10 Christmas Present Ideas For Girls

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re almost certain we can hear those elves getting the workshop ready for a very busy Christmas Eve. If you’re trying to be as organised as the jolly man himself, you may be looking for some inspiration and ideas for Christmas present ideas for girls.

Luckily for you, we’re pretty clued up when it comes to the best gift ideas! There are so many gift options to consider, from the latest books and games to dolls prams and pushchairs. We’ve pulled together some of our favourites to help you in the mad rush up to Christmas with gift ideas that are sure to hit the mark with any little girl! 

1. Arts and craft kits

Get those ideas flowing and encourage your little one to think outside the box with creative craft kits. Not only does a kit allow your child to express themselves creatively in a fun way, but they also help them develop life skills. They can learn to follow instructions and create a sense of pride when completing their arts and crafts project!

There are lots of different craft kits out there to choose from, including pottery kits, jewellery making, sewing, foil art and more. Your little girl could even get their dolls involved in the process. 

2. Room decorations and artwork 

We all have a say in what our home looks like overall, so why not let your little girl create her princess palace in her bedroom? Rather than leaving the walls bare, you could give your daughter the chance to make it into her comfort zone.

There are lots of gifts you can buy as presents for your little girl this Christmas. Think dream catchers, battery-powered fairy lights, throws, rugs, stylish organisers – you’d be surprised at just how much excitement a few carefully handpicked bedroom items can bring! As well as being an incredible present, room decorations and artwork help encourage them to create a space in which they feel safe and comfortable!

3. Interactive baby dolls 

Playing with interactive dolls is far from just a stage that a child goes through. In fact, playing with dolls can help children understand how to care for one another. For many, they make a bond for life with their dolls. Buying an interactive doll is a great Christmas present idea for girls. Not only will they play with their doll, but they can also mimic the actions of their parents, grandparents and caregivers. Kids love to be just like their heroes and, with their own interactive baby doll, they can do just that!

4. Cosy Christmas gifts for girls

Nothing is better than curling up in cosy clothes on a winter’s night. Cosy Christmas gifts for girls are a must and are sure to be a hit! Teaching your little ones that it’s okay to take a step back and relax once in a while is a great gift. 

By giving them something cosy, you can encourage relaxation. From bath sets and sweet treats to mermaid blankets and fluffy slippers, there are lots to choose!


Buying some new fluffy bedding for your child’s bed is a great idea, especially in colder months. You could buy a brand new fun duvet set or find some soft blankets to keep them wrapped up.

Pyjamas & dressing gowns

Who doesn’t love a new set of pyjamas? We’re sure she’ll love a brand new dressing gown or a cosy pair of pyjamas this Christmas. You could go one step further and find a matching set for her baby doll!

Socks & slippers

Fluffy socks are a perfect stocking stuffer and will keep her feet warm! Cute slippers are another great option during the festive season and go perfectly with pyjamas. 

5. Exciting books to read and colour

In a world of technology, it can be hard to find time to sit down and read a good book – we all know that. But it’s so important we don’t forget about the magic and wonder a good book can instil in our minds. To a young person, books open up a whole wide world of imagination-boosting stories and tales.

It doesn’t matter whether they can read or not, take a look at your local bookstore and see what they have in their children’s book chart. The sales assistants should be able to help you find the perfect book for any little girl in your life simply by giving them an idea of what they like and dislike.

Colouring books are another fantastic idea and make the perfect gift for toddlers, younger kids and teenagers. Your child can decorate each page as they want and this is something they can do with their friends. Let’s keep the magic of reading alive!

6. Dolls prams and pushchairs

If you have a little girl who absolutely loves her dolls, why not consider investing in a dolls pram that will last for years to come? 

Our exclusive range of dolls prams and dolls pushchairs make the perfect wow-factor Christmas present – and you have the benefit of knowing that it’ll last for years to come! We have options for all age ranges, including toddler dolls prams, dolls prams for 4 to 7-year-olds, and dolls prams for 8 to 12-year-olds

If your little one has our Susie interactive doll, you can unlock some magical features if you use it with our Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 Dolls Pram and Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram ranges.

