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Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair

Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair in Poppy

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A dolls pram or pushchair is a fantastic gift for any child and is sure to become their favourite toy in no time. They can take their pram anywhere with them on adventures, and it makes it easy to include their most-loved doll or toy in playtime. 

Our colourful red dolls prams are a great choice and is perfect for those looking for their first dolls pram!

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About our red dolls prams

The Daisy Chain Little Zipp Dolls Pushchair in Poppy is the perfect pram for any child who loves the colour red. This red dolls pushchair is for those aged 18 months to 3 years and has a fixed handle height of 61 cm. 

Red toddler dolls prams bring joy to any child and make a perfect birthday or Christmas gift as they grow up. 

Some of the great features of our Little Zipp range include:

Simple to use

These red dolls pushchairs are easy to assemble, meaning your little one can start playtime whenever they want! All you need to do is unfold the pram and it’s ready for them to use. 

Easy to move around

There’s no need to worry about your toddler having a difficult time moving their pram around. Our Little Zipp dolls pushchairs come with colour co-ordinated soft grip handles for easy use. 

Perfect for interactive dolls

If your child has a favourite toy or interactive doll, they’ll be able to watch them at all times through the mesh window in the hood. The hood is also extendable to keep their baby warm and dry no matter the weather. 

Fold away and store 

At the end of the day, all you need to do is fold the red dolls pram flat and put it away for tomorrow. 

What age are red dolls pushchairs & prams suitable for?

Our red dolls pushchairs and prams are suitable for those aged between 18 months and 3 years old. 

As soon as your child grows up, they’ll be ready for a new dolls pram. We have a wide selection of prams and pushchairs for different ages, including dolls prams for 4 to 7-year-olds and dolls prams for 8 to 12-year-olds

Explore our full range of dolls prams and pushchairs

At Play Like Mum, we specialise in high-quality dolls prams and pushchairs designed for children of all ages, from toddlers to 12 years and over. We have a wide range of colours available, including pink dolls prams, blue dolls prams, purple dolls prams and yellow dolls prams.

Choose from different styles and colours, including our double dolls prams and dolls carriage prams. We also offer matching dolls pram accessories for the Little Zipp range and other dolls prams.