6 Kids New Year’s Party Ideas

Can you believe 2019 is almost over? As a family, you’ve probably had a whirlwind of a year, with so many stories and memories created, so why not end the year and begin the new in the same way? 

This year’s New Year party, gather the kids and make it a party to remember for years to come. Here are 6 unique kids New Years party ideas to ensure your little ones have the time of their lives as we leave 2019 behind…

The Ultimate Slumber Party

Pitch camp in the living room with fairy lights, duvets, cushions, teddies, your favourite family films and wait for the hours to pass until midnight. Earlier in the evening, get the kids involved in making snack bags full of goodies, each complete with a party popper for when the clock strikes twelve. 

When midnight hits, get the music on and have your own little family party, until you simply can’t dance anymore. A great way to tire your little ones out after so much excitement to get them ready to sleep in no time!

Fancy Dress

Everyone loves fancy dress! Why not send out a couple of invites to your kids’ closest friends, invite their parents and choose a fancy dress theme? Seeing as we will be moving into 2020, the perfect theme could be the roaring 20’s – The Great Gatsby in 2020! Your kids will love getting dressed up and dancing along to the 20’s music. You could even learn a dance routine as a group. The Charleston, anyone? 

Be sure to give out a prize to the best dressed and take plenty of pictures, no matter what your theme is.

It’s All Fun & Games…

There’s nothing quite like organising a classic party at home, complete with dance floor and party games. Pass the parcel and musical chairs are a must! You and the kids spend the day decorating the house with banners and balloons and preparing a small buffet for friends and family. In the evening, get your glad rags on and be ready to enjoy some dancing and a classic countdown to the new year. Be sure to ask your little ones which games they want to play and be prepared with party-poppers as the countdown begins!

For an added touch, why not create a clock around the house using balloons. Each balloon has the time on and every hour, you must pop the right balloon!

Crafty Countdown

Getting ready for the party is often the most fun part – decorating and preparing the home or venue means getting creative, and often messy. So, why not make this a part of the party? Use the day to create homemade sparklers, fireworks, banners and much more. Then when the evening begins, you can put on some music and enjoy a colourful and decorated room as you celebrate the start of 2020!

Click here to see a whole load of craft ideas. A wishing wall is a great idea for everyone. 

Goody Bag Countdown

Goody bags always go down a treat at kids parties, so why not make it the entire evening, one big treat? Each hour leading up to midnight, fill a bag with toys, sweets, puzzles and more, leading up to a bigger and better gift each time. Be sure to leave the noisemakers and party poppers for the midnight bag. 

Kids find it hard to stay up till midnight, even if they really want to. These goodie bags make it simply irresistible. On top of this, be sure to add games, music, dancing and food to the evening of fun. For a more in-depth tutorial, click here.

Paint Party

There’s no questioning that kids love getting messy and creative, and with a paint party, they can do just that. All you need to do is buy lots of paints, in all different colours, and of course, protect your home (if planning on doing it at home), with covers and sheets. 

Why not paint one wall in your little one’s room white (cover the rest of the room, of course), and let the kids create their own masterpiece? You could also just buy a couple of large canvases and let the kids reign free on these. Happy painting!

A unique party for New Year, but one that will create more than an internal memory – it will create actual artwork in your home! When the new year countdown begins, have the paint powder at the ready to create your own fireworks!

However you spend your New Years Eve, be sure to get your little ones involved, even if it’s just helping prepare the buffet. This family time is vital as children are growing up and learning, so make every moment count.

Whatever you end up doing, be sure to stay safe, have lots of fun, and make it one to remember. 3…2….1…. Happy New Year!