Dolls pram accessories 

Complete the look this Christmas with our stylish matching dolls pram accessories! A dolls pram accessory set is an excellent present whether your child has a pram already or you’re thinking of buying one. They come with an umbrella, mattress, bag and rain cover, giving your little girl everything they need. 

Why not buy a doll high chair or doll car seat so your daughter can bring her favourite baby doll out with her wherever she goes. 

7. Baking and cooking equipment 

There are plenty of kits around for girls who love to get stuck into festive baking projects that broaden their skills and knowledge while producing some incredible, edible outcomes.

Whether it’s a doughnut machine, a biscuit-making kit or a cupcake baking and decorating set, a bake your own gift is a great way to encourage kids to make their own delicious food. You’ll be thanked even more if you let them lick the spoon afterwards!

8. Clothing and accessories 

One of the very best gifts for girls is new clothing, shoes and accessories. Dressing up gives your little ones the chance to experiment, develop their personality and find a style they love! You can also do many activities with clothes, from trying a tie-dye DIY kit to making your own hair accessories. 

New clothes

Keep your girls looking fabulous, stylish, comfy and cosy with a brand new outfit at Christmas time. New clothing is a great present to open on Christmas morning, as it’s a good excuse to wear and look fabulous all day!

As children grow so fast, you often go through so many clothes, even during a period of a few months. A new outfit at Christmas is the perfect excuse to invest in some clothing. Make sure the shoes are of good quality and up to the task of being played in.

Outfit accessories

What’s an outfit without accessories? Whether it’s a new luxury tote bag, dolls changing bag, hair accessories to highlight an outfit, some trendy sterling silver jewellery to add sparkle or some funky tights to set their look apart, accessories are a great, easy stocking filler.

Accessories can be as big or as small as you’re willing to make them. Try and match them up with as many outfits as you can think of to get the most out of them. You could find some makeup like an eyeshadow palette, lip gloss or blush as well as a cute body mist if your daughter is a little older. 

New shoes

Shoes are an investment, but they can also make the best gift, especially if paired with a brand new outfit. Kids are forever growing faster than we care to admit, and we’ll bet you’ve already thought of buying new shoes multiple times this year already for your girls as their feet continue to grow.

Again, ensure you’re looking at brands that are known to be durable. Life as a little girl can be very demanding, and they need their shoes to keep up with their playing! 

9. Technology and gaming

Another present idea for girls this festive season is to see what new technology or games they might be interested in. From the latest consoles to cameras and music, there are lots to keep your child entertained. Tech is also great for learning and you can often find many fun educational apps to help with your child’s learning. 


Taking pictures is exciting and a small camera is a perfect gift for girls. They can take their camera out with them when they go for a walk and capture lots of important memories with their family and friends. Both disposable cameras and digital cameras offer a great option and encourage your child to spend time exploring. 

Handheld games console

Gaming has become more popular in recent years and handheld consoles like the Nintendo Switch make great Christmas gifts for keen gamers. There are lots of games to choose from and your daughter could use her console to learn all the basics of maths, spelling and more!

Tablets are another option to consider and are a popular gift option. Your child doesn’t need to have their tablet or console all the time! You can also download educational apps to progress their learning. 

Music & instruments 

Treating your little girl to music or a musical instrument is a perfect gift for any music lover. Whether your child loves to listen to the latest songs or is interested in playing a guitar, there are so many gift options to pick from. 

Listening to and playing music is a great way to develop and learn. It also offers hours of fun and you could buy them a vinyl record player.

10. Toys for outdoor playtime 

Why not encourage your girls to get out in the fresh air more by investing in some outdoor toys? While many still love to explore the outdoors, others need a bit more encouragement. 

With the help of items such as bikes, scooters, rollerskates, trampolines and more, it can make the outdoors seem far more appealing and she’ll love exploring the outside world! No matter what you decide to get your girls this Christmas, we hope you have a wonderful festive period with the whole family!

If you need any further inspiration on the best gifts for girls, look through our collection of dolls pram sets at Play Like Mum. Take a look at our guide on Christmas present ideas for boys for further inspiration.