The Best Halloween Costumes For Families

Halloween is a great holiday for all the family and provides the perfect opportunity to do a group costume.

Whether you want something scary, something funny or to dress up as characters out of your favourite film, there are plenty of choices for families of all sizes.

The beauty of group costumes means you can find something that suits children of all ages and you can customise them to your heart’s content.

Here, we’ve found some of the best Halloween costumes for you to try this year.


This is a classic Halloween costume and is perfect for families.

You could have all your little ones as the Ghostbusters or take those roles yourselves, with your kids taking the lead as pint-sized ghosts or the Stay Puft Marshmallow man.

This is an easy costume to achieve with little effort, with the help of readily available costumes online.

Alice in Wonderland

This is an extremely versatile group costume as you can make it as fun or as scary as you like.

If you have small children and want a more family-friendly vibe, you can stay safe with the likes of Alice, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum and the White Rabbit.

If you want a more spooky get-up, try a sinister Cheshire Cat look, coupled with the Mad Hatter in all his glory and the gory Queen of Hearts.

Classic Villains

Classic villains are an ideal costume for families, and especially suited to larger families due to the vast array of characters available to you.

This could take the form of Disney villains, with each family member taking up the mantle of a well-known anti-hero, or a more niche vibe of Halloween in Gotham, following all of Batman’s nemeses.


This is again suitable for large groups who need lots of characters but acts as a more fun costume than spooky villains.

With the large cast of The Avengers, this group of superheroes makes the ideal costume for families. Similarly, DC superheroes such as Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman can suit kids of all ages and families of all sizes.

You can find a wide range of kids and adult costumes here.


This is a quirky alternative to typical group costumes, and means families can have a bit of fun with it.

They are easy to DIY on a smaller budget and can suit small children right up to older kids, meaning they can be as silly or as scary as you like.

You can choose to have a varied cast, such as a clown, fortune teller, tight-rope walker, ringmaster, and juggler, or choose a theme such as mimes.

For more ideas, check out this post.

Kids and Parents Role Reversal 

This a sillier costume for younger children, and can be done using items from around the house.

With children dressed up in a more adult-like manner and parents dressed as babies and toddlers, this is a fun way to stand out from the crowd.

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Ice Ice Baby 

This is a punny costume for those who don’t want to take Halloween, or themselves, too seriously!

It can only really work with babies, so make sure you make the most of your first Halloween with your little ones.

You can find the DIY tutorial for this costume here.

Cartoon Families 

This is another way to involve younger children without scaring them with spooky Halloween costumes.

This can be based on your kids’ favourite cartoon, with popular costumes involving Monsters Inc., Toy Story, Up, Despicable Me and Trollz.


For a more typical Halloween costume, go for the spooky Zombie vibe.

There’s nothing scarier than an undead family, so go all out and zombify your look this Halloween.

You can make it more distinctive by adding a theme, such as zombie football players or zombie school children.

For more ideas, see this Pinterest post.


For a creepy and actually quite scary look, you can do what one parent did and turn your family into shadows for the evening.

Done by wearing black morph suits with black clothing layered over the top, this creates a spooky appearance that will really make an impact.

However, these costumes may be a tad uncomfortable for some, especially small children, so might be best used for a photoshoot.

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