Can You Buy Car Seats For Dolls?

unity car seat for dolls

Car seats are important for keeping baby safe during car travel and are one of the first things new parents will buy. At Play Like Mum, we’re all about realism with our dolls prams and pushchairs so we wanted to take that idea and create a replica toy for children to use for their baby dolls! So if you’re wondering, ‘Can you buy car seats for dolls?’ – the answer is yes!

Our products are based on real-life prams and in addition to being high quality, we want children and parents alike to have an authentic experience whilst playing with our dolls prams. Our car seat for dolls solution is no different – read on for further details.

Why Would A Doll Need A Car Seat?

The simple answer – why not? From day one, our products have been designed to mimic real prams, just like the ones parents use and to further extend the line and add an extra element of fun for children, we introduced more products that are just like the real thing. That includes a car seat and a highchair.

Real babies have car seats for obvious reasons – to keep them safe during car travel and we believe dolls should be treated the same! Purchasing a dolls car seat for your child has several benefits.

Firstly, next time you go on holiday or any sort of car journey, having a dolls car seat can help keep your child entertained and playing for longer. We all know how quickly children can become bored on car journeys and if you’re looking for an alternative idea to having them watch their iPad, a doll car seat means they will have something to play with.

Once your little one is secured in the back of the car, their dolly can join them in their own dedicated car seat. Whilst on a journey, your child can keep an eye on their dolly, check they aren’t hungry and have some company!

an image of a family in a car the parents are in the front smilign and the child is in the back of the car playing with a car seat for dolls

Dolls car seats are also a great way to teach children about responsibility and safety. When playing with a dolls car seat, try introducing these ideas to your child – why a car seat is used, why it’s important the straps are fastened etc. You could even use a pretend car seat to emphasise to children why they need to sit in a car or booster seat themselves.

Car seats for dolls are just one more way to broaden your child’s imagination, keep them playing for longer, and help them learn through role play.

Travel Systems For Dolls

Car seats for dolls are part of a wider range of options we have for children wanting to play with their dolls prams for longer and can form part of a travel system for dolls.

Having a travel system for your little ones dolls means they can take their play anywhere – on day trips, holidays, and visits to family members.

Products like our Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram In Bumblebee are classed as a travel system as the carrycot can be removed and used to transport a doll in the back of a car.

Our Daisy Chain Connect 5 In 1 Dolls Pram In Classic Pink can also be played with in multiple ways – again, the removable carrycot can come in handy for car journeys.

However, if you’re looking for the most realistic car seat option for your childs dolls, then our Daisy Chain Unity 4 In 1 High Chair/Car Seat is the right choice for you…

Daisy Chain Unity Car Seat For Dolls

Our Unity 4 in 1 car seat and high chair is one of our best sellers and is extremely popular with our younger fans due to its versatility and how similar it is to a real-life car seat and highchair. Let’s take a closer look…

We designed the Unity car seat/high chair as a multipurpose product as we wanted your family to get the most out of the product and make it suitable for play at home, away, and on the road.

Daisy Chain Unity High Chair/Car Seat in Classic Pink fabric. Car seat is in Classic Pink and black fabric with an embroidered Daisy Chain logo in black on the hood. The car seat is off the frame and sat next to it.Firstly, the Unity can be used at home as a dolls highchair – it comes with a sturdy stand, seat, and removable feeding tray to make it super realistic. There is basket beneath the frame too which can be used for storing any dolls accessories such as clothes or nappies.

The seat is removable and converts into a dolls car seat and can be taken on the road wherever you and your child go. The really fun part about the seat is how similar it is to a real-life car seat – it can be fitted into your car, just like the real thing. Providing your child with hours of extra fun, the Unity 4 in 1 car seat also comes in several different colours that match our dolls prams. This means if you already have products from us, the Unity will match nicely.

It doesn’t stop there though…the car seat is compatible with our Connect 5 in 1 Pram frame, Destiny Pram frame and Pinnacle Pram frame. If your child already has one of these models, the car seat clips neatly on the frame, making a complete travel system.

The cots that come with the models mentioned above also fit onto the Unity highchair frame to create a cot on a stand that can be played with at home – our products are all completely compatible with each other!

For even more matching products, you can shop our full range of accessories here.