Revealed: The World’s Most Family-Friendly Airlines (2019)

Travelling can be stressful enough at the best of times and there’s no getting away from the fact that it can be even worse when you’re heading on a family vacation with little ones.

But this doesn’t always have to be the case and airlines often do their best to try and make the experience of travelling with kids go that little bit smoother. 

Last year we analysed 20 major airlines on a range of factors to try and determine which were the most family-friendly, with British Airways and Emirates coming out on top

We’ve now updated the research for 2019 (as well as adding in a new section for ‘seat comfort’), with Emirates holding on to the top spot, and British Airways being replaced with Qatar Airways.

So put your child’s dolls pram in the cargo hold, sit back, and relax, as we take you through the worlds top 20 family friendly airlines.

See the full rankings for yourself below:


We ranked 20 of the world’s biggest airlines on the following factors, based on short-haul international flights being made on a base economy fare (excluding special ‘saver’ or ‘lite’ options which families would be unlikely to use). 

Free Seat Selection – Does the airline allow you to select your own seat free of charge (including those which allow you to do so after checking in, when availability might be limited)?

Free Checked Baggage – Does the airline allow you check at least one piece of luggage into the hold free of charge?

Pre-Boarding for Families – Does the airline give priority to those travelling with small children when boarding?

No ‘Lap Fees’ – Does the airline charge an extra fee for an infant travelling on an adults lap (usually around 10% of a normal adult fee?

Kids Meals – Does the airline offer specific food and drink options for children?

Free Kids Entertainment – Does the airline provide entertainment specifically for children, free of charge?

On-Board Bassinet/Carrycot – Does the airline have bassinets/carrycots available on board? (Usually have to be pre-booked.)

Take Pushchair for Free – Does the airline allow a pushchair or pram to be stored in the hole, free of charge?

Seat Comfort – A score out of five for the airline’s seat comfort, based on customer reviews at Skytrax.

Full data and sources can be viewed here.