50 Of The Best Mummy Blogs To Follow In 2020

In recent years the world of blogging has exploded. Seemingly everyone and their dog has a platform online to post their thoughts and feelings.

Blogging has been particularly popular amongst parents, with the mummy blogger becoming an increasingly big part of it.

However, with the sheer amount of blogs online, how on earth do you filter through them to discover the good from the bad?

Thankfully, we’ve gone through the trouble for you to pick out 50 of the best mummy bloggers to follow in 2020.

1. Honest Mum

Multi award-winning blogger and blogger Vicki setup Honest Mum back in 2010 and it has gone from strength to strength, since its magazine approach makes it really accessible.

2. Mum In The Mad House

Jen Walshaw is a mum of two boys who loves to write about gifts, arts & crafts, children’s activities and lots more.

3. Tigerlilly Quinn

Multi award-winning blogger Tigerlilly covers every lifestyle topic a young modern mother wants to read about, from fashion to travel and everything in between.

4. You Baby Me Mummy

As well as providing great posts for women looking to have children later in life, there’s also blogging coaching and courses to try on this blog.

5. What The Redhead Said

Fiery-haired and married mum of two Donna covers everything from product reviews to handling brother and sister relationships.

6. Once Upon A Time – Susan K. Mann

Based in Scotland, Susan is a working mother of two little girls who blogs about recipes, travel, parenting advice, reviews and more.

7. Actually Mummy

Helen initially started writing this blog via the voice of her daughter’s diary, however, she now expresses her own tips and advice on being the parent of a young daughter.

8. Slummy Single Mummy

Mother of two Jo discusses everything from her experiences of teenage pregnancy to travel, food to fashion and much more.

9. Who’s The Mummy?

Sally works full time in social media and is a single parent to daughter Flea. The main focus of her posts centre on travel, tech and lifestyle.

10. The Oliver’s Madhouse

Stay at home mum Jamie shares her tips on looking after her sons, travel, technology and how to keep fit as a parent.

11. Mummy, Daddy, Me

Katie started writing during maternity leave for her first child, she now has three and posts great stuff about interiors, travel, photography and more.

12. Boo Roo and Tigger Too

Sarah lives in Norfolk with her family, and started penning her thoughts on all things family related back in 2011 while on maternity leave, and now works on it full time!

13. In The Play Room

Anna is a stay at home mum with three boys and a baby girl living in London. She shares her ideas on family days out, toys, food and more.

14. Laura’s Lovely Blog

Married with two children, Laura covers lots on this great blog from lifestyle to toy reviews. Her husband Ben also contributes with fitness and fatherhood guest posts.

15. Emmys Mummy

Clare lives in Essex with her husband, daughter and son. As a former nanny, she has lots of great experiences with children to share.

16. What Katy Said

On her award-nominated blog, Katy discusses lifestyle tips from her family of five, such as cooking for big numbers, travel and home organising.

17. Zena’s Suitcase

Zena has three daughters ranging from an 18-year-old to a 2-year-old and loves to talk about their days out and travelling adventures.

18. Not Another Mummy Blog

Alison is a freelance magazine editor living in London who has turned her hand to lifestyle blogging since the birth of her daughter. Expect travel, style, politics, feminism and more.

19. Verily Victoria Vocalises

Victoria is mother to a nine-year-old who covers all the classic mummy blogger topics as well as posting her own poetry, photography and a vlog series.

20. Amy Treasure (recipes)

Living with her husband and three kids, Amy covers lots of lifestyle topics and really excels with her recipes and photography. Perfect for the foodies out there.

21. Toby & Roo

As not only a parent, but also someone who has worked for a children’s retailer for years, Harriet certainly knows her stuff when it comes to giving advice to other parents.

22. Super Busy Mum

Debs is a mother of five living in Northern Ireland. Debs and her husband love tech, making this a great family and lifestyle blog for those with similar interests.

23. Rainy Day Mum

Parenting doesn’t stop when it rains, and if you live in the UK, it rains fairly often. Cerys Parker writes about all the wonderful things you can do with your chidren, come rain or shine.

24. All Baby Advice

Mirka is a mother of two girls and loves to travel. While they live in England, she is from the Czech Republic, meaning travel and multiculturalism really are at the heart of this family.

