20 Social Media Accounts Every Mum Should Be Following In 2017

While being a mum can be daunting, you’re never alone, and there’s always someone to share things with, whether it be your friends, other mums from nursery or school, or family members.

But with the rise of social media, you’ve now got your own huge community of fellow mummies at the click of a button!

There are all kinds of accounts across social media which are worth following as a mum, whether it be day to day Snapchat and Instagram stories, fashion tips, recipes, travel guides, you name it, there’s someone out there covering it.


Mummy, Daddy, Me

Lots of mums run Instagram accounts alongside their successful blogs, to act as a visual accompaniment to their posts, and Katie Ellison is one of them.

She started the blog over five years ago now, initially as a way to cope with boredom through her pregnancy, but now she’s racked up over 35,000 flowers on her Insta, where she shares the day to day lives and adventures of her, her husband and their three daughters.

Bev Cooks

US mum Bev is proud mum to an adorable pair of twins, but as you can probably tell from the title, food is the main theme on her feed.

She posts images of her latest creations, alongside plenty of Will and Natalie too, poking fun at the difficulties of raising children while celebrating the positives.

Sunday Collector

Aussie mum Briar is primarily a fashion/lifestyle blogger, but her kids take up an increasing amount of posts on her feed too!

She now uses her platform to reach out and provide a community to other mums on Instagram, and like others thinks it’s a great way to give her little ones a permanent diary they can look back on in years to come.

Little Spree

If you want to keep your little ones (and yourself) looking on point, check out the Instagram of Sarah Clark, a fashion editor who has worked for publications such as Marie Claire and Glamour.

She describes her feed as an “insider’s guide to dressing your kids in a beautiful and stylish way without maxing your credit card”.

Style Me Sunday

Natalie Lee is an East Londoner who charts the life of her and her ‘ratbags’, with a particular focus on celebrating diversity and uniqueness.

She believes that mums and kids should celebrate what makes them different, whether it be race, size, or in the case of her eldest daughter, the fact that she suffers from a rare genetic condition.


Jill Amery

At her @UrbanMommies handle, Jill shares things such as fashion tips, recipes and travel ideas as well as the usual relatable parenting tips for the 21st-century mummy.

Not only this, but Jill has been known to raise awareness on a number of important issues such as domestic violence and bullying.

Amy Lupold Bair

If you’re looking for ways to save money as a mum, check out Resourceful Mummy, Amy Bair.

She offers tips on how to make your money last, and also holds ‘Twitter Parties’, where her 525,000 followers can come together and share their experiences.


Netmums is the UK’s biggest parenting website, with millions of readers coming for their expert advice on a whole range of topics.

With over 141,000 followers on Twitter, you can see that they’re a trusted authority, so be sure to check them out.

Reasons My Son is Crying

One to follow for a bit of a laugh, ‘Reasons My Son is Crying’ does exactly what it says on the tin.

It started out as a personal project but now mums and dad from around the world use it as a place to share the weird and wonderful things that get their youngster’s waterworks started. It’s an all too relatable feed that we’re sure you’ll love.



Kelly has written a bestselling book and is a big deal across social media. While like many other mums, she has a big following on Twitter and Instagram, the real place to find her is on Snapchat, where she posts hilarious stories.


Ilana, author of ‘Mummy Shorts’ uses her Snapchat to give a more personal view into her life as a mum.

It’s a much sillier and more spontaneous feed than her Instagram, giving an insight into her day to day life as a mum.


Naomi Davis is a New York mum who has three children and shares her life in the Big Apple with her followers.

Whether it’s food, travel, family, or just everyday life in New York, you’ll agree that this is an adorable family!


For food inspiration in short, bite-sized chunks, follow Deb Perelman at Smitten Kitchen. Her Snapchat feed gives a glimpse not just at loads of amazing looking food, but also into her family life as the mother of her two assistants, Jacob and Anna.


Hello Fashion Blog is the perfect account to follow if you want some inspiration that you can still look and feel great as a mum.

Christine also has a down to earth approach which ensures that you won’t feel like you’re on the outside looking in.


Baby Gizmo

There are lots of gadgets, apps and products out there designed to help make being a parent that little bit easier, and this YouTube channel is a great way to stay across the latest, with product demos and reviews.

The family also share lots of funny skits and parodies to try and give you a bit of a laugh as well.

Sprinkle of Glitter

One of the most popular YouTubers in the UK, Sprinkle of Glitter is the home of Louise, a beauty vlogger whose channel features a lot of content about her five-year old daughter too.

She’s also pregnant at the moment, so be sure to tune in if you’re expecting yourself!

Anna Saccone

Anna Saccone is an Irish mum who covers all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle and of course… family.

She has a huge following of over a million and recently gave birth to her third child, so it’s a great time to start following her if you’ve got a newborn of your own.

What’s Up Moms

One of the most popular channels with mums on the whole of YouTube is What’s Up Moms, run by the trio of Elle, Meg and Brooke.

With over 1.7 million subscribers, they’ve got a huge following, who tune into their tutorials, guides, recipes and even parodies.

Giovanna’s World

You may recognise Giovanna as the wife of McFly star Tom Fletcher, or if that doesn’t ring any bells, you must have seen the adorable wedding speech video he posted which went viral four years ago.

Gi has her own channel where she discusses not just her life as a mum, but also as an author and TV presenter.