-themed decorations with your children is to use felt! We love how versatile this craft idea is, you can get really creative with whatever craft supplies you already have, and use anything from ribbon to pom poms.

Simply cut your egg shapes out of felt, and then let your little ones get to work glueing on embellishments of their choice! You can find a more detailed tutorial here. You could even glue the finished eggs onto cards to give to grandparents or friends!

Peekaboo clothespin eggs

We absolutely love this simple yet fun Easter craft idea from One Little Project, featuring a cute little chick that hatches out of its egg when you open and close the clothespin. Your children will have just as much fun playing with these once they’re made as they will making them with you.

All you need is a clothespin and a few craft items that you probably already have, and you can have a whole nest full of eggs made in no time. 

Paper mache Easter baskets

An Easter egg hunt calls for a good basket for your child to keep the eggs they find into as they gather them, so why not make it yourself rather than buying one? We love this paper mache Easter basket craft that recycles tissue paper from presents and wrapping from shops.

Simply use your tissue to create layers of paper mache on a balloon in the desired shape, and then once it’s dry, you can add decoration and embellishments and turn your basket into easter animals such as bunnies and chicks! See the full instructions here at Red Tart Art.

Easy paper Easter baskets

Need a basket for your Easter egg hunt in a pinch and don’t have time to try out the idea above? These super quick and easy Easter baskets made from paper take only a few minutes to make, and all you need is some card and a stapler!

You can make these out of fun coloured card, and even decorate them before or after you staple them together. We think they look great!

Bunny slime jars

Kids love slime, but did you know that you can make it yourself at home? This tutorial shows you exactly how to make your very own homemade slime for your children to play with, guaranteed to be hours of fun! 

What’s more, it also features a cute Easter theme, in the form of bunny jars to keep your silme in. It’s probably best if adults make the slime, and you leave the jar decoration to the children, as the slime does contain chemicals, but it’s such a fun activity to do together!

We hope you’ve enjoyed these Easter craft ideas and that you try them with your children this Easter. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog for more craft ideas, parenting tips, and more. 

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