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10 Christmas Present Ideas For Boys

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’ll bet that you’re busy scratching your head at what you can gift your little ones this Christmastime – don’t they always seem to have it all?

Don’t worry, we have you covered! We’ve got a pretty good idea of what’s cool when it comes to Christmas presents for little boys – and who doesn’t want to see their little faces light up as they tear into their presents?

Struggling for inspiration? Here are some fail-safe ideas for presents for the little boys in your life!

Slime Toys

The slime craze is still alive and well, and there’s still plenty of options to choose from when it comes to buying brand new slime toys. After all, have you seen the state of slime when it’s been played with a few times?

If you want to save yourself a lot of time (and mess) by avoiding making your own and, instead, opting to buy some of the funky colours, patterns, textures and scents, there are still plenty of manufacturers who have slime ready to buy.

It makes the perfect simple stocking filler, and gives hours of endless fun – what more could you want? 

A New Outfit 

We’re not sure about you, but every Christmas, we used to get a brand new outfit, especially for Christmas day. Not only does it give your children something new and smart to wear over the Christmas holidays, but it’s also a great excuse to update their wardrobe. Let’s face it, kids grow far too fast and boys especially seem to go through clothes in record time.

If you’re a fashion-conscious parent, take a look at what is in right now; colour, patterns, cuts are things to look out for. However, if you’re more about comfort and durability than all-out style, look for brands which are known to be hardy and tough – it’ll save you taking your sewing kit out every day to patch those holed-knees!

Science Kits

What little boy doesn’t want to do experiments and (potentially) make stuff (safely) explode? Science kits have been on the shelves for years, they’re still as popular as ever before, and they’re a great way to have an excuse to sit down with your boy and learn about chemical reactions and make something fun and exciting happen.

Whether it’s creating an erupting ‘volcano’, digging deep and discovering ‘dinosaur’ bones with an excavation kit, learning about engineering or even replicating how human lungs work – there are plenty of pre-made kits out there for you and your child to enjoy.

New Shoes

Much like clothing, we’re willing to bet that you’ve lost count of how many pairs of shoes you’ve gone through in the last twelve months alone… let alone the whole lifespan of your children.

New outfits provide the excuse of new shoes, but there’s never a bad time to invest in some new kicks for your kids, especially as they grow and wear out pairs simply through playing and enjoying themselves.

Again, look for brands that are known for longevity – they may seem to cost a little more but they’ll be more reliable in the long run than cheaper brands which don’t have rigorous play in mind.

Build Your Own Kits

Get those young brains working and their creativity flowing with kits which require instructions to be followed. Whether it’s building a replica plane, a lego kit or even crossing over with the science kits and getting them to design and build their own rockets – it’s a present that will both keep them entertained for hours while helping them improve their problem solving and instruction following skills.

They’ll get a sense of pride when they complete their project, and there’s nothing better as a parent than seeing your child proud of their successes!

Minibeast Habitats

For those boys who just looove to play with creepy crawlies, why not encourage them to study them safely and securely, rather than just in a butter tub in their room?

There are plenty of kits out there, from worm farms to triop tanks and even ant farms, that allow kids to watch and learn about these fascinating creatures without potentially causing an ant infestation in your home. When the instructions in these kits are followed properly, it can be a great way for your boys to learn more about the creatures they’ve collected – and there’s often very little upkeep needed!


Whether your children can read or not, you can never go wrong with a good book. It doesn’t matter if they’re into their sci-fi, prefer fantasy or enjoy reading facts, there’s a book for every child – and we’re all for getting more children back into reading!

Take a look at the book charts for children at your local bookshop for some inspiration for new reading material – they’re also there to help you find the perfect book, so by telling them what your little boy likes, they should be able to match them with the perfect new book.

A Sturdy Coat

While the weather is cold and bleak, it’s important that your child is wrapped up warm – while also looking stylish!

A sturdy coat is a great investment at this time of year; not only does it keep them warm, but a good, warm, waterproof coat can be a great way to inspire your child to enjoy the great outdoors, despite all the horrible weather!

Try and find a coat that is adventure proof – that is, one which can stand the test of running around and exploring without ripping or leaking, or even restricting movement.

Games (Board and Console)

We are definitely in the age of technology and, chances are, that you’ve already thought about a game for your boy – after all, there are plenty to choose from!

But what about board games? Yes, you may be being pestered for the latest PS4 or XBOX One release, but board games are also fun for all the family – a great excuse to get everyone gathered around and having fun in person rather than staring at a screen for hours on end.

Thinking Outside the Box

While there are gifts which are obviously marketed towards boys, we know that every child has their own likes and dislikes – and we love to encourage parents to embrace what their kids love, regardless of whether someone else considers it to be a “boy toy” or a “girly gift”.

There are plenty of boys who love playing with dolls prams, and who doesn’t want their interactive baby doll to have the best possible pram and dolls pram accessories? We’re proud to offer a wide range of Silver Cross doll prams that are not only perfect for your little one and what they love, but they look super stylish and smart, too!

We hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas period – and hope Father Christmas brings you all you could dream for and more! Take a look at our range of Christmas present ideas for girls for more inspiration.