Can You Buy Travel System Doll Prams?

travel system dolls pram

If you’re looking for a travel system for your child’s doll or aren’t even aware that such a product exists, read on for more information, buying advice, and a look at some of our exclusive Daisy Chain dolls pram travel systems.

What Are Dolls Pram Travel Systems?

Travel system doll prams are made to replicate real-life baby travel systems. They include a chassis, car seat, and usually a carrycot. The car seat and carrycot will be interchangeable on the pram chassis, meaning parents can transport a baby from car to pram, without disturbing them, as the car seat simply slots onto the pram chassis.

Travel systems make prams more versatile and save having to buy multiple prams for different purposes, especially when a baby is very young.

This idea has been replicated in the dolls pram world because having a pram that closely replicates real world ones offers more play options and fun for children, and they also appeal to older children who may want a more sophisticated toy.

Why Buy A Travel System Doll Pram For Your Child?

If you wish to buy a travel system dolls pram for your child, they will be delighted with the extra functionality the pram provides.

The reason you should buy a travel system for their doll is to simply increase the amount of fun they can have at playtime. Most travel systems for dolls, including several of our models come with multiple configurations meaning your child can use the toy in various ways.

A travel system for dolls can also turn travel into playtime for your child, reducing boredom a lot of children feel when travelling in a car. When you are going on a car journey, your little one can bring their dolls pram along with them – the car seat can be unclipped from the chassis and placed in the back of the car next to your child, just like a real baby car seat. Your child can travel alongside their baby doll, securely in the back of the car and your child ‘keeping an eye’ on their doll can help alleviate boredom.

a family with mum, dad, and child sit in the boot of a car

The chassis of the dolls pram can go in the back of your car, meaning when you reach your destination, your child will have their pram ready to go and have fun, wherever you are. Even if your pram only comes with a removable carrycot, this can also be placed separately in the back of your next to your child.

This type of play encourages your child to use their imagination, acting out scenarios, and learning about the responsibility of care.

For older children, a travel system for their doll will be more appealing. Older children appreciate more sophisticated toys that have more functionality and also like toys that replicate ‘real world’ versions.

Because doll travel systems have multiple uses, they can also hold appeal longer with your child, as your child grows older and learns to appreciate the different functions and combinations of their dolls pram.

Daisy Chain Travel Systems For Dolls

At Play Like Mum we provide several dolls pram that when combined with separate accessories can be considered travel systems.

Suitable for children aged 5 – 9 years old, our Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram is ideal for growing children who want a dolls pram with more options. The carrycot is easily removable from the frame and can be altered to use as a lay flat carry cot or as a pushchair seat. When in the pushchair seat position, the carry cot is also ideal for placing in the back of a car alongside your child.

Daisy Chain Destiny Travel System Dolls Pram in Bumblebee fabric. The pram has a black frame, cot has a black quilted fabric body with an apron on top in bumblebee fabric shown in the image in pushchair mode and hood is half black and half bumblebee fabric. The pram has yellow wheels with black tyres.

Alternatively, you can purchase our separate baby doll car seat. This clever toy is 4 in 1 because the seat can be used as a car seat, easily clipping onto the Destiny chassis, or it can be used at home as a highchair on its dedicated stand. The stand also accepts the carrycots from our other pram models.

For maximum playtime for your child, buy the Destiny Travel System and our 4 in 1 car seat/highchair together.

The Unity Car Seat/ Highchair, also works in combination with several of our other doll pram model, seamlessly fastening onto the chassis.

Daisy Chain Unity High Chair/Car Seat in Bumblebee fabric. Car seat shown in bumblebee fabric with a black canopy and black plastic base. Shown on the Daisy Chain Destiny dolls pram frame which is black with yellow wheels.

When combined with the Daisy Chain Connect 5 in 1 dolls pram, your child will have a complete travel system for their doll, complete with options for playing both at home, in the car, and out and about.

Alternatively, the Unity Car Seat can be combined with our most luxurious and biggest dolls pram – the Pinnacle double dolls pram. This combination is ideal for older children and the options for play are endless, and because the chassis can hold two seats, your child can bring along two of their favourite toys or dolls.

How Old Does My Child Need To Be For A Dolls Pram Travel System?

We hope the product above have inspired you and you feel tempted to make your little ones birthday or Christmas with a travel system for dolls.

You might just have one last question about age suitability. We recommend our dolls travel system is for children over five years old. If your child is younger, they may not fully appreciate the functionality and may be better with one of our models that are suitable for 1 – 3 year olds.

You can browse all of our dolls prams and pushchairs here.