20 Halloween Costume Ideas For Toddlers

It’s that time of year again! Almost Halloween…A time for trick or treating, plenty of sweets, crafts, and of course, dressing your little one up in the cutest Halloween costume.
Why not forget about the cat and ghost outfits this year and opt for something a little different? After all, you can dress your little one up as almost whatever you want – and it may be one of the last times you can get away with dressing them in a pumpkin outfit and them looking THIS cute. Here are a few of our favourite costume ideas for toddlers this year. Let the Halloween fun begin…

Astronaut/DIY Jetpack

Houston, we have a problem – cuteness overload! With this year marking the 50th anniversary of the first human landing on the moon, why not commemorate the occasion? You could even spend some time to make your own DIY jetpack together. Find out how here.


This is anything but scary! Super easy to put together and comfortable for your little one to play around in, this scarecrow costume could be your go-to this year.

Baby Shark

As perhaps the biggest craze of the past couple of years, your little one will no doubt be familiar with the infamous (and way too catchy) tune. Does this song make your toddler smile? Why not give them the costume to match this lovely grin?

80s Workout

It might be 2019, but that doesn’t mean your fancy dress has to stay in this year! The most fun costumes are often based on different eras, and this one is no different. Leg warmers and leotard at the ready for this super simple (and comfy!) costume.


Do you wanna build a snowman? With the new film out very soon, and the original STILL all that kids talk (and sing) about, this could be your little ones perfect costume choice this year. And if Elsa isn’t the one, don’t forget about Olaf, Anna and all the other character choices…

Sure, you could buy an outfit, but it could be much more fun to create one and make it into a project. All you need is a blue t-shirt and skirt, and some crafty supplies to make the cookies and face. Check out the tutorial here.

Branch or Princess Poppy

Trolls is one of the most popular kids crazes of recent years, with the soundtrack still being sung all over the world. Has your kid got sunshine in their pocket and good soul in their feet? Get the soundtrack on and have your own trolls party!

The Hobbit/Frodo

This classic is bound to be a crowd-pleaser. Your own little Frodo Baggins has never been more ‘precious’. This could be made DIY super easy too – check out this tutorial here


In a day full of scary ghosts and goblins, why not stand out from the crowd and spread some joy? Your little ray of sunshine will bring smiles to everyone wearing this. Shop here, or why not challenge yourself to conjure one up on the sewing machine?

ET Phone Home

Such an easy idea, but super clever – this costume could be put together with a simple jeans and hoodie combo. With the small addition of ET in his basket, everyone will know you your little one is. 

Chase/Paw Patrol

Chase is on the case! This one is sure to be a winner with your little one.  And if they don’t want to be Chase, there’s always other Paw Patrol characters to choose from, including Skye. Shop here.

Disney Prince/Princess

There’s just so many Disney princes and princesses, but your toddler is sure to have a favourite. Whether it’s Prince Eric or Snow White, there is bound to be a winner in the collection. Check out the Disney costume shop here.


Dressing your child up as a pumpkin is simply a rite of passage – every kid has to do it at some point. And is there any cuter costume? This is easily DIY-able too, and super affordable.


Some kids want to be a princess, but some want to be a jester and steal the spotlight. With this outfit option, you can sprinkle their personality throughout the style and make sure they laugh their way through Halloween. Check out these 15 circus theme costume ideas for the ultimate inspo.


Your toddler own dungarees and a shirt? You’ve got yourself a costume! Whether you go for a Woody from Toy Story outfit or make your own cowboy up, this is a really easy and fun option which your little one will love! Yee-haw!


Looking for a quick and easy outfit this year? Perhaps you don’t have too much time to stitch and sew, or even go out shopping. Yellow t-shirt and dungarees paired with some goggles, and bingo, you’ve got an amazing Halloween costume!

Up / Mr Fredrickson

The story of the man flying away on his balloon-lifted house is one of the nation’s favourite films, and children everywhere know and love it! So why not opt to dress your little one up at Russel, or even Mr Fredrickson? Cute, and original!

Harry Potter

There’s a character for everyone in Harry Potter. Whether you opt for the classic HP look with the glasses and scar or Dumbledore, this film offers the ultimate Halloween costume inspiration. Who will your little one become?


Whether its Spiderman, Superman or Batman, there’s a superhero for everyone. A mini-Spiderman is bound to make everyone have a happy Halloween!


Just because sweets and chocolate get all the attention on Halloween, it doesn’t mean they have to be centre spotlight. Why not dress your kid up as your favourite delicious delight?  These outfits may be a bit out there, but they could be the ‘taco’ of the town. Check out the taco DIY tutorial guide here.

Of course, this is just 20 of the thousands of possibilities for Halloween costumes. Whatever you end up dressing up as, be sure to let your little ones get involved, get crafty and make the experience fun! Happy Halloween!