The Perfect Dolls Pram For Children Over 10

image of a smiling girl to illustrate a blog post about dolls prams for childrn eolder than 10

Choosing an age-appropriate dolls pram for your child is important – so they get maximum enjoyment out of their new toy, it fits their needs and will keep them entertained for a few years. In this post, we look at how to choose the right dolls pram and why shopping by age range is a great idea. We’ll also pick out what we consider to be the perfect dolls pram for children over 10 years old.

Age-Appropriate Dolls Pram Design For Children Older Than 10

As your child gets older, the design of the dolls prams you choose for them (or they choose!), should evolve to include more features, be more age-appropriate, and feel more exciting.

The most obvious factor to consider is that an older child will likely require a bigger dolls pram! According to, the average 10 year old is 4ft 6.5in (both boys and girls), so to comfortably push a dolls pram, they’re going to need a taller model or one that has extendable handles. Features such as extendable handles will also mean your child can play with the pram as they continue to grow.

As a child gets older, they may also want a dolls pram which has a more appealing design and perhaps looks more grown up, or more like a full size pram. A sophisticated design that looks ‘just like Mums’ will be much more appealing to older children.

The Daisy Chain Zipp Zennith Dolls Pushchair is a great example of the perfect dolls pram for children over 10 years old. It’s our tallest dolls pushchair and comes equipped with adjustable handles so is even suitable for above-average height children.

Available in three colours, older children will love the sleek design of the Twilight collection in particular, as the prams in this collection look the closest to ‘real dolls prams’.

image shows a young girl in brown coat with her limited edition zipp zenith dolls pushchair

Durability and Material Matters To Older Children

When it comes to choosing a dolls pram for an older child, durability and the materials the pram is made from are important. Children at 10 years old, whilst they will play in a more controlled way than a toddler would, will still have bumps and scrapes. So choosing a hardwearing dolls pram will mean their toy will stand up to even the most boisterous of play.

When it comes to materials, look for dolls prams that are constructed from metals and quality hard plastics, with rubber wheels, and comfortable features such as soft grip handles.

Dolls Pram Functional Features For Children Older Than 10

We’ve already mentioned an older child would benefit from a dolls pram with adjustable handles, but what other features should you look for when buying your 10 year old a dolls pram?

Simple stroller-style prams are great for younger children because they haven’t yet learnt the dexterity skills needed to configure different types of prams, but an older child will find a pram with multiple combinations more exciting and have fun changing the look and style of their pram.

Older children may also enjoy a pram that has more storage capacity such as a shopping basket underneath the pram or dolls prams accessories such as a changing bag.

Educational Benefits

Playing with dolls prams is suitable for children of all ages because of the learning and development benefits it can provide.

Children at 10 are still learning, and for many children, imaginative play will still very much be a part of their playtime. Dolls prams provide your 10 year old with the perfect opportunity for continued development, helping them develop social skills, learn how to play independently and continue learning through role play.

Our Favourite Pram For Children 10 Years +

Taking into consideration what we’ve talked about in this post, if we had to choose one of our own models as the perfect dolls pram for children over 10, we would have to choose the Daisy Chain Pinnacle!

Our largest and best pram, the Pinnacle is a double pram that can be used in multiple ways. It offers many exciting combinations for your child to explore and keep them interested. The pram can be used as single pram, doubled up for two dolls, and the cots can be turned to either face your child or be ‘world facing’. There are over 15 combinations so we can guarantee your child won’t get bored.

Daisy Chain Pinnacle Double Dolls Pram in Bumblebee fabric. The pram has a black frame with yellow accents. Cot has a bumblebee fabric body and pushchair seat has a black body. Both the cot and seat have hoods which are half black and half bumblebee fabric. Girl holding pram handles on left of shot in grey dungarees and yellow t-shirt. Set on grass in front of a metal field gate.

Offered in three colourways, the Pinnacle features a netted shopping basket, and an adjustable handle height from 67-95cm.

To keep the fun going, we also offer an accessory pack for the Pinnacle, that includes a cosy toe, a mattress, changing bag, and two rain covers.

In addition, we have a compatible 4 in 1 high chair/car seat that will extend your child’s play and keep them interested.

So there we have it – the perfect dolls pram for a 10 year old!

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