20 Halloween Craft Ideas For Kids

This time of year is bursting with fun for the kids! Not only is there a chance to bag some free sweets and chocolate and go crazy with fancy dress, but it’s prime-time to get crafty.

Halloween may not happen until 31 October, but as the day creeps up on us, it means we get to use every chance to prepare! This year, why not think beyond the pumpkin carving and kick off this spooky season with these 20 easy and fun Halloween crafts? Your little monsters will love them!

Spooky Eyeball Slime

All kids love messing around with… well, anything that makes a mess, and the slime-craze doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon (sorry mums and dads!) This spooktacular slime is the perfect Halloween decoration and will look amazing next to your pumpkin on the doorstep. Check out the tutorial here.

Custom Sweet Bags

Trick-or-treating is most likely on the cards this year. So, you will need a cool sweet bag to match that cool costume. Using a plain Muslin bag, you can get creative and design your own, either to match your outfit, or why not follow this splatter paint guide?

Bright-Eyed Cat Garland

All you need for this amazing cat garland is some scissors, coloured card/paper and a hole puncher – it’s that easy. Once you’ve got your fairy lights, all you have to do is slide the string lights into the hole-punched eyes, plug in and enjoy!

Pumpkin X & O

Halloween is all about fun and games for kids, so why not make it even more fun with some classic games. This tutorial for Pumpkin tic-tac-toe will explain how to turn a few mini pumpkins and tape into hours of fun for you and the kids. 

Halloween Bat Sweet Holder

This DIY treat bucket is the perfect holder for all those goodies you’ve received from trick-or-treating. A light-weight tube or canister will do the trick for the base, and your kids will love it. Check out the tutorial here.

Spider Plates

Making these simple (and spooky) spider plates will be fun for everyone. All you will need to do is attach pipe cleaners to your plate, bend, add your eyes, fangs and decorate as you feel best. For some more spider craft ideas, check out this inspiration.

Ghostly Garland

Wherever you decide to hang this cute garland, it will certainly be a fun way to decorate your home this Halloween. All you need is some craft paper scissors and some tape, and some imagination to decorate your ghosts as you fancy! Check out a handy guide here.

If you’d like to explore some of our other paper craft ideas, read our guide on fun craft ideas for kids with paper.

Pumpkin Stress Ball

This may be of more use to you than your kids, but equally fun to make. All you need to do is fill some orange balloons with rice, or flour and draw on a face. So cute!

Pinecone Spiders

Not only will kids enjoy making these creepy spider crafts, but they will love getting out and about to track some pinecones down to begin with. Check out this easy tutorial for hours of Halloween fun.

Plaster Palms

We predict your kids will love this one. Plus, how creepy are hands coming out from the floor? Decorate in a creepy, zombie fashion or opt for a more fortune-teller style. Halloween is in the palm of your hand. See the full tutorial and what you need to buy here.

Halloween Party Poppers

If you start saving now, you may have enough end-of-the-roll toilet paper tubes! These party poppers are super easy to make and so fun to decorate. See the tutorial here. You could even make these party poppers for fireworks night as a bonfire night activity for toddlers!

Eyeball Door Garland

Is there anything scarier than eyeballs that are 20x the size that they are meant to be? So easy to make and great if you want to get the paints out and get creative, this eyeball garland is the ideal decoration this Halloween. See the full guide on how to make here.

Haunted House

Who needs a gingerbread house when you can make your very own, creepy haunted house. This one could bring hours of fun and gives you and the kids the chance to get creative and let the imagination flow. See the full tutorial here.

Lollipop Ghosts

How cute (and delicious) are these lollipop ghosts? Not only will they make amazing party favours for your party, but you could give them to the best-dressed trick-or-treaters. Find out how to make them here.

Lolly Stick Door Hangers

Your Halloween decorations don’t need to be restricted to the living room. These super cute pumpkin hangers would be great for your little ones bedroom doors, or even for every door in the house! Check out a pumpkin tutorial here, but feel free to use your imagination and create a spider, zombie, witch and more!

Pumpkin Apple Stamps

Got apples in the house? In that case, you have a Halloween stamp ready to use. Believe it or not, dipping your apples in some orange paint can make for a pumpkin stamp and create your very own customisable Halloween decor. Check out the tutorial here.

Halloween Cookies

It might not crafts per se, but you can equally messy, creative, and you have the added benefit of being able to eat it after! All you have to do is to shape your biscuits or buy cookie cutters then get creative with the icing! Click here for some extra inspiration and recipes.

Bat Corner Bookmarks

One that’s not just for Halloween, this can be used for months, even years, to come! This simple origami project can bring loads of fun and could even be used as great Halloween party favours. See a run-down of how to make them here.

DIY Spooky Lantern

A simple mason jar (or an old jam jar or Nutella jar) can become a whole host of things for Halloween. Even your old tins can easily be turned into a spectacular spooky surprise. Check out these lanterns for inspiration, DIY tutorials and even quick links to buy!

Freaky Finger Puppets

These finger puppets are just the thing to keep your little ones occupied while you shop for Halloween treats, driving or shopping. Why not make 5 or even 10 – one for each finger? You could put on a Halloween puppet show. Click here for the full tutorial.

The team at Play Like Mum hope you have a fun-filled Halloween! Whatever you are doing, be sure to get creative, eat lots of sweets, wear silly costumes, and most of all, have lots of family fun!