Festive Baking: 10 Recipes To Try With The Kids This Christmas

Christmas baking is fun for everyone, especially the kids. Getting messy in the kitchen is just the start of the festive fun and can even create some great gifts for the entire family. This time of year is a great excuse to get creative with your culinary skills, wrap the sweet treats up in a bow for granny’s gift, or simply watch a Christmas film with your homemade goodies. 

Here are ten of our favourite festive recipes that the little ones can help out with.

Gingerbread People

Is it even Christmas without gingerbread? Getting the kids involved in this one is super easy and fun! The aroma of homemade gingerbread will take over the house and get everyone feeling festive. Be sure to buy in the tubes of icing and sweets for decoration.

an image of gingerbread people decorated with pink icing

Snowman Biscuits

These cute circular cookies make the perfect decorating task for a snowman. If the kids would prefer an art project, you could bake them alone and freeze later. You can then bring them out for a rainy (or cold!) day for a fun family activity. Be sure to add a marshmallow for a 3D effect!

image of snowman cookies with blue and pink icing

Elf/Santa Cupcakes

Alongside a super easy design-you-own chimney activity, these fun cupcakes see clumsy Santa (or an elf!) falling down the chimney. Baking with the kids has never been so fun! Check out the chimney template here. Feel free to get creative with your cupcakes though as your kids probably have plenty of ideas they want to bring to life.

Christmas Pudding Cake Pops

Christmas pudding calls for an acquired taste, and not many kids actually like it. Too much fruit! However, they won’t be able to refuse these adorable cake pops! If you don’t fancy making them before Christmas, these are ideal to make with the leftover pudding mix! 

image shows eight snowy white christmas cake pops

Snowflake Pretzels

Simple yet so elegant (and scrumptious), snowflake pretzels will go down a storm with the whole family. They are the perfect treat to package up to give as an edible Christmas gift too. They only take around 30 minutes to make, but 2 minutes to devour. Enjoy!

Christmas Rocky Road

This is a classic treat that all kids love to eat, and make. Giving rocky road a seasonal twist is a great way to get the festive feeling. Add in some glace cherries, mini marshmallows, and don’t forget the fresh snowfall of icing sugar on top. 

an image of chocolate rocky road pudding

White Chocolate Unicorn Bark

Ok, it’s not that festive, but it’s unique, and the kids (and adults too!) will go mad for it at Christmas parties. It takes less than 20 minutes to conjure up and is a magical treat for all. If you want to make more festive, use Christmas colours, add some baubles (candy sprinkles) and of course some icing sprinkled for snowfall frosting.

Rudolph Shortbread

Shortbread is often a sweet weakness for many. Who doesn’t like shortbread? These simple yet scrumptious treats are the perfect treat to please everyone at the party, and the kids will love getting involved. Decorate with smarties or other sweets and be sure to add the pretzel reindeer antlers.

Winter Wonderland Cake

A classic sponge cake is always a good choice for baking with kids – especially when it comes to festive decorating. You may have to resist eating all the buttercream beforehand (the hardest part!), but it’ll be worth it. Make sure you are armed with plenty of candy canes and other festive sweets to get imaginative with the aesthetic.

an image of a christmas cake decorated with gold and green toys

Snow Globe Hot Chocolate

It’s not technically baking, but the children will absolutely love this sweet treat. After all, you get chocolate, marshmallows, strawberry laces and more, all in one cup! These are the ultimate homemade gift for friends and family, and only take around 20 minutes to prepare. If you can’t resist though, simply add your hot milk (be sure to remove your snowman first!). Christmas eve drink by the fire?

am image of hot chocolate in a candy cane striped mug

Christmas is the perfect time to spend quality time with the whole family, and get the kids involved – and baking is a great way to do this. Even if the little ones are just watching and learning or washing up, it’s still a  great way to have much-needed bonding time; and help them gain important baking skills they may need put to use one day.

Happy holidays and happier baking!