25. Cuddle Fairy

Becky is a wife and mum of three living in Ireland. She is very proactive and covers everything from recipes, toy reviews and blogging tips. Her videos are a particular highlight.

26. The Reading Residence

Living with her husband and two kids, Jocelyn blogs about lots of different topics including family days out and gardening.

27. Sparkles & Stretchmarks

Hayley is the proud mother of three young boys and writes about family life, travel they enjoy and mental health and wellbeing which parents will find particularly interesting.

28. Lulastic and the Hippyshake

Lucy is a self-confessed modern hippy. Expect posts about co-sleeping, breastfeeding, nappy free babies and more!

29. U, Me and the Kids

Rachel covers all the usual topics, but look out for her toy reviews and giveaways as well as her money saving posts which are great for any parent!

30. Science Sparks

Emma writes about lots of brilliant experiments you can do with children from preschool up to Key Stage Two, making learning at home extremely fun!

31. Pinkoddy

Joy and her husband are proud parents of four boys. She covers every aspect of parenting with particular emphasis on autism and sensory processing disorder.

32. Missing Sleep

Blogger and vlogger Karen focuses her efforts on great posts about family activities, crafts and baking and also hosts plenty of fun competitions for readers.

33. Kids Craft Room

Creative Emma is bursting with arts and crafts ideas to help you keep the kids busy and happy on even the most miserable of days!

34. Tattooed Tealady

Sophia began writing as a beauty blogger way before she became pregnant with her first child in 2016. She now combines great posts about both of her favourite things.

35. Crafts on Sea

Kate is a mum of two and lives by the sea in Cornwall. She loves sharing her craft ideas for both adults and children which are perfect for anyone to try.

36. Over 40 and a Mum to One

Mary has a 7-year-old son and together they love to play and explore. Find plenty of informative toy reviews, days out advice and plenty of great photographs.

37. Baby Budgeting (Money)

Becky covers all angles in her blog but with an extra focus on creative ways to save money and raise extra cash for your family to enjoy.

38. Learning and Exploring Through Play

Amy is very passionate about the way in which play can help educate our children. So, for inspirational and educational games, crafts and activities, this is the place to visit.

39. Yorkshire Tots to Teens (Days Out)

Originally from the US, Erin now calls Yorkshire her home. Here you can find info on all the family events and fun to be had in West Yorkshire as well as reviews and competitions.

40. Mudpie Fridays

Clare is a mum of two and manages to balance her fast-paced corporate work life with caring for her kids. A great blog for any parents who juggle home and a profession.

41. Here Come the Girls

Rebecca has three young girls, making this a particularly excellent blog for anyone with a similar family. She covers everything from recipes to toy reviews and days out to arts and crafts.

42. Amy Antoinette

Self-titled free spirit Amy has two children and recently moved from the UK to the US. As well as great lifestyle posts, she also discusses the premature loss of her two other children which will resonate with many parents who have been through the same.

43. Learning Escapes

Italian expat Marta lives in Ireland with her family and dedicates her blog to fun and informative family travel guides to help you find a great break to enjoy with your kids.

44. The Frenchie Mummy

This blog is a refreshing and relatable take on being a mother, written by Cécile, who moved to the UK in 2008 to be a language assistant for a year, but has stayed and raised a lovely little family instead.

45. Twin Mummy and Daddy

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to raise twins, thought about trying to move towards a zero waste lifestyle, or just love a good book review, then this blog is well worth a follow.

46. Le Coin de Mel

Mel and her husband are parents to four children. She is a food obsessive and creates delicious recipes of all kinds for parents to create for their kids.

47. Old Socks & Lollipops

Jenni lives with her three-year-old daughter and Danish husband in the Midlands. As well as writing all about the roller coaster of parenthood, she also blogs about her struggles with fibromyalgia and how it affects her life.

48. Twinderelmo

Perfect for those parents who have the unique challenge of handling twins. Beth has a son and twin girls which makes this blog insightful and funny in equal measure.

49. The Gingerbread House

Mother of two, Jenny is very creative and doesn’t just fill her blog with the usual lifestyle posts, but also with personalised home interior tips and craft ideas to keep your children busy.

50. Ickle Pickle’s Life

Kaz has four children but writes the majority of this blog from the perspective of her youngest. Follow the weekly adventures of Pickle while also enjoying posts on teens, reviews, travel and more.

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