7 Christmas Craft Ideas For Kids

Christmas is just around the corner and the school holidays are even closer, so are you ready for another few weeks of trying to keep the kids entertained? With all the excitement of the festive season along with the promise of Santa’s visit and plenty of sugary treats, it can be difficult to peel the kids off the ceiling and keep them calm and relaxed.

However, keeping them entertained with a variety of crafty projects can be an excellent way to keep them busy at the same time as encouraging them to use their imagination and develop a number of different skills. 

We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite festive crafts so you can get stuck in this Christmastime.

No-Sew Sock Snowman Craft

This craft looks fantastic but actually takes very little effort and you don’t even have to get the needle and thread out, making it even more ideal for little ones. You’ll need to help out with glueing the buttons and the nose on, but the rest can be up to the kids!

You can display these little snowmen on the mantlepiece or even pop one at each place setting of the dining table for Christmas Day dinner.

Cupcake Christmas Trees

This craft doesn’t need any baking but you will need some baking supplies to make these little Christmas trees. You can use any colour so make sure to pick up plenty of different cupcake cases so the kids can create plenty of different designs. 

You could use these cupcake trees to decorate Christmas cards or even attach them to a length of twine for some particularly festive bunting.

Clothespin Snowmen

These clothespins are a fun and simple craft that can actually have some very practical uses. Why not use them to display your Christmas cards in a particularly festive way.

You won’t need many items to create your snowmen so this could be a good craft if you need a fun activity in a hurry. 

Waterless Snow Globes

Snowglobes are undeniably festive so these are a great craft to get into the Christmas mood, plus, they’re great fun to make. 

You can have fun creating different winter scenes using miniature Christmas trees, snowmen, or any other festive decorations. With a bit of fake snow and glitter added to the jar, you’ll be able to create magical and festive scenes.

Grinch Slime

What could be more popular with the kids than making their own slime? While this recipe makes plenty of green, glittery slime, you can always use different coloured glitter and food colouring to fit different festive themes, such as red for Santa Clause or white for a snowman.

Not only will the crafting keep the kids entertained, they’ll get to play with it afterwards, making sure they get double the fun out of it.

Pinecone Tree Craft

Use this craft to add even more festive decorations to your home and have fun with the kids while doing it. You can even have fun collecting pinecones if you can find them! If your local area is lacking in pinecone supply, you can usually pick them up at art shops, market stalls or online.

If you don’t want to use the wooden slices as a base, you could always use thread or twine to turn the pinecone into a decoration that you can hang on the tree.

Salt Dough Ornaments

Not only will you and your little helpers have plenty of fun with this craft, you’ll also get a special keepsake out of it that you’ll be able to keep forever. Get the kids to make their handprints and footprints before decorating these ornaments. 

You could even try out this craft every year so you can track their growth with each Christmas.

Christmas is the perfect time to try out these crafts with the kids, so why not give these ones a go to keep everyone entertained while you get in the festive spirit.